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Nationwide Motorcycle Shipping: Get A Quote Easy

Nationwide Motorcycle Shipping: Get A Quote Easy

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Ship a Motorcycle

motorcycle shipping

Shipping a motorcycle has never been easier!

When you need to ship a motorcycle, you need an experienced motorcycle transport company that you can rely on. For over 30 years, RoadRunner has been providing reliable nationwide motorcycle shipping services and has become one of the top motorcycle shippers in the country.

Nationwide Door-To-Door Motorcycle Transport

With over 2,000 certified nationwide motorcycle movers standing by, we can safely ship your motorcycle anywhere in the country.

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motorcycle shipping

Shipping a motorcycle has never been easier!

When you need to ship a motorcycle, you need an experienced motorcycle transport company that you can rely on. For over 30 years, RoadRunner has been providing reliable nationwide motorcycle shipping services and has become one of the top motorcycle shippers in the country.

Nationwide Door-To-Door Motorcycle Transport

With over 2,000 certified nationwide motorcycle movers standing by, we can safely ship your motorcycle anywhere in the country.

How To Ship A Motorcycle

Shipping a motorcycle across the country or internationally requires understanding the proper steps to ensure it arrives safely. Choosing a reputable motorcycle shipping company is essential. RoadRunner offers specialized motorcycle transport services, ensuring your bike is handled carefully.

Steps to Shipping a Motorcycle

  • Choose a reputable motorcycle shipping company.
  • Use online tools, like a car shipping cost calculator, for a free estimate to compare shipping costs and get an instant quote.
  • Prepare your motorcycle for shipping - clean it, remove any loose items, and document its condition.
  • Discuss insurance coverage options with the shipping company to protect your motorcycle against all transit risks
  • Track your shipment. Many companies offer online tracking, allowing you to see where your bike is during every step of the journey.

Following these steps helps guarantee a hassle-free experience when shipping your motorcycle. Insurance coverage is particularly crucial, as it offers peace of mind knowing you're protected financially against accidents or damage.

Types Of Motorcycle Shipping Services

Diversified motorcycle shipping services cater to different needs and preferences. Common types of car and motorcycle shipping include open trailers and enclosed transport. Open trailer transport is often more affordable but exposes your motorcycle to the elements. Conversely, enclosed car shipping offers more protection, making it a preferred option for high-value motorcycles.

Another factor to consider is the delivery method. Some shipping companies offer door-to-door service, while others might require you to drop off and pick up your motorcycle at their distribution centers. The choice depends on convenience and cost, with door-to-door service generally being more expensive but more accessible for the customer.

For those needing international shipping, companies specialize in global motorcycle transport. These services often involve more detailed logistics, including dealing with customs and import regulations. Regardless of the type, it's crucial to choose a service that suits your needs while ensuring the safety of your motorcycle.

The Costs of Shipping a Motorcycle

The cost of shipping a motorcycle varies based on several factors, including the shipping distance, the type of service chosen (open car shipping or enclosed transport), and the motorcycle's size and weight. Domestic shipments within the United States typically range from $500 to $800, while international shipping can significantly increase the cost.

Additionally, faster delivery times and insurance coverage options can influence shipping costs. Using a car shipping services cost calculator available on reputable shipping company websites is highly recommended to get a clearer picture of the potential expenses. These calculators help you make an informed decision by providing a free estimate.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Motorcycle?

Understanding the timeline for motorcycle shipping is critical for anyone looking to move their bike across the United States or internationally. The duration can vary based on several factors, including:

  • Transport distance
  • Shipping company selected
  • Time of year

Generally, nationwide shipping can take anywhere from 2 to 10 days. Extreme distances or international shipping might extend this timeframe significantly. Seasonality affects transport services too, with summer months usually seeing higher demand and potentially longer wait times due to the increased number of motorcycles being shipped.

When opting for a motorcycle shipping company, asking for an estimated delivery timeline is wise. Most reputable transport services will be able to provide a reasonably accurate window based on their experience and current schedule. It's important to note that unexpected delays can occur due to weather conditions, traffic, or issues at distribution centers, making flexibility a key component when planning for motorcycle transport.

Why Use RoadRunner To Ship Your Motorcycle

Choosing the right company for motorcycle shipping can be as crucial as the decision to ship your motorcycle in the first place. RoadRunner stands out among motorcycle shipping companies for several reasons. Known for its comprehensive transport services, it provides customers with peace of mind knowing their bike is in capable hands. Their dedication to customer service and reliability has garnered positive reviews and feedback.

RoadRunner Auto Transport offers competitive shipping costs without compromising on service quality. The ability to get an instant quote through their website simplifies planning for motorcycle transport. This feature, coupled with their insurance coverage, provides a safety net for riders against potential damages during transit. Whether it's a local move or an urge for international shipping, RoadRunner caters to various motorcycle shipping needs.

Benefits of RoadRunner's Motorcycle Shipping

  • Wide Coverage: RoadRunner's extensive network covers not only the continental United States but also offers options for international shipping. This makes them a go-to choice for both domestic and overseas motorcycle transport.
  • Insurance Coverage: Every shipment with RoadRunner is backed by comprehensive insurance coverage, helping give riders peace of mind. In the rare occurrence of damage, you know your investment is protected.
  • Expedited Shipping Options: For those on a tight schedule, RoadRunner provides expedited shipping. This service ensures your motorcycle arrives when needed, with less waiting and worry.
  • Customer Service: Renowned for their attentive and responsive customer service, RoadRunner ensures you're well-informed throughout the shipping process. From getting a free estimate to tracking your motorcycle's journey, they make the entire process seamless.
  • Instant Quote Calculator: Utilizing modern technology, RoadRunner offers an instant quote feature on their website. This tool can provide a quick and free estimate, making budgeting for your motorcycle's shipment easier.
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Over 30 Years of Safe and Reliable Motorcycle Shipping

Here's why RoadRunner is the smart choice for your motorcycle delivery:

Fully Enclosed Motorcycle Transport

Your motorcycle is transported in a fully enclosed carrier, providing maximum protection during transit.

Top Rated Motorcycle Shipping Company

Thousands of five star reviews from customers that had a positive shipping experience with RoadRunner Auto Transport.

Frequent Carrier Availability

With over 2,000 certified nationwide carriers, we can offer the most convenient pickup and delivery options available in the industry.

Motorcycle transport service

The RoadRunner Advantage

Below, you can find the benefits and advantages of shipping with Roadrunner Auto Transport.

Top rated auto shipping

Top-Rated Auto Shipping

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

Door-to-Door car shipping

Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in the US.

Complete vehicle coverage

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

No up front deposit required

No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

Extended office hours

Extended Office Hours

We're available past normal business hours in every timezone in the country.

Online shipment tracking

24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

"5 star service! I would recommend RoadRunner to anyone looking for professional shipping service at a fair price."

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"When I bought a car out of state I was unsure what to expect with the shipping. RoadRunner made everything so easy!"

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"Everything with RoadRunner went smooth and seamless. They gave me a great rate and provided excellent service!"

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"From the time of quote to the pick up of my vehicle and the delivery there was a very good communication."

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Average Motorcycle Shipping Price Estimations Based On Mileage
This table shows average price estimations for motorcycle shipping based on distance. The prices per mile decrease as the distance increases, which is a common pricing structure in the car shipping industry.
Average Price Per Mile
Sample Distance
Sample Price
0-500 miles
250 miles
500-1,000 miles
700 miles
1,000-1,500 miles
1,000 miles
1,500-2,000 miles
1,750 miles
2,000-2,500 miles
2,400 miles
2,500-3,000 miles
2,700 miles
3,000-3,500 miles
3,200 miles
The following price per mile averages listed above reflect current market conditions as of May 2024
These rates are estimated and are subject to change due to seasonality, cost of fuel, exact locations, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle transportation process.

The cost to ship a motorcycle is determined by the total distance of the transportation and the type of motorcycle being a shipped. You can calculate an instant motorcycle shipping quote online or you can call (888) 777-2123 to speak with a pricing specialist and receive your motorcycle shipping rate by phone.

Your motorcycle is transported in a fully enclosed carrier, providing maximum protection during transit. When the carrier arrives, he will carefully secure the motorcycle onto a pallet and strap it down using soft straps. The motorcycle will then be loaded onto the carrier and will begin heading to the destination. If you want to learn more here's everything you need to know about motorcycle shipping.

Our secure online reservation system is available 24 hours a day to make your booking quick & easy. You can also book your motorcycle transport by calling (888) 777-2123 and speaking with a shipping coordinator.

Transit times are based on the total distance of your shipment. Calculate your instant motorcycle transport quote online and view your estimated delivery time for shipping a motorcycle along your specific route.

You can track the status of a shipment using our online tracking portal, or you can call our customer support line to speak with a shipping agent and receive your status update over the phone.

Make sure your car has been completely cleaned, both inside and outside. This is particularly important because this will help the driver conduct their inspection in order to assess any pre-existing damage on your vehicle. You will also want to make there are no additional personal items in the vehicle unless you intend to ship those with the vehicle (remember those items must total less than 100 pounds combined and be kept below the window-line of the vehicle). Be sure to inform the driver of any special circumstances concerning the vehicle. Finally, make sure there is a quarter tank of gas in the car at the time it is picked up for shipment. Visit our car shipping checklist to make sure you are prepared for your vehicle shipment.

The transit time for your shipment is based mostly on the mileage between the pickup and delivery location. Generally, every five hundred miles will add one day to the transit time - so for a 1,000 mile transport, the transit time would be 2-3 days. Check out our estimated transit times for a detailed view of approximate delivery times.