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Door-to-Door Car Shipping

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

The Fastest & Easiest Way to Ship a Car Door-to-Door

Transport car across country

Transport a Car Door-to-Door with the Experts

When you need to transport a car door-to-door, you need a car shipping company that you can rely on. When driving is not an option, shipping a car door-to-door may be the most convenient way to go.

Direct Door-to-Door Service Anywhere in the Country

Our advanced network of certified carriers can provide you with safe and reliable door-to-door car shipping service anywhere in the country.

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Transport car across country

Transport a Car Door-to-Door with the Experts

When you need to transport a car door-to-door, you need a car shipping company that you can rely on. When driving is not an option, shipping a car door-to-door may be the most convenient way to go.

Direct Door-to-Door Service Anywhere in the Country

Our advanced network of certified carriers can provide you with safe and reliable door-to-door car shipping service anywhere in the country.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping Services

Are you looking to transport your car from one location to another? Door-to-door car shipping services may be the solution you’re looking for. If you are considering door-to-door car shipping, read on to learn everything you need to know and how to get started.

Table of Contents

  1. Top-Rated Auto Transport Services
  2. How Does Door-to-Door Car Shipping Work?
  3. When Should You Use Door-to-Door Car Shipping?
  4. Benefits of Shipping Cars Door to Door
  5. What Factors Affect the Cost?
  6. Discover the RoadRunner Auto Transport Advantage
  7. 5 Best Tips for Moving & Car Shipping
  8. Contact RoadRunner to Learn More or Get Started

Top-Rated Auto Transport Services

In the auto transport industry, top-rated services can make a world of difference when it comes to ensuring the safety and smooth transportation of your vehicle. That's why it's important to work with the experts at RoadRunner Auto Transport to get the best value and most extensive car transport services.

How Does Door-to-Door Car Shipping Work?

Door-to-door car shipping is a service that picks up and delivers your vehicle as close to your desired locations as possible without requiring you to meet the transporter at a hub or terminal. It provides a convenient solution for people relocating, purchasing vehicles from out of state, or needing car transportation for any reason. Here is a breakdown of how the door-to-door car shipping process works:
  • Requesting a Quote and Booking: To get started, you'll need to request a quote from an auto transport company, providing them with essential information like the vehicle's make, model, and desired pick-up and delivery locations. With this information, companies will provide a quote based on factors such as distance, vehicle size, and current market rates.
  • Vehicle Inspection and Pick-Up: Before loading your vehicle onto the transporter, an inspection will take place. This allows both you and the driver to document the vehicle's condition, noting any pre-existing damages for future reference. Once the inspection is complete, the driver will load the vehicle onto the shipping trailer, and the transportation begins.
  • In-Transit Updates: During transit, your auto shipping company should provide regular updates on the status and location of your vehicle. Most carriers offer online tracking systems, and some even send email or text message updates.
  • Delivery and Final Inspection: Upon arrival at the destination, the driver will unload your vehicle and perform a final inspection. This is typically done in collaboration with the recipient, who will confirm that the vehicle's condition is the same as it was during the initial inspection, documenting any transit-related damages, if any. Once both parties have confirmed that the vehicle has been delivered in its original condition, the payment for the service is made (if not provided upfront), and the shipment is complete.

When Should You Use Door-to-Door Car Shipping?

Certain scenarios make door-to-door car shipping the ideal choice for your transportation needs. Let's discuss some of these situations:
  • When you don't have time to drive the car yourself: If you're relocating to a different city or state or even across the country, it's not always feasible to drive the distance yourself. Long drives can be exhausting and time-consuming, so opting for door-to-door shipping can save you time and energy that could be better spent on other tasks related to the move.
  • When you're transporting a classic or luxury car: Luxury or classic car owners might prefer door-to-door shipping for the added protection and care it provides. Professional car shipping companies have the experience and equipment needed to transport your prized vehicle safely, reducing the risk of any potential damage that may occur if you were to drive it yourself.
  • When you need to transport multiple vehicles: In cases where you need to transport multiple vehicles at once, such as for a family move or a business relocation, door-to-door shipping is an efficient and cost-effective solution that allows you to coordinate the relocation with ease.

Benefits of Shipping Cars Door to Door

Now that you have an idea of when door-to-door car shipping might be the right option for you let's explore some of the benefits of this service:
  • Convenience: One of the main advantages of door-to-door car shipping is its convenience. Rather than having to transport your vehicle to a shipping terminal or moving location, the shipping company will pick up your car at your desired location and deliver it to its destination. This saves you the hassle of coordinating transportation to and from the terminal.
  • Time-saving: Door-to-door car shipping eliminates the need for you to drive your car a long distance or to a shipping terminal, freeing up valuable time during a move or relocation.
  • Safer transportation: Shipping cars door to door provides a secure and safe method of transportation for your vehicle. Car shipping companies use experienced drivers and specialized equipment to ensure that your car is transported with care. Shipping your car also reduces the risk of damage due to wear and tear or road accidents that may occur if you were to drive it yourself.
  • Insurance coverage: Most car shipping companies provide insurance coverage as a standard service, which comes in handy if there's any damage to your vehicle during transportation. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected in the event of an unforeseen mishap.

What Factors Affect the Cost?

Understanding what influences the cost of auto transport can help you make informed decisions and save money on your vehicle shipping needs.

Distance and Location

The primary determining factor in the cost of auto transport is the distance between the origin and destination. Generally, longer distances result in higher shipping costs. Additionally, remote or hard-to-reach locations like rural areas or islands may increase the fees.

Type of Vehicle

The make and model of your vehicle also play a significant role in determining the shipping cost. Larger, heavier vehicles might require specialized equipment or vehicles to transport, increasing the cost. Similarly, luxury or high-value vehicles may require additional insurance or enclosed carriers, further impacting the price.

Transport Type

There are two primary types of auto transport: open and enclosed. Open carriers are more common and generally less expensive; however, they expose your vehicle to weather and road debris. Enclosed carriers offer increased protection from environmental elements but carry a higher cost.

Time Frame

The speed with which you need your vehicle delivered can also affect pricing. Expedited shipping options are available for urgent moves, but they generally come with higher fees. Planning your move and booking ahead of time can help you save on costs by providing more flexibility in scheduling.

Discover the RoadRunner Auto Transport Advantage

RoadRunner Auto Transport is an industry leader in providing fast, reliable, and cost-effective vehicle shipping solutions. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the needs of each customer, offering a reliable and worry-free car shipping process. Plus, our team of professional drivers and industry experts are here to answer any questions and provide support throughout the entire car shipping process.

5 Best Tips for Moving & Car Shipping

Here are some tips to keep in mind for the car shipping process.
  • Plan Ahead: Plan and schedule your car shipping as far in advance as possible. This will give you a better chance of securing a carrier within your timeframe and budget.
  • Choose the Right Car Shipping Option: There are various car shipping options available, including open and enclosed transport, as well as door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services. To ensure your vehicle's safety and meet your budget requirements, it's crucial to choose the most suitable car shipping option.
  • Prepare Your Car for Shipping: To avoid any issues during the shipping process, it's crucial to prepare your car properly. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle, removing personal belongings, and disabling the alarm system. Additionally, note down any existing damage, such as dents and scratches, and take photos as documentation.
  • Choose a Reputable Car Shipping Company: Choose a car shipping company that has a solid track record of satisfied customers, demonstrates professionalism, and offers comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Inspect Your Car Upon Delivery: Once your car has been delivered to its destination, perform a thorough inspection before accepting the shipment. Compare the vehicle's condition with the pre-shipping photos you took earlier and note any new damage. If there are discrepancies, report them immediately to the shipping company.

Contact RoadRunner to Learn More or Get Started

RoadRunner Auto Transport specializes in various logistics services satisfying the diverse needs of customers. Some of our core services include:
If you're ready to get started with your car shipping, contact RoadRunner Auto Transport today for a free quote. Let us assist you in making your relocation process as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Common Door-to-Door Car Shipping Questions

What is door-to-door car shipping?

Door-to-door car shipping is when a car transportation company picks up your vehicle right from your door and delivers it right to your final destination.

Is door-to-door shipping expensive?

Door-to-door car shipping may be more expensive than using transit locations. However, this option is often more convenient and safer for vehicles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

Door-to-door car transport is the full service delivery of your vehicle directly from the door at the pickup location to the door at the delivery location. Our drivers do their best to get as close as physically and legally possible to the pickup and delivery locations, but in certain instances there may be restrictions preventing them from being able to safely reach your door. Our transporters need ample space to maneuver and load/unload your vehicle. If your street is too narrow, or if there are hazards such as low lining trees or power lines, drivers may ask that you meet them at a location nearby where they can safely load or unload your vehicle, such as a large parking lot or shopping center nearby.

Open transport is the most common car shipping method. There are two types of open-air transporters. Majority of shipments are be made with 8-10 car carriers. Smaller carriers which hold 2-3 cars are used for shorter more local moves. There is broader network of carrier availability for open-air carriers since they are used more often. We suggest choosing enclosed shipping methods when shipping classic, luxury or exotic vehicles. Enclosed transporters guarantee maximum protection from exposure to any open-air elements on the road. We suggest booking your enclosed transport in advance since there is limited carrier availability.

You may transport personal belongings in your car, as long as their total weight does not exceed 100 pounds and they are stored in the trunk or back seat (below the window line). Please keep in mind that personal belongings are not covered by insurance if they are reported as damaged or missing.

Yes, many of our business clients require service from salvage auctions and other types of auto auctions. Each auction will have different requirements to release a vehicle and we'll get all the necessary details from you at the time of booking. Please make sure the vehicle is fully paid and ready for release from the auction. Also be aware that if a vehicle is booked as operable but it turns out the vehicle is inoperable there will be additional cost and the original transporter may not be able to accommodate an inoperable vehicle.

The Bill of Lading is a very important document used by car shipping companies that documents any pre-existing damage on the vehicle during the time of pickup. It also serves as a record of your contact info and the official agreement for transport. If you want to file any insurance claim regarding your shipment you will need the Bill of Lading.

When determining your car shipping cost, there are a few factors that we take into account in order to provide you with an accurate price quote. The mileage between the origin and destination is the biggest factor that contributes to your total rate. In addition to the distance of your relocation, another factor is the type and condition of the vehicle being shipped. The final factor is the date that your vehicle will be ready for transport. There are also additional options, such as enclosed carrier and top-load service that can be added to your shipment at the time of booking for a higher level of service. Read more about how much it costs to ship a car.

Yes, there must be someone present to release and accept the vehicle, provide keys to the driver and sign the initial and final inspection reports. This person can be anyone over the age of 18 that you trust with releasing or accepting your vehicle.