North Carolina to Texas Car Shipping
North Carolina to Texas Car Shipping
The easiest way to ship a car from North Carolina to Texas

North Carolina to Texas Car Shipping Experts

When you need to ship a car from North Carolina to Texas, you need car shipping experts you can rely on. Through our advanced network of over 25,000 open and enclosed auto transporters nationwide, we can provide you with a safe and reliable way to ship a car from North Carolina to Texas.

Pickup Anywhere in North Carolina Delivery Anywhere in Texas

We provide direct door-to-door car shipping service from any residential or business location in North Carolina to any location in Texas.

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North Carolina to Texas Car Shipping Experts

When you need to ship a car from North Carolina to Texas, you need car shipping experts you can rely on. Through our advanced network of over 25,000 open and enclosed auto transporters nationwide, we can provide you with a safe and reliable way to ship a car from North Carolina to Texas.

Pickup Anywhere in North Carolina Delivery Anywhere in Texas

We provide direct door-to-door car shipping service from any residential or business location in North Carolina to any location in Texas.

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North Carolina to Texas Car Shipping

Relocating your vehicle from North Carolina to Texas doesn't have to be a stressful task. RoadRunner Auto Transport makes the process easy and worry-free. With over two decades of experience, we've assisted countless customers in shipping cars between states in a prompt, safe, and budget-friendly manner. Our skilled team takes care of all the logistics, allowing you to concentrate on your move to Texas.

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How Does Shipping a Car from North Carolina to Texas Work?

Shipping vehicles between North Carolina and Texas is a common route, especially for those moving to the southern United States. Auto transport providers utilize streamlined systems to make long-haul shipping affordable and straightforward.

Most companies use large tractor-trailers capable of carrying around 10 vehicles at once. Cars are driven up built-in ramps and firmly fastened down with straps and chains during the trip. Open carriers are the most common and cost-effective option, but enclosed trailers are also available for extra protection.

While your car could be hauled directly from North Carolina to Texas, it's more likely to stop at transportation hubs along the way. This allows drivers to maximize efficiency by trading vehicles at intermediate stops rather than making long unloaded return trips. From North Carolina, your car may go through hubs in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana before reaching Texas. The total transit time is typically 3-5 days.

Shipping a Car from North Carolina to Texas

When shipping your vehicle from North Carolina to Texas, keep these tips in mind:

  • Book Early: Give yourself 2-3 weeks for transport between North Carolina and Texas. Peak seasons mean high demand, so last-minute bookings risk delays.
  • Get Multiple Quotes: Pricing varies between companies based on routes, equipment, and volume. We confidently offer competitive pricing. Get a free online quote here.
  • Consider Open Transport: Open auto shipping works great for highway travel and is cheaper than enclosed.
  • Remove Valuables: Don't leave any personal items or valuables in your car during shipping. Carriers aren't liable for belongings left inside.
  • Inspect at Pickup/Delivery: Thoroughly inspect your car as it loads and unloads. Note any new damage that may have occurred en route.
  • Know Registration Details: You must register your car in Texas within 30 days of establishing residency.

Following these tips ensures a smooth car shipping experience.

What Does It Cost to Ship A Car from North Carolina to Texas?

The cost to ship a car from North Carolina to Texas can vary. You can expect to pay roughly $700-$1,200 for standard open carrier transport and $900-$1,500 for enclosed auto shipping of a midsize sedan or small SUV.

What Factors Affect the Cost to Ship a Car?

Some key factors impacting the price of shipping a vehicle between North Carolina and Texas include:

  • Vehicle Size: Larger vehicles cost more to ship.
  • Mileage: Long distances increase rates.
  • Transport Type: Enclosed costs more than open.
  • Season: Summer and holidays increase demand and rates.
  • Additional Services: Optional services like expedited shipping add costs.

Understanding these key factors will help estimate prices for your North Carolina to Texas auto transport. For a quote tailored to your needs, visit our website or call us at (888) 422-7584.

Calculate your instant car shipping cost and view carrier availability in your area.

RoadRunner Auto Transport: The North Carolina to Texas Car Shipping Experts

Driving your own car over 1,000+ miles across the country can be exhausting and expensive. You'll spend multiple days navigating unfamiliar roads behind the wheel, racking up costs for gas, food, lodging, and vehicle wear and tear. Utilizing professional auto transport saves considerable time and money compared to driving such long distances yourself. RoadRunner provides complete service, including:

  • Door-to-door auto transport: For ultimate convenience, we'll pick up and deliver your car directly to you. No need to drive to terminals.
  • Real-time tracking: Our dispatch system allows you to monitor your car's journey from North Carolina to Texas via live GPS tracking.
  • Licensed, bonded carriers: We only work with fully vetted professionals covered by $1 million+ insurance policies.
  • Flexible pickup dates: We have carriers leaving North Carolina weekly, so you can choose a pickup date that fits your schedule.

With RoadRunner, you can trust your car will be transported from North Carolina to Texas quickly, affordably, and damage-free.

Instant Car Shipping Quote

To get an instant quote, simply use RoadRunner's online tool by inputting the pickup/dropoff zip codes and vehicle information. Your estimated pricing will immediately pop up on the screen.

After that, a logistics pro from RoadRunner will reach out to verify details, pair you with an appropriate carrier, and supply a final personalized quote tailored precisely to your shipment needs.

Pickup Anywhere in North Carolina and Get Delivery Anywhere in Texas

Regardless of your car's location in North Carolina or desired delivery address in Texas, we offer budget-friendly door-to-door transportation

Here are some example routes with average prices and estimated transit times:

RoadRunner Makes Shipping a Car From North Carolina to Texas as Easy as 1-2-3!

After accepting a quote, we'll take care of the rest. Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule Pickup: Work with your coordinator to select a pickup date and location that fits your schedule. We'll collect your car from anywhere in North Carolina.
  2. Transport Vehicle: Your car will be safely shipped to Texas either using an enclosed carrier or an open auto transport trailer based on your preference. Both provide damage-free transit.
  3. Schedule Delivery: Before delivery, we'll call to confirm details. Then, your car will be unloaded at your specified address anywhere in Texas.

And that's it! We handle everything, including routing, paperwork, and tracking. You can feel at ease shipping your car with RoadRunner.

Other North Carolina Shipping Routes

RoadRunner ships vehicles between all places in North Carolina and the entire US. Thanks to our vast carrier network, we offer door-to-door pickup and delivery to any address.

Some popular North Carolina routes include:

Shipping from North Carolina State

With thousands of successful transports under our belt, RoadRunner has extensive experience picking up vehicles across North Carolina. Our drivers are skilled professionals familiar with navigating the major interstate highways within the state, including I-95, I-40, I-85, and I-77.

We routinely transport cars, trucks, SUVs, and more from cities and rural locations using the interstate network. No matter where your vehicle is located in North Carolina, our drivers handle transport seamlessly.

Shipping to Texas State

For moves to Texas, RoadRunner offers streamlined door-to-door car shipping to simplify the process. Our team has delivered countless vehicles over the years across the Lone Star State. We're well-versed in navigating major TX interstates like I-10, I-20, I-35, and I-45.

From Dallas to Houston, our drivers know the ins and outs of shipping within and into Texas municipalities. With extensive experience and carrier relationships throughout the state, we ensure smooth car transport.

Contact RoadRunner to Learn More and Get Started

With over two decades of nationwide auto shipping experience, RoadRunner Auto Transport has built a reputation as one of the most trusted car shipping companies. Our team of seasoned specialists is committed to exceeding expectations and providing top-notch service.

From 24/7 available support to real-time tracking, we deliver reliable, professional solutions you can depend on. Our goal is to make shipping vehicles easy and stress-free for our customers. You can trust us for a smooth, simplified transport process from start to finish.

Learn more about what sets us apart here.

How It Works

Here's how our straightforward process works:

  1. Accept Quote: Get a fast, easy quote using our online car shipping calculator.
  2. Schedule Pickup: Work with a specialist to select the ideal Pennsylvania pickup date/location - your home, work, or dealership.
  3. Prepare Vehicle: Ensure no personal items are left inside and the car is ready for pickup. If this isn't possible for your shipment read about how to ship your car with stuff inside it here..
  4. Transport: Car safely shipped to California by enclosed or open carrier along interstates.
  5. Confirm Delivery: We contact you pre-arrival to verify dropoff details in California.
  6. Inspect: Thoroughly inspect the car upon arrival before signing the paperwork. Note any new damages to the document.
  7. Sign Paperwork: Review the bill of lading, confirm details are correct, and sign to accept delivery.

Our Advantage

With our years of experience, top-notch customer care, and cutting-edge transport tech, RoadRunner Auto Transport makes your total satisfaction our #1 priority. Discover the advantages of using RoadRunner Auto Transport.

Transport Services

RoadRunner provides every type of car transport option from California to Pennsylvania:

  • Open Transport: The most common and affordable method. Thorough inspections and accountability ensure damage-free open shipping.
  • Enclosed Transport: For luxury, antique, high-value vehicles. Fully covered inside trailer shields from weather/debris. More expensive but has maximum protection.
  • Door-to-Door Delivery: Added convenience—we pick up at your CA home and deliver to your PA address. Avoids terminal drop-off/pickup.
  • Expedited Shipping: Guaranteed fast pickup, direct routing, and team relays. Essential for time-sensitive moves.

We accommodate any shipping style you need from California to Pennsylvania. Just choose the right option for your vehicle, budget, and timeline.

Auto Transport Pricing and Transit Times From North Carolina to Texas

Quick Answer: The average cost to ship a car from North Carolina to Texas is about $874.00 and takes 3-5 days.

The table below provides data on the pricing and estimated time for auto transport between various cities in North Carolina and Texas, with an average driving distance of 1,038 miles and transit times uniformly estimated at 3 to 5 days.

The cost to ship a car will tend to fluctuate within specific ranges; for example, transporting a car from Charlotte, NC to Houston, TX could cost between $682.00 and $1,065.00, while shipping your car from Raleigh, NC to San Antonio, TX might be priced between $792.00 and $1,237.00.

North Carolina to Texas Car Shipping Pricing & Time to Ship Your Car Examples
From North Carolina To TexasDistanceCostEstimated Transit Time
Charlotte, NC to Houston, TX1,038 miles$682.00 - $1,065.003 - 5 daysGet Quote
Raleigh, NC to San Antonio, TX1,393 miles$792.00 - $1,237.003 - 5 daysGet Quote
Greensboro, NC to Dallas, TX1,115 miles$715.00 - $1,117.003 - 5 daysGet Quote
Durham, NC to Austin, TX1,351 miles$779.00 - $1,217.003 - 5 daysGet Quote
Winston-Salem, NC to Fort Worth, TX1,143 miles$744.00 - $1,163.003 - 5 daysGet Quote
Fayetteville, NC to Arlington, TX1,176 miles$771.00 - $1,204.003 - 5 daysGet Quote
Cary, NC to El Paso, TX1,812 miles$881.00 - $1,376.004 - 6 daysGet Quote

**It is important to note that the prices and times listed are only estimates and will vary depending on factors such as the season and the type of vehicle being shipped. Use our car shipping calculator to get an instant price quote for your exact type of shipment.

RoadRunner Makes Shipping a Car From North Carolina to Texas as Easy as 1-2-3!

Calculate your instant car shipping quote.

Getting a quote is easy with our online quote form, enter your origin and destination, select the dates you want to ship, and book your reservation online or by phone!
how it works step one

Route Availability

9 / 10

Based on recent dispatch reports, the carrier availability rating from North Carolina to Texas is 9/10.

Approximate Distance

1,400 miles

The center of each state is used to approximate mileage between locations.

Estimated Transit Time

2 - 4 days

Estimated transit times are based on carriers traveling up to 500 miles per day.

Ship a car from North Carolina to Texas

North Carolina to Texas car shipping is a breeze with RoadRunner Auto Transport. As one of the leading car shipping companies in the world, RoadRunner Auto Transport moves thousands of shipments along this route each year. With their vast network of over 25000 carriers nationwide, they can service this route with ease.
North Carolina is known for its major highway systems, such as Interstate 40 and the newly developed Interstate 42. This makes it easy for RoadRunner Auto Transport to transport vehicles to any destination in Texas. Similarly, Texas is a large state with an extensive highway network. Its major highways like Interstate 35 and Interstate 10 are widespread and offer easy access to cities and towns. This makes it easy for RoadRunner Auto Transport to deliver vehicles to any corner of the state quickly and efficiently.
Moreover, both North Carolina and Texas feature a wide array of urban and rural areas. RoadRunner Auto Transport's varied transport options are well-equipped to cater to any customer's needs, whether they're sending a vehicle to a rural location or an urban center. In addition, North Carolina and Texas both feature numerous car dealerships and manufacturers, meaning RoadRunner Auto Transport is equipped to handle various shipment sizes and demands.
In conclusion, RoadRunner Auto Transport makes North Carolina to Texas car shipping an easy and hassle-free process. With their network of carriers and differentiated transport options, customers can rest assured that their vehicles will arrive safely and on time.
Ship a car from North Carolina to Texas
How does vehicle transport from North Carolina to Texas work?

How does vehicle transport from North Carolina to Texas work?

1. Get Your Car Shipping Quote: Being one of the best car shipping companies, RoadRunner offers free, no-obligation car shipping quotes. You'll need to decide between open or enclosed auto transport carriers. Open-carrier shipping is the most popular and cost-effective choice. Auto transporter companies like RoadRunner Auto Transport also offer enclosed carriers for additional protection.
2. Vehicle Pickup: Once you get your quote, you can book online or speak with an auto transportation specialist to schedule a date for pickup. On the day of your pickup, your vehicle will be carefully loaded onto the carrier. With RoadRunner, you can track the status of your shipment online at any time.
3. Vehicle Delivery: On the day of your delivery, your vehicle will be safely offloaded from the auto transporters truck and a final inspection will be completed to confirm that your vehicle was delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up.

Advantages of shipping with RoadRunner Auto Transport

When you need to move a vehicle from North Carolina to Texas, choosing a dependable auto transport service is key. RoadRunner Auto Transport stands out as a prime choice for this task, offering numerous benefits for vehicle transportation.
The primary benefit of selecting RoadRunner Auto Transport is its unmatched convenience. You won't need to drive your car from North Carolina to Texas; we handle everything. We pick up your vehicle at your home in North Carolina and deliver it straight to your chosen spot in Texas. This service not only saves precious time but also spares you the hassle of a lengthy drive.
RoadRunner Auto Transport is also synonymous with safety and reliability. Our skilled drivers, coupled with state-of-the-art tracking technology, assure the safe and timely arrival of your vehicle in Texas. This guarantees peace of mind during the transportation process.
Cost-effectiveness is another hallmark of RoadRunner Auto Transport. We offer transparent pricing with upfront estimates, ensuring that our services align with your budget and schedule. With RoadRunner, affordable and dependable vehicle transportation from North Carolina to Texas is a certainty.
Furthermore, RoadRunner Auto Transport prides itself on exceptional customer support. Our dedicated team is always ready to address any queries or concerns during the shipping process. We keep you updated about your vehicle's status, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transportation experience.
The advantages of shipping from North Carolina to Texas with RoadRunner
North Carolina to Texas car shipping factors

What factors affect the cost to ship a car?

Several factors can affect your car shipping cost from North Carolina to Texas including:
  • The distance of your move from origin to destination
  • The type and size of your vehicle
  • Your chosen transport type: open, enclosed, or top-loaded
  • The accessibility of your pickup and delivery locations
  • Depending on your route, the time of year can add a seasonality factor
  • Current fuel prices
  • The speed of delivery
Longer distances, larger vehicles, and enclosed transport typically result in higher costs. Rural or hard-to-reach locations can also increase prices.
Costs may fluctuate depending on the time of year and fuel prices. Expedited shipping services are available for faster delivery but come at a higher cost.
Our North Carolina to Texas car shipping specialists are always available to discuss which factors matter most to you for your particular car transport with the goal of getting you the best value through the process.

Shipping from the State Of North Carolina

North Carolina (NC) is a southeastern state, nestled between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Varied landscapes like beaches, hills, mountains and barrier islands make North Carolina a great place to spend time outdoors. Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee Indian Reservation are a few of the options for experiencing the beauty of North Carolina, which can be accessed via the famous Blue Ridge Parkway.
As one of the original thirteen colonies, NC has a long history and several flourishing and historic cities. Charlotte is situated in the southwestern part of the state and holds the title of largest city in the state, while the capital, Raleigh has a more central location in the state, not far from Greensboro and Chapel Hill. One of North Carolina's claims to fame is that its coastal city, called Kitty Hawk, was the location of the Wright Brothers' first successful powered flight.
North Carolina to Texas Car Shipping
Car Shipping North Carolina to Texas

Shipping to the State Of Texas

Texas is the second most populated state in the US. It is also the second largest state in the U.S. It is situated in the South Central part of the United States. It shares a border with Mexico to the south and the US states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. It's total area is 268,820 square miles (696,200 sq km). The state has 10 climatic regions, 14 different types of soil regions, and 11 distinct ecological regions. Its classification into different types of regions is thus tricky. One system of classification into the Gulf Coastal Plains, Interior Lowlands, Great Plains, and Basin and Range Province.

Contact RoadRunner to learn more and get started

If you need your vehicle shipped, count on a reliable auto transport company that gets cars where they need to be quickly and safely. As the leading American auto shipping service, RoadRunner has over 30 years of experience delivering cars cross country. Our team of highly trained transport professionals strives to provide the best level of service at every turn, from coordination and customer support to dispatch and delivery.
Whether you need a car transported in or out of the city, RoadRunner can set you up with convenient North Carolina to Texas auto shipping services at an affordable price. We also offer full coverage insurance options for enhanced protection. Call (888) 777-2123 or use our car shipping calculator online to get an instant quote today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle transportation process.

For standard open transport, expect to pay $700-$1,200 to ship a sedan or small SUV between North Carolina and Texas.

Open auto transport is the most affordable option at an average of $0.70 - $1.20 per mile. Enclosed shipping costs more but protects against weather damage.

Transit time averages 3-5 days for standard auto transport between North Carolina and Texas. Times vary depending on hubs, routes, and seasonal demand.

To get a quote for shipping your vehicle, you can either use our instant online car shipping quote calculator or you can call (888) 422-7584 to receive a quote from one of our car transport pricing specialists. To calculate your quote we will need to know the location you are shipping from and to, the type of vehicle you would like to ship, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

The transit time for your shipment is based mostly on the mileage between the pickup and delivery location. Generally, every five hundred miles will add one day to the transit time - so for a 1,000 mile transport, the transit time would be 2-3 days. Check out our estimated transit times for a detailed view of approximate delivery times.

Yes, online tracking is available to you 24 hours a day and is updated in real time. Upon scheduling your shipment, you will receive a unique booking number that will allow you to track the status of your shipment online. Your tracking portal will also give you the ability to live chat with a shipping agent that can answer any questions you may have regarding the status of your shipment.

All shipments include basic liability coverage during transit. Comprehensive insurance options are available for an elevated level of shipment coverage during transit. You will be able to select a level of coverage during the booking process. If you have further questions regarding insurance options give us a call.

We accept all major credit cards, electronic transfer, postal money order, and bank/certified check for the deposit or full pre-payment of your shipment. If a balance is due upon delivery, it can be paid directly to the driver and can be paid in either cash, bank/certified check, or postal money order.

Yes, there must be someone present to release and accept the vehicle, provide keys to the driver and sign the initial and final inspection reports. This person can be anyone over the age of 18 that you trust with releasing or accepting your vehicle.

You may transport personal belongings in your car, as long as their total weight does not exceed 100 pounds and they are stored in the trunk or back seat (below the window line). Please keep in mind that personal belongings are not covered by insurance if they are reported as damaged or missing.

To get a quote for shipping your vehicle, you can either use our instant online car shipping quote calculator above or you can call (888) 422-7584 to receive a quote from one of our car transport pricing specialists. In order for us to calculate your quote we will need to know the location you are shipping from and to, the type of vehicle you would like to ship, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

The further in advance you schedule your shipment, the more likely we will be able to meet the time requirements you desire. For best results, we suggest scheduling your transport at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Expedited shipping options are available to accomodate shipments that require . You can always give us a call and ask one of our car shipping experts what your options are in terms of the schedule for your car transport.

The driver will get the car transporter as close to your door as he can legally and safely get. In most cases, the driver will be able to pickup and deliver directly to your door. Some cities may have restrictions on large trucks that prohibit them from driving into residential areas. Auto transport trucks are large and need lots of room to maneuver and turn around, so if access to the pickup or delivery location is restricted by narrow streets, low-hanging trees or tight turns, the driver may ask that you meet at a location nearby with a large parking lot, such as a grocery store.