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Alaska Car Shipping Services
Alaska Car Shipping Services
The Fastest & Easiest Way to Ship a Car to Alaska
Alaska Auto Transport

Top Rated Alaska Auto Transport Services

When you need to ship a car to or from Alaska, you need a reliable Alaska auto shipping company that you can rely on. Find out why our Alaska vehicle shipping division is one of the leading providers of car transport services to and from all major ports in Alaska.

Shipping a car to Alaska has never been easier!

Full service Alaska vehicle transport professionals servicing Anchorage, Fairbanks, Dutch Harbor, Kodiak and all other ports in Alaska.

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Alaska Auto Transport

Top Rated Alaska Auto Transport Services

When you need to ship a car to or from Alaska, you need a reliable Alaska auto shipping company that you can rely on. Find out why our Alaska vehicle shipping division is one of the leading providers of car transport services to and from all major ports in Alaska.

Shipping a car to Alaska has never been easier!

Full service Alaska vehicle transport professionals servicing Anchorage, Fairbanks, Dutch Harbor, Kodiak and all other ports in Alaska.

Alaska Car Shipping Services

Looking to transport your car to or from Alaska? Whether you're moving to the Last Frontier or purchasing a vehicle from the state, Alaska vehicle transport services can make the process easy and convenient. In this article, we explore the top-rated Alaska car transport company, discuss the cost and time it takes to ship a car to different locations, and provide tips on how to save on and prepare for car shipping. Read on to find out more about shipping your car to or from Alaska.

Alaska Auto Transport Service: The Easy Way to or from Alaska

Are you planning to move to or from Alaska, and worried about your car shipping? RoadRunner Auto Transport is the easiest and most efficient way to get your car to your destination. Car shipping ensures the safety and security of your car throughout the transit. The service center offers a variety of car shipping packages, based on your specific needs and budget.

Top Rated Alaska Car Shipping Experts

When it comes to shipping cars, everyone wants to work with the best in the business. Hence, our Alaska car shipping experts are top-rated professionals who meticulously handle the process, ensuring your peace of mind.

You can check their performance and client’s feedback. Our experts offer personalized services, tailored to meet your specific needs. Further, you can even check the sailing schedules and track your vehicle through the online portal, ensuring smooth, easy, and efficient car shipping.

Cost & Time To Ship Your Car in Alaska

The cost of Alaska vehicle shipping primarily depends on the distance, vehicle type, installed equipment, and the shipping method you choose. Car shipping companies like RoadRunner Auto Transport offer instant quotes. However, the exact cost and transit time can vary due to unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions.

How does Alaska Auto Shipping Work?

In Alaska, car transport involves a streamlined and simple process. First, you submit your details and get an instant quote. After accepting the quote, we work with you to arrange the pickup and delivery as per your preferred times and addresses.

The cars are then loaded onto the shipping truck with utmost care by our experts. The shipping team ensures that your car, along with any installed equipment, reaches safely to the destination.

Alaska Car Transportation Companies Near Me

The task of transporting cars is made simple and convenient with reliable Alaska car shipping companies. RoadRunner Auto Transport has substantial experience in quickly and safely delivering vehicles to and from Alaska.

Types of Car Shipping Services in Alaska

RoadRunner offers a variety of auto shipping services, including open carrier transport, enclosed carrier transport, and cross-country car transport. Each service has its unique advantages and may be suitable for different needs, transit times, and budgets.

Open Carrier Transport

This type of vehicle shipping is the most cost-effective and commonly used method. Here, the vehicles are loaded on an open trailer, making it easy for periodic checks during transit. Although exposed to weather elements and road conditions, this service rarely leads to any damage, and each vehicle is secured carefully.

Enclosed Car Transport

As the name suggests, in this type of service the vehicle is transported in an enclosed trailer. This offers better protection from harsh weather conditions and road debris. It is an excellent choice for clients who are shipping luxury or classic cars. The assurance of protection available in the enclosed car transport service overshadows the slightly higher cost incurred by clients.

Cross-Country Car Transport

Cross-country car transport services are a convenient way to for individuals to ship vehicles to or from Alaska. These services are ideal for those who are relocating, purchasing or selling a vehicle remotely, or need their car transported for any other reason. RoadRunner Auto Transport offers peace of mind with cross-country trips - we take care of all the logistics and ensure the vehicle arrives at its destination in a safe and timely manner.

How to Save on Car Shipping in Alaska

As with any service, the cost of vehicle transport in Alaska varies widely based on several factors. An easy auto ship can save you a substantial amount of money if you plan correctly. This section will delve into ways you can save on car shipping in Alaska.

First, understand your shipping needs. Do you want to transport a classic car, a retail van, or a personal vehicle? This is important as the type of vehicle affects the cost. Check the auto shipping service provider's website for recommendations and an instant quote specifically for your vehicle.

Secondly, be flexible with your shipping dates. Prices tend to rise during peak seasons. By adjusting your shipping schedule, you can take advantage of sailing schedules at cheaper rates. Also, research the transit times to understand how this may impact your timeline.

Tips For Alaska Car Shipping Services

Before handing over your vehicle to an Alaska car transport service, there are some tips to ensure a smooth service. Always make sure you have your booking details as most companies provide tracking services online.

Remove personal effects from your vehicle. Shipping companies are not responsible for personal belongings left in the car. Also, check whether your vehicle contains installed equipment that can be removed. This will help reduce the weight and subsequently the cost of shipping.

Check and understand the terms and conditions before committing. If you have any doubts, refer to their frequently asked questions or contact them directly. This will help you understand what is included in the cost and avoid any hidden surprises.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Alaska Car Transportation

Start by cleaning your vehicle, externally and internally. Remove any personal belongings, as vehicle shipping companies are not liable if these items are lost or damaged during transit. Check the vehicle's tire pressure and battery. Fix any leaks or mechanical issues before the car shipping begins.

You should also take pictures of your vehicle from all angles. This will help you track any damages that may occur during transit. Save these photos along with vehicle details for your records. Inform the Alaska auto transport company about any quirks that your car might have, like a tricky alarm system or a sensitive brake.

Remember to keep copies of all documents related to the shipping service. These include the service agreement, vehicle inspection report, and any other associated paperwork.

Getting the Most Out of Your Alaska Car Shipping

While cost-saving is always a priority, it's also important not to compromise on quality. Choose a reputable Alaska vehicle shipping service that guarantees safety and punctuality. Check customer reviews and ratings online.

Vehicle shipping doesn't have to be stressful. With proper preparation and the right service, you can look forward to a smooth and successful Alaska car transport experience.

Receiving Your Vehicle in Alaska

One of the crucial parts of the car shipping process is receiving your vehicle. Once your vehicle is delivered to its destination, there are some key steps you should take.

Inspecting for New Damage

First, you need to inspect your vehicle for new damage. This is vital before signing off on any documentation, verifying that your vehicle is in the same condition as when it was loaded onto the vessel.

Checking for Missing Accessories or Belongings

Next, check for any missing accessories or belongings. If you are permitted to ship personal effects, ensure all your packed items are intact. In addition, inspect if any installed equipment in the vehicle was dislodged or damaged during transit.

Signing Delivery Paperwork

Finally, review and sign the delivery paperwork. The documentation will typically cover details of the vehicle's condition before and after shipping, transit time, and any damages noted.

RoadRunner Auto Transport Reviews

RoadRunner is well-known across the nation for our care and efficiency during transport, our friendly and responsive service center, and our easy instant quote system. Utilizing our services for Alaskan auto shipping has proven to result in seamless experiences.

The Trusted Alaska Car Shipping Company

If you're in search of a reliable Alaska vehicle shipping provider, RoadRunner emerges as a top choice among consumers. We are well-known for our transparency, care, and commitment to timely vehicle delivery. You can rely on us to ship cars to even the most remote Alaskan locales.

Information About The State Of Alaska

As the largest state in the U.S., Alaska offers unique challenges and opportunities for car shipping. It is home to majestic mountains, glaciers, and abundant wildlife, including bears, moose, and bald eagles. The state boasts numerous national parks and preserves, such as Denali National Park, where Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America, can be found. Alaska has a unique climate, with long, cold winters and short, cool summers. It is also famous for its spectacular views of the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon that can be observed in certain areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship a car from Alaska?

To ship a car from Alaska, there are a few options available. The most common method is by using a vehicle transportation company that specializes in shipping cars. These companies have the expertise and resources to handle the logistics of the process. It is important to research and compare different shipping options to ensure the most suitable and cost-effective method is chosen.

What is the average cost to ship a car to or from Alaska?

The average cost to ship a car to or from Alaska can vary depending on several factors such as the size and weight of the vehicle, the distance to be traveled, the chosen shipping method, and any additional services required. On average, transporting a car to or from Alaska can range from $1,500 to $4,000. It is recommended to obtain quotes from different shipping companies and compare the services offered before making a decision.

Still have questions about shipping a car?

Our customer service center is always available to provide you with detailed information. We can explain the intricacies of sailing schedules, transit times, cost calculations, and steps to obtain an instant quote.

How It Works

The car shipping process begins with booking your vehicle shipping, followed by pickup, transit, and eventual delivery at your specified location. We aim to make it as effortless as possible.

Our Advantage

RoadRunner auto transport's advantage lies in its robust network, customer-focused service center, and comprehensive shipping services.

Transport Services

Our transport services expand beyond just Alaska car transport. Vehicle shipping services cover motorcycles, trucks, boats, RVs, and heavy machinery as well.

Alaska Car Shipping Locations

RoadRunner auto transport serves across multiple locations in Alaska, including major cities like Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks. Whether you're shipping to a bustling city or a remote location, we've got you covered.

Where Does Road Runner Auto Transport Offer Car Shipping Services in Alaska?

Our car shipping services span across many Alaskan locations. Contact us to find out more about our extensive shipping areas.

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Alaska Car Shipping

"I would definitely use RoadRunner Auto Transport again without a doubt. Excellent overall service from start to finish."

Trish A.

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"This is our 3rd time shipping with RoadRunner and we've had nothing but good experiences - Thank you RoadRunner!"

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"Out of all the car shipping companies we spoke with, RoadRunner was the most professional and knowledgable."

Corey L.

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"I couldn't have been happier with the service provided by RoadRunner to transport my car from CA to NY"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

When shipping a car to Alaska, we provide direct service to and from all major ports to offer the most convenient Alaska auto transport options. Servicing Anchorage, Fairbanks, Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell, Craig, Kake, Hoonah, Haines, Skagway, Yakutat, Cordova, Thorne Bay, and Valdez.

Yes, we can ship vehicles that are in non-running/inoperable condition. When inoperable cars are shipped, a special auto carrier is required that makes use of a winch which is connected to your car and slowly and safely pulls your vehicle onto the carrier. There is an additional fee for inpoerable vehicles because of the special equipment and extra work involved with securing the vehicle onto the transporter. You can select the inoperable option on the online booking form or inform your shipping agent if you make your reservation by phone so that the proper arrangements can be made to accomodate a non-running vehicle.

All shipments include basic liability coverage during transit. Comprehensive insurance options are available for an elevated level of shipment coverage during transit. You will be able to select a level of coverage during the booking process. If you have further questions regarding insurance options give us a call.

Make sure your car has been completely cleaned, both inside and outside. This is particularly important because this will help the driver conduct their inspection in order to assess any pre-existing damage on your vehicle. You will also want to make there are no additional personal items in the vehicle unless you intend to ship those with the vehicle (remember those items must total less than 100 pounds combined and be kept below the window-line of the vehicle). Be sure to inform the driver of any special circumstances concerning the vehicle. Finally, make sure there is a quarter tank of gas in the car at the time it is picked up for shipment.

RoadRunner Auto Transport specializes in shipping all types of vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans, oversized vehicles, antiques, classic cars, motorcycles, construction vehicles, inoperable cars and boats. If you are not sure whether or not we can ship your vehicle, you can give us a call to find out what we can do for you.

We accept all major credit cards, electronic transfer, postal money order, and bank/certified check for the deposit or full pre-payment of your shipment. If a balance is due upon delivery, it can be paid directly to the driver and can be paid in either cash, bank/certified check, or postal money order.

We will need the address for the locations that your vehicle will be picked up from and delivered to, along with the name and phone number of the contact person at each location. We will also need the date that your vehicle will be ready and the year, make, and model of the vehicle(s) that will be transported.