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Shipping state to state

State to State Auto Transport Services

You want to work with a reputable and reliable company when transporting your vehicle from one state to another. State-to-state car shipping services provide a convenient and safe way to transport your vehicle. This article has everything you need to know about state-to-state auto transport. From the cost and factors that affect it to the different routes available and the benefits of using a top-rated car shipping expert like RoadRunner Auto Transport.

Table of Contents

  1. Top rated state to state car shipping company
  2. State to state car shipping routes
  3. What is the difference between open and enclosed auto transport services?
  4. Tips for anyone transporting a car to another state
  5. RoadRunner Auto Transport Benefits
  6. Contact RoadRunner to learn more or get started

Top rated state to state car shipping company

State-to-state auto transport refers to transporting vehicles from one state to another within the same country. This service has become increasingly popular as people move, purchase vehicles from different forms, or need long-distance transportation for their vehicles.
A state auto transport company handles all process aspects, from pickup to delivery, and ensures the vehicle is transported safely and securely. Customers can choose from various transportation options, such as open or enclosed trailers, and request additional services, like door-to-door delivery, expedited shipping, and more.
Both auto transport companies and auto transport brokers offer state auto transport services. An auto transport company owns and operates the trucks used to transport vehicles, while a broker connects customers with the companies that provide this service. Researching both types is crucial, and determining the best fit for your needs is vital.
When planning to ship your car, an accurate cost estimate is essential.
This can be accomplished through a car shipping calculator, a valuable tool many car shipping companies provide. With the help of a car shipping calculator, you can get an instant quote for your car shipping service based on factors like distance, vehicle type, and the shipping method chosen.
Car shipping calculators consider various aspects while estimating the car shipping cost. For instance, the distance between the pickup and drop-off locations significantly determines the overall cost. Longer distances typically have a higher price tag, making car shipping services more expensive for cross-country or state-to-state auto transport.
Additionally, the size and weight of your vehicle also affect the overall price. For instance, heavy equipment shipping usually costs more than a regular car.

State to state car shipping routes

Choosing a reliable auto transport company with experience handling state-to-state car shipping is essential when transporting a car across state lines.
State auto transport companies are well-versed in navigating the varying regulations, local routes, and potential challenges that can arise during interstate auto shipping.
Researching state car transport options and understanding different shipping routes will help ensure a smooth shipping experience.
Popular state-to-state car shipping routes vary across the country, with certain routes experiencing increased demand, such as the East Coast-West Coast shipping route.
High-demand routes are generally serviced by many car shipping companies, increasing competition and leading to more competitive pricing for customers.
Conversely, less popular routes may have fewer car transport company options and higher car shipping costs due to decreased demand. By working with trustworthy auto transport companies, you can be confident that your vehicle will safely and efficiently reach its destination.
Besides the car shipping company, it is essential to research the specific shipping routes they utilize for state-to-state car transport.
Different routes may have varying transit times, road conditions, and potential weather-related delays. Remember that shorter routes and those with fewer potential obstacles often result in quicker and less expensive auto shipping services.
Ultimately, the success of your state car shipping experience will depend on your choice of the auto transport company and the route they take.
By staying informed and diligently researching state auto transport options, you can ensure a reliable and affordable car shipping service that meets your unique needs.

What is the difference between open and enclosed auto transport services?

Open auto transport refers to shipping a vehicle on an open carrier, which exposes the car to weather and road conditions. However, it is a more affordable option and is suitable for most standard cars. Enclosed auto transport service involves transporting the vehicle in an enclosed trailer, providing additional protection from weather elements and road debris. This option is often recommended for luxury, classic, or high-value vehicles requiring extra transportation care.

Open trailer auto transport

Open trailer auto transport is a common and cost-effective method for shipping vehicles over long distances. In this service, cars are loaded onto an open-air trailer, which is then towed by a truck. Unlike enclosed transport, the vehicles are not protected by walls or a roof, leaving them exposed to the elements and road debris. Open trailers can typically accommodate multiple vehicles at once, significantly reducing the cost per vehicle for consumers. This form of transport is widely used by dealerships, manufacturers, and individuals, as it offers a good balance between safety and affordability. Despite the exposure to the outdoors, it is generally considered a safe mode of transport for most types of vehicles, from daily drivers to luxury cars. However, those with high-value or collector cars may prefer the extra protection of enclosed trailers.

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed auto transport provides a premium shipping option for vehicles, offering the highest level of protection during transit. This service involves the use of a fully enclosed trailer, which shields the cars inside from external elements, including weather and road debris. Ideal for luxury, exotic, classic, or otherwise valuable vehicles, enclosed transport ensures that the car arrives at its destination in the same condition it was in when it was loaded onto the trailer. Not only does enclosed transport protect the vehicle from dust, dirt, and weather conditions, but it also offers an extra layer of security against potential theft or vandalism since the cargo is not visible to passersby. The enclosed space can help to preserve delicate finishes and custom details of collector cars, making it the go-to choice for owners who demand the utmost care for their prized possessions.

How to prepare a car for state to state auto transport?

Before handing your vehicle over to a state auto transport company, it is essential to prepare it for shipping. You can do this by cleaning the car inside and out, removing personal belongings and valuable items, and checking fluid levels. Additionally, note any damage to the vehicle and inform the car shipping company beforehand. This helps ensure a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience.

Can I ship my car if it is not in running condition?

Yes, most reputable car shipping companies can accommodate vehicles that are not in running condition. However, inform the auto transport service provider beforehand so that they can make necessary preparations to load, transport, and unload the inoperable vehicle safely. Remember that shipping a non-operational car may incur additional fees due to the specialized equipment and extra effort required during the shipping process.

How can I track my vehicle during the car shipping process?

Many car shipping companies, including RoadRunner, provide their customers with tracking information to monitor their vehicles during transportation. Reputable auto transport companies offer real-time tracking options through their websites or mobile applications. This allows customers to stay updated on their estimated delivery date.

How long does a state to state car transport company take to deliver my vehicle?

The delivery time for a vehicle transported by a state car transport company can vary based on several factors, including distance, road conditions, and the specific shipping method. Generally, shipping a car within the same state can take 1 to 3 days, whereas shipping across multiple states may take between 4 and 10 days. International shipping can take several weeks, depending on the destination and shipping method selected.

How much does it cost to ship a car to another state?

The cost of shipping a car to another state can vary widely based on several factors, including the distance between the origin and destination, the type of transport chosen, the make and model of the vehicle, and the time of year. On average, it can cost anywhere from $500 to over $1,500 for interstate car shipping. Shorter distances will usually fall on the lower end of the cost spectrum, while longer transits across multiple states will command higher fees. Open transport carriers, which are more common and can carry multiple vehicles at once, tend to be cheaper than enclosed carriers, which offer more protection and are typically used for high value or classic cars. Additional services such as door-to-door pickup and delivery or expedited shipping can also increase the overall cost. Prices may also fluctuate based on fuel prices, demand, and seasonal changes; for instance, moving a car from a snowy northern state to a sunny southern state during the winter months can be pricier due to the high volume of "snowbird" migrations. It's always recommended to get quotes from several reputable auto transport companies and review their services and insurance coverage to find the best balance between cost and peace of mind when shipping a vehicle to another state.

What factors affect car shipping costs?

Several factors influence the cost of car shipping services, such as the make and model of the vehicle, the distance to be covered, the shipping method selected (open or enclosed transport), and the current road conditions. Additionally, factors such as the vehicle's weight and special requirements, such as inoperable cars or modifications, can impact the shipping cost. Using a car shipping calculator, like the one RoadRunner offers, can help customers get an accurate quote for their specific needs.

Tips for anyone transporting a car to another state

Proper planning and preparation are crucial when visiting or moving to another state. Here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience:

1. Research your destination

Before embarking on your journey, take the time to research your destination. This includes the cost of living, job opportunities, attractions, and safety aspects.
Understanding the local culture and customs will help you assimilate quickly and comfortably into your new environment.

2. Plan your budget

When moving to another state, you must create a detailed budget for all associated expenses, such as housing, utilities, insurance, and transportation. Don't forget to factor in any significant purchases you may need to make, such as furniture or appliances.

3. Hire a reliable state auto transport company

One of the main concerns when relocating is transporting your vehicle safely and efficiently. Consider hiring a reputable state to state auto transport company, like RoadRunner Auto Transport to ensure your car arrives on time and in excellent condition. A reliable auto transport service can save you time, effort, and potential damage to your vehicle.

RoadRunner Auto Transport Benefits

RoadRunner Auto Transport is a leading auto transport service offering state to state auto shipping services across the United States. With its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, there are numerous benefits to choosing RoadRunner Auto Transport for your vehicle shipping needs:

Nationwide coverage and easy online booking and tracking

As a premier car transport company, RoadRunner Auto Transport provides state-to-state auto transport services in all 50 states. This extensive coverage ensures a seamless and efficient vehicle transport experience regardless of destination.
RoadRunner Auto Transport's online booking and vehicle tracking systems make managing your car shipping process seamless and stress-free. You can quickly receive a quote, schedule your pickup, and track your vehicle's process throughout shipping.
In conclusion, engaging the services of a reputable car shipping company like RoadRunner Auto Transport can significantly reduce the challenges associated with relocating your vehicle. As a leading auto transport broker, RoadRunner Auto Transport offers a range of benefits, including extensive coverage, competitive pricing, and personalized services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free vehicle transport experience.

Fast and reliable service with Competitive pricing

RoadRunner Auto Transport prides itself on providing fast and reliable car shipping services with an average transit time of 1-5 days, depending on your route. Their fleet of dedicated carriers enables them to offer flexible and efficient solutions to meet your specific needs.
Offering competitive pricing, RoadRunner Auto Transport seeks to provide cost-effective car shipping solutions for its customers. Their car shipping calculator helps you get an instant quote, making budgeting and planning your vehicle transportation easier.

Door-to-Door pickup and delivery

RoadRunner Auto Transport offers the ultimate convenience of door-to-door pickup and delivery. Entrusting your vehicle to RoadRunner allows you to avoid the stress and effort of coordinating between multiple car shipping companies and service providers.

Contact RoadRunner to learn more or get started

If you're considering open carrier or transport methods for your state-to-state auto transport needs, look no further than RoadRunner. As a prominent car shipping company, RoadRunner delivers easy auto shipping solutions for clients across the United States. This article offers in-depth information on their services and why they are your go-to choice for shipping your vehicle from one state to another.
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State to State Car Shipping Cost Estimations Based On Mileage
This table shows average price estimations for state-to-state car shipping based on distance. The prices per mile decrease as the distance increases, which is a common pricing structure in the car shipping industry.
Average Price Per Mile
Sample Distance
Sample Price
0-500 miles
250 miles
500-1000 miles
700 miles
1000-1500 miles
1000 miles
1500-2000 miles
1750 miles
2000-2500 miles
2400 miles
2500-3000 miles
2700 miles
3000-3500 miles
3200 miles
The following price per mile averages listed above reflect current market conditions as of March 2024
These rates are estimated and are subject to change due to seasonality, cost of fuel, exact locations, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

We offer open car shipping and enclosed car shipping services. Open car shipping is used much more frequently and is the type of auto transport that you see on the highway where carriers are hauling vehicles on two decks that are exposed. Enclosed car shipping is when your vehicle is shipped in a trailer which has walls and a roof, they look like a larger version of a regular eighteen-wheeler. This method is recommended for luxury, exotic or classic cars.

Yes, there must be someone present to release and accept the vehicle, provide keys to the driver and sign the initial and final inspection reports. This person can be anyone over the age of 18 that you trust with releasing or accepting your vehicle.

Yes, we can ship vehicles that are in non-running/inoperable condition. When inoperable cars are shipped, a special auto carrier is required that makes use of a winch which is connected to your car and slowly and safely pulls your vehicle onto the carrier. There is an additional fee for inpoerable vehicles because of the special equipment and extra work involved with securing the vehicle onto the transporter. You can select the inoperable option on the online booking form or inform your shipping agent if you make your reservation by phone so that the proper arrangements can be made to accomodate a non-running vehicle.

Door-to-door car transport is the full service delivery of your vehicle directly from the door at the pickup location to the door at the delivery location. Our drivers do their best to get as close as physically and legally possible to the pickup and delivery locations, but in certain instances there may be restrictions preventing them from being able to safely reach your door. Our transporters need ample space to maneuver and load/unload your vehicle. If your street is too narrow, or if there are hazards such as low lining trees or power lines, drivers may ask that you meet them at a location nearby where they can safely load or unload your vehicle, such as a large parking lot or shopping center nearby.

We will need the address for the locations that your vehicle will be picked up from and delivered to, along with the name and phone number of the contact person at each location. We will also need the date that your vehicle will be ready and the year, make, and model of the vehicle(s) that will be transported.

The further in advance you schedule your shipment, the more likely we will be able to meet the time requirements you desire. For best results, we suggest scheduling your transport at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Expedited shipping options are available in order to accomodate shipments that require . You can always give us a call and ask one of our car shipping experts what your options are in terms of the schedule for your car transport.

Yes, many of our business clients require service from salvage auctions and other types of auto auctions. Each auction will have different requirements to release a vehicle and we'll get all the necessary details from you at the time of booking. Please make sure the vehicle is fully paid and ready for release from the auction. Also be aware that if a vehicle is booked as operable but it turns out the vehicle is inoperable there will be additional cost and the original transporter may not be able to accommodate an inoperable vehicle.