Car Shipping Checklist

Car Shipping Checklist

A Helpful List to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

Car Shipping Checklist

Proper Vehicle Preparation For Smooth Shipping

When relocating a vehicle, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your vehicle for shipment. By preparing your vehicle properly, it helps ensure that your shipment goes off as smooth as possible and can prevent any unexpected surprises during your relocation.

Helpful Tips For Your Transport

We've put together a list of helpful and good to know tips for you to follow to prepare your vehicle as best as possible prior to your ship date.

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Steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipment:

Clean Exterior

Cleaning your vehicle will ensure an accurate inspection can be completed.

Fluid Leaks

Make sure you don’t have any leaking fluids that may cause issues during transport.

Battery Charged

Ensure you have a fully charged battery, if not get a new one. You may run the risk of an additional fee for your vehicle being “inoperable”.

Tire Pressure

Check that your tires are completely inflated and that there aren’t any leaks so there won’t be issues unloading your vehicle upon delivery.

Alarms Disabled

If possible, disable all alarms that may cause issues for the transporter if triggered.

Toll Tags Removed

Make sure to remove or deactivate any toll devices to ensure you are not charged for tolls while your car is in transit.

Notable Issues

Inform the carrier if your vehicle has any specific issues with turning on or shifting gears. This will ensure the driver can easily load and unload your car on and off the truck.

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