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Shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle? Dealerships nation wide start gearing up for a new years worth of inventory beginning as early as October. These late in the year months have consistently proven that fall is the best time to buy a car. Better deals and cooler temperatures while shopping make a world of difference when shopping for your next big purchase or lease. Finding a vehicle from 2018, when there are only a few weeks left in the year and 2019 models have hit the floor can make a huge difference in your wallet. Aside from some major re designs, such as Chevrolet’s body overhaul of the Equinox in 2018,  most models are identical year to year apart from minor details. When buying the current years model after next years inventory has already arrived could translate into a huge savings and a lower lease rate. We like what Kelly Blue Book has to say about these model changeovers, that ” Cars and old bread have one thing in common: Prices are discounted when the new, fresh stuff appears.” This applies to used cars as well during these upcoming months, which are historically better than the spring and summer months.
Fall is the best time to buy a car
New models are typically released over the summer during annual events, surrounding the 4th of July holiday.  The timing of these new car roll outs prove that fall is the best time to buy a car,  simply because shopping for this years model while new inventory floods frantic dealers lots can help you get into a new vehicle at a much lower rate than summer shoppers. Winter time and year end sales are highly discounted as well but be warned that when inventory runs low during this time, if you wait too long stock will eventually run out and these deals will be missed. Or you may end up with a vehicle outside of your preferred model color or trim.
     Getting your first choice of vehicle with the best deals of the year is ideal so some inventory research is highly suggested at the very beginning of fall, we suggest as early as mid October. Also keep in mind that the radius of your search for the perfect car is no longer limited to vehicles in your immediate area when you can ship your car.  Most recent car sales actually start online in the from of research about specs different models and available options. According to “Many people are perfectly happy with cars they have purchased virtually sight unseen. The key is to use an array of Internet tools and buying, inspecting and shipping services. By using them, you can shop from a much larger pool of vehicles and can often find a better bargain.”
     When Black Friday sales after Thanksgiving come around it will officially signify the scramble of the approaching holiday season, and for many the opportunity to get into a new vehicle or give an impressive gift to a well deserving loved one. Gifting a vehicle to a new driver, spouse or anyone for that matter, wherever in the country they may be is surely a present they will be overjoyed with. Luckily this is made possible when you ship your car with Road Runner Auto Transport. Private sellers who maybe also looking to trade in or buy a car in a newer model during this time make up a large portion of newly available inventory. These private sellers take advantage of year end sales themselves, and as a result can be that much more eager to compromise on prices in order to close the deal in time to finance their next big purchase. Its just as important to be informed of these buying trends in order to get the best deal you possibly can, as well as taking the time to know your credit score or get a pre approved financing deal in place prior to shopping for your next dream vehicle. When you are ready to buy a car keep Road Runner Auto Transport in mind!
Fall Car Shows
During these upcoming Autumn months when the days appear to be shorter and the nights become cooler, car enthusiasts across the country are celebrating fall festivities in style. Ship your car with us and join car fans of all ages at a variety of automotive events across the country that will be celebrating this season.
    The car show has been a long standing tradition of family fun since the early days of the automobile. Some of these classic vehicles are not only immaculately preserved to remind us of this era, but will be displayed in competition for sport. Other fall car shows boast the creative side of the automotive industry and show the audience insight into the future of transportation, with customized and unique rides.  Some events even offer opportunities to test drive dream cars and chances to win prizes or benefit good causes. Halloween themed events encourage kids to participate in the festivities and show off their costumes in competition right along side the best in show cars.
    Whether looking for family entertainment or a place to show off your hot rod, check out these upcoming events in cities near you.
October 28th
Classic Car Show
Hotel Indigo, Riverhead
October 28th
NY Auto Fest 10th Annual Halloween Car Show
Chelsea Mansion, East Norwich
November 3rd
Drive Your Dreams Car Show
Meadowlands Expo Center
October 21st
CARS And Canvas by Car Guy of the West In The Arts District
2143 Violet St, Los Angeles
October 28th (last Sunday of every month)
2725 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles
November 30th- Dec9th
2018 LA Auto Show
LA Convention Center
1201 S. Figueroa, LA
October 13th
St. Pascal’s Fall Car Show Fundraiser
6143 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago
October 20th
The Rockwell Rendezvous
4030 N ROCKWELL ST chicago
 November 17th&18th
10th Annual Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Show
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 North River Road, Rosemont
October 27
Gateway Classic Cars every last Saturday of the month for Cars & Coffee: Presented by Grundy Insurance!
Gateway Classic Cars of Houston
1910 Cypress Station Drive, #Suite 200
November 10th
Houston NW Church: 19911 State Highway 249
November 11th
36th Annual Los Magnificos Car Show & Concert
Pasadena Convention Center and Municipal Fairgrounds
7902 Fairmont Parkway
Pasadena, TX 77505
October 13th
St. Anselms Oktoberfest Car Show
12670 Dunksferry Road Phila. Pa
October 20th
DVRR (Delaware Valley Road Runners) Halloween Car Show
Falls township Community Park 9125 Mill Creek Road
Levittown, PA, 19054
October 20th
October 27th
Cars and Customs
7701 Martin’s Creek Belvedere Highway
Bangor, PA, 18013
November 10th
2nd Annual Walk in the Park & Classic Car Show
The Village at Mayo Clinic Hospital 5811 E. Mayo Blvd, Phoenix AZ
November 16th-18th
Goodguys 21st Southwest Nationals
WestWorld of Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ, 85260
November 22nd-25th
Arizona Int’l Auto Show Thanksgiving Weekend
Phoenix Convention Center
100 N 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

apps for driving


Moving to another state? With that comes a new town, new home, new job, new roads, and a new community. While many things may be unfamiliar to you, your smartphone can become your lifeline to learning your new town. Check out the best apps for driving that can accompany you while exploring.



Waze is one of the best apps for driving in regards to traffic. It will notify you if there is an accident, construction, or police activity. It will provide you with an alternative route. However, this alternative route is sometimes off the beaten path. The plus side to this is you can explore your new area while taking a detour to your new destination.



Considering driving from one coast of Alaska to another? Then Roadtrippers is for you. Roadtrippers is great for an extended road trip and driving. In addition to giving you the best route, it will provide you with vacation tools such as hotel reviews, campgrounds, points of interest, and restaurants. In need of gas? The app will provide you with nearby gas stations and even give you an estimate amount on how much you are going to spend.



As you’re driving and exploring your new area and neighborhood, you may come across a town that you would like to get out and explore. But what about parking? SpotHero allows you to easily book in any participating and available garage, lot, or valet. You can even prepay to reserve a spot if you knew ahead of time where you are going to be.


Are you moving? You worry about downloading some of these best apps for driving and let us worry about shipping your car.


electric cars

America has a top 5 list of “Best Selling Electric Cars” and 3 of Tesla’s electric cars are on the list. Tesla’s electric cars that make the list are the Model 3 with 12,055 vehicle shipments in the United States, Model S with 6,550 vehicle shipments, and the Model X with 5, 525 vehicle shipments.

Tesla’s Model 3 is the cheapest electric car. On a single charge, the car can travel up to about 310 miles. This car is making its way to popularity and has recently hit many milestones in production. The car was designed to broaden the company’s customer base to not just luxury. The sporting version starts at around $35,000 making it more affordable than other models put out by Tesla.

The Model S sedan can travel up to 335 miles on a single charge and starts at $74,500. It is a popular sports car and is known to pick up speed. Tesla offers two models for the Model S. Customers can choose between an S 60 or S 60D. The major difference between the two models is the speed capacity of the car. The D product line has a faster 0- to 60 miles per hour acceleration. However, it has a lower overall range in terms of miles traveled.

The Model X is Tesla’s luxury sport utility vehicle. It has a max speed range of 295 miles and it starts at $79,500. The Model X seats 7 passengers and can go from a 0-to- 60 acceleration in 3.8 seconds. This car has the honor of being known to be the fastest sport utility vehicle.

Interested in purchasing yourself one of Tesla’s electric cars but there isn’t a dealership near you? Contact us today for all your car shipment needs. We will deliver your brand new electric car right to your doorstep.


college car shipment

It’s that time of year again where summer starts to wind down for college students. Back to school shopping for clothes, supplies, and dormitory necessities. It is also a decision-making time for parents. Should you allow your child to bring his/her car on campus? Allowing your child the responsibility of having his/her car at college is a big decision, and we can help if your decision is yes. Booking your college car shipment starts now!

College car shipment can save you time, money, and your sanity. Going back to college is a stress time for many, especially if it is a first. There are so many things you need to remember, and with it still being summer, you may be time crunched because of a busy schedule. That is where we come in. We can ship your child’s car to his/her college hassle free. How does it work? To begin your process, you would contact our representatives or visit our website for the online quote calculator. Your will be required to inform us of some important car information such as your starting and ending destination, car year, model, and make. Once we have an agreed upon car shipment pick up date, your reservation will be sent to dispatch. When your car is picked up by a carrier, you will receive a phone call from the carrier driver about three hours prior to pick up. At pick up you would meet the carrier, hand over your keys, and inspect your car for any dings or dents. You will complete a Bill of Lading prior to your car being loaded on to the carrier. The rest is in our hands until your car is ready for pick up at its new destination, a college or university. This leaves you and your child time to get other errands done, and if the college is across the United States or thousands of miles away, you can book a flight and not deal with long hours of driving, traffic, filling up your gas tank, or putting miles on the car. When your car reaches the college or university, the carrier driver will contact you to arrange drop off. Once again, you will inspect your car’s condition, and sign a Bill of Lading.

So, contact us today to book your college car shipment.


distracted driving

Distracted driving is unfortunately increasing as drivers are preoccupied while driving on the road. Distracted driving counts as any behavior where the driver is unable to dedicate his/her full attention to the road. While the use of cellphones is at the peak of the list, other behaviors include eating and drinking, talking to people in the car, and/or playing with the stereo or navigation system. Texting while driving is extremely dangerous, yet drivers can’t seem to put their cell phones down until they reach their destination. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,450 lives were lost on United States roads in 2016, which was a 5.6% increase from 2015. While all age groups are guilty of distracted driving, the fatal accident rate for teens is 3 times greater than for drivers that are 20 years of age and older. Many drivers are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, but still put themselves and other drivers on the road in danger. Sending or reading a text message takes your eyes off the road for a minimum of 5 seconds, which is equivalent to driving the length of an entire football field with your eyes closed. Within those 5 seconds, anything can happen on the road: an animal or pedestrian can decide to cross, the car in front of you can stop short, or a light can change.


Change needs to occur in order to save lives and prevent injuries, but where to start? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is fighting against distracted driving by education Americans about the dangers. They are also partnering up with state and local police to enforce laws against distracted driving.


So in need of getting your car shipped, but don’t think you can dedicate yourself and attention to the long drive? Contact us today and let us handle shipping your car to its new destination.

carrier transport

Driving can be expensive and time consuming on your part, so why not choose a safer, easier, and more affordable option? You are starting your research on different types of carriers to transport your car. You keep seeing the terms open carrier transport and close carrier transport, but which one is the better choice for you and your car? There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of transport. It is important to consider the information below prior to making your decision.


An open carrier transport is the most popular way to transport your car. This means your car will be outdoors and is not enclosed. Therefore, it is not protected from outside factors while traveling. Your car will be neatly strapped to the carrier in order to reduce mobility and to protect against vibrations that are caused on the road while driving. There are several types of transporting vehicles from single car carriers to trucks capable of transporting ten or more cars.  Your car may be subjected to weather and road elements such as rain, snow, hail, debris, bugs, and birds. However, the good news is, an open carrier transport is usually faster and since they are in demand, there are usually more trucks and drivers available for your needs. If you are transporting your car last minute, then you may want to consider open carrier transports.


A closed carrier transport means your car is enclosed and housed inside of a covered truck. If you have a classic or an exotic car, then a closed carrier transport may be the better choice for you. The reason being that the biggest advantage to a closed carrier transport is that your car will be protected from weather and road  elements. However, if you decide to go for the closed carrier transport, be sure to book your transport dates early and quickly! The truth is there are fewer closed transport carriers on the road, which makes them harder to schedule. As a result, it could also be more costly.


Call us today for open carrier transport and closed carrier transport quotes, so you can make an informed decision on which carrier is the best for you!


american cuisines

The United States is known as the melting pot of American culture. It is known for its diversity in people, cultures, foods, traditions, and languages. While the same holidays and traditions are celebrated throughout the United States, American cuisines vary from region to region. Although you may be from the United States and have grown up celebrating American cultures, there are a variety of popular American cuisines that differ by regions.


Northeastern United States

Most Northeastern states are known for their seafood and dairy products due to its prime location of being on the seaports. Many Northeastern dishes are baked, steamed, or stewed rather than fried and limited spices are used. Some staple dishes in this region include the hamburger, lobster roll, bake beans, steak tips, clam chowder and cakes, oysters, and the Italian sandwich- a variety of ham, salami, cheeses, peppers, pickles, and tomato.


Midwestern United States

The midwest is considered the breadbasket of the nation, and therefore, it is known for its carbs. Corn, soy, and wheat are used in many popular American cuisines. Many of the ingredients used in these dishes are grown locally and regionally. Some staple dishes include turkey with cranberry sauce and wild rice, bratwurst with sauerkraut and potatoes, casseroles, and apple pie.


Southern United States

Southern style cooking is typically called “comfort food.” In these regions you will find dishes that are usually fried, richer, and heavier. Popular ways to serve meat include either by barbecue or fried. Some staple dishes include pork or chicken with corn, peas and rice, collard greens, cornbread, grits, buttermilk biscuits with honey, cobbler, and a baked pie.


Western United States

As you move more west, Mexican influences are popular in many of the classic dishes. Beef, beans, rice and avocados are widely used in these regions. Popular dishes include wraps, burritos, tacos, and sushi. Salads such as Greek, Cobb, and Asian Chicken are equally popular. Fish such as salmon is popular in the Northwest region as many people in this area fish along the coastline.


So researching American cuisines by regions because you are thinking of relocating? Contact us today for your car shipment needs.


The car transport industry has been increasingly booming. Whether customers are using car transport services for relocation, new purchases, traveling, or personal/ business reasons, the industry is growing. So what exactly do you need to know and understand before booking one of our car transport services such as door to door transport?


When shipping within the United States, the car transport service you want to consider is door to door transport. Door to door transport is the method used for car transport that is within the United States. If you are transporting your car from one state to another state, this option would be for you. The driver and carrier would meet you at your location in order to pick up your car. If you are unable to physically be there, it is best to leave your keys with your neighbor. However, in the event this isn’t possible, you would contact your car shipment company and inform them of a hidden location for where you would leave your keys. Of course, if you are unable to be there when you car is going to be picked up, you will want to document your car’s condition. The best way to document your car is through pictures. This will be important for when signing the Bill of Lading and when receiving your car at its new location. The Bill of Lading is a document that states your car is in the actual condition you say it is in. Once the carrier has picked up your car, your car transport begins. Your car, which is loaded onto a carrier, is driven to your new destination.


Booking us for your car transport services will provide you with a stress free experience. RoadRunner car transport services provides you with the opportunity to track your car. While you cannot track the exact city and state your car is in, you can track the major milestones of your transport such as when your car has been assigned to a carrier, when the driver is on its way, when your car is enroute to you, and when you car has been delivered. So, contact us today to get started on your car transport services!


backup cameras required

Having a backup camera included in your new car’s package use to be a choice. However, the United States has now made backup cameras required for all new cars being sold. The push and mandate for backup cameras comes from an increase of accidents. New regulations have made backup cameras required in order to prevent accidents in which pedestrians, often children, are run over because  drivers cannot see them as they back up their vehicles. According to the federal government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly 200 people are killed each year, and another 14,000 are injured in accidents relating to a car backing up and the driver not seeing the pedestrian. This requirement came after a series of other mandations to try and make backing up safer. In 2008, Congress passed a law requiring car companies to take measures to adopt technology in cars in order to improve rear view visibility. However, after many delays, the Department of Transportation made backup cameras required in 2014, giving car companies several years to prepare before making it go into full effect. Now, as of May 2018, backup cameras are becoming mandatory. This mandate is for all vehicles under 10,000 pounds. The back up camera must show a 10- foot- by 20- foot zone behind the vehicle.  This requirement isn’t new to all car companies. Many higher- end models and cars already have this option included in many of their packages. However, this technology will now be standard in even the cheapest of new cars being produced. This is likely to increase the cost of building cars, which will be passed on to the consumers. However, the cost is not high compared to the impact it will have to saving lives. Consumers can expect to see just a forty dollar increase in car prices.


Looking into shipping your brand new car with its new backup camera? Contact us today!

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