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Car Shipping Services Los Angeles, CA
Car Shipping Services Los Angeles, CA
The easiest way to ship a car to or from Los Angeles, CA
car shipping Los Angeles

Top-Rated Los Angeles Car Shipping Experts

For over 30 years, RoadRunner Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable Los Angeles car shipping services. We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in Los Angeles, CA - safely delivering thousands of vehicles on a monthly basis.

The Convenient Los Angeles Car Shipping Company

Through our advanced network of over 25,000 transporters nationwide, we offer the most convenient Los Angeles car shipping options.

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car shipping Los Angeles

Top-Rated Los Angeles Car Shipping Experts

For over 30 years, RoadRunner Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable Los Angeles car shipping services. We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in Los Angeles, CA - safely delivering thousands of vehicles on a monthly basis.

The Convenient Los Angeles Car Shipping Company

Through our advanced network of over 25,000 transporters nationwide, we offer the most convenient Los Angeles car shipping options.

"The driver was professional and courteous. Very pleased with my entire experience with RoadRunner Auto Transport."

Sally D.

Atlanta, GA

5 stars
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"Very easy to book and great with answering my questions. The shipping agent I spoke with was very friendly and helpful."

Susan K.

Dallas, TX

5 stars
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"I called RoadRunner and was able to have my car picked up that same day and delivered over 500 miles away the next day!"

Joan B.

Boston, MA

5 stars
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"We needed 2 cars shipped across the country last minute and RoadRunner really came through big time for us!"

Amanda M.

Los Angeles, CA

5 stars
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Car Shipping Services Los Angeles, CA

Moving to the City of Angels? Transport your vehicles with ease through our Los Angeles car shipping services. At RoadRunner Auto Transport, we provide cost-effective auto transport throughout LA, from luxury vehicles in Beverly Hills to classic cars in Malibu. Whether you're relocating across the country or shipping locally within Southern California, trust us as your go-to solution for seamless, five-star auto transport in LA.

Auto Transport Service the Easy Way to or from Los Angeles

If you're looking for an efficient and easy way to transport your car to or from the Los Angeles area, RoadRunner Auto Transport offers top-notch car shipping services to get your vehicle where it needs to go.

Contrary to popular belief, auto transport isn't as complicated or expensive as it sounds, thanks to the experts at RoadRunner. Whether you're moving, selling, or buying a car from another state, you can rely on us to deliver your vehicle safely and promptly.

Why Choose Top-Rated Los Angeles Car Shipping Experts?

When it's time to ship your prized sedan, vintage ride, or luxury vehicle to or from Los Angeles, don't leave it to just any auto transport broker. Choose vetted, five-star specialists like RoadRunner Auto Transport to handle your LA-based car shipping. Here's why top-rated experts are worth it:

Experience and Knowledge

With over 30 years exclusively focused on car shipping, RoadRunner has in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges of transporting to a vast, traffic-dense region. Our experience translates to smarter logistics and superior customer service. Don’t learn the hard way and risk your car on newbie companies.

Reliable Professional Drivers

RoadRunner personally reviews and vets each transport driver before partnering with them. Our drivers are background checked and must have impeccable records. Feel at ease knowing only trusted, experienced professionals will handle your LA-area car transport.

Door-to-Door Convenience

Avoid the hassle of delivering your car to terminals or meeting points. RoadRunner provides white glove door-to-door auto shipping in Los Angeles. Our drivers come right to your home, office, or other address for seamless pickup and dropoff.

Real-Time Tracking and Notifications

RoadRunner’s mobile app and customer portal offer real-time GPS tracking updates on your vehicle’s transport status. Get alerted about each step from dispatch to final delivery, so you always know your car’s location.

Los Angeles Car Shipping Cost & Time To Ship Your Car - Location Examples

The cost of car shipping in Los Angeles largely depends on the distance and the car model. For example, the average cost of transporting a sedan from Los Angeles to New York is usually around $1000-$1230. But remember, these costs can surge during peak moving times.

The time it takes for car shipping also depends on distance. Usually, it varies between 1 to 3 weeks. Open car transport is often faster as compared to enclosed auto shipping.

How Does Los Angeles Auto Shipping Work?

From luxury sports cars cruising down Rodeo Drive to movie star collections in Malibu, Los Angeles is synonymous with cars. When it's time to ship your prized vehicle to or from LA, specialized auto transport services make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Getting Started

The first step is requesting free quotes online or by phone. Provide details like vehicle make and model plus pickup/drop-off locations. Auto transport brokers provide quotes from trusted carriers with routes in your area. Compare costs, reviews, insurance, and delivery times.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Before the truck arrives, thoroughly clean your car and remove non-permanent exterior parts like antennas. Take detailed photos of all sides of the vehicle to document condition. Remove all personal items and disable alarms. Check fluid levels and tire pressure. Fully charge the battery and fill up the gas tank about a quarter of the way full.

Pickup and Transport

On pickup day, the truck driver will do a final inspection and may record additional photos for condition verification. Your car is carefully loaded onto the truck using steel ramps. Open carriers leave it exposed while enclosed trailers fully shelter the vehicle. Most Los Angeles routes take 5-10 days for coast-to-coast delivery or 1-5 days for regional transport. Truck drivers are experienced professionals who safely navigate LA's highways and tricky parking situations.

Dropoff and Inspection

Meet the driver at the LA address you provided to complete the delivery. Thoroughly inspect your car again, checking for potential new damage and comparing to your pickup photos. Point out any flaws to the driver and document with photos. Once satisfied, sign the receipt to finalize the delivery.

For seamless, five-star auto transport to and from the City of Angels, choose a reputable LA car shipping specialist. We handle every detail, so all that's left for you to do is get behind the wheel.

Los Angeles Car Transportation Companies Near Me

When it comes to auto transport, Los Angeles has numerous reliable options to choose from that cater to your specific needs. Car movers and auto shipping companies provide a range of services from corporate relocation, military equipment shipping to standard car shipping and everything in between. But if you're looking for the fastest and easiest way to ship your vehicle in Los Angeles, no one beats RoadRunner Auto Transport.

Types of Car Shipping Services in Los Angeles

Shipping a car to or from Los Angeles? The City of Angels offers a few excellent auto transport options to meet your needs and budget.

Open Car Transport

Open auto shipping is the most popular and affordable way to transport your vehicle to or from LA. With open transport, your car is secured onto an open double-decker trailer with other vehicles. This option works well for daily drivers and standard vehicles. Open car carriers leave your car exposed to weather and road debris. However, reputable companies like RoadRunner use sturdy steel ramps, straps, and chains to securely fasten your car during transit. Open transport ranges from $500-$1,000 for Los Angeles routes. Ideal for cost-conscious vehicle owners shipping standard cars, trucks, or SUVs locally within Southern California or between states.

Enclosed Car Transport

For luxury, classic, custom, or high-performance vehicles around Los Angeles, enclosed transport offers optimal protection. Your car ships inside an enclosed trailer shielded from weather and road conditions. Enclosed trailers feature padded walls and tie-down equipment to prevent abrasions or damage. Most also provide climate control. For discriminating LA-based car owners, enclosed auto transport is worth the premium price of $1,000-$2,500. Ideal protection for pristine or high-dollar vehicles.

Expedited Car Transport

Need your car shipped faster to/from Los Angeles? Expedited car transport accelerates delivery by 1-3 days through faster booking and direct routes. For time-sensitive moves or auto deliveries, expedited service reaches your location quicker. Local LA transport sees 1-2 day delivery, while cross-country routes average 2-4 days. Expedited auto transport costs around $150-$300 more than standard service. Worth the extra cost when you need your vehicle ASAP.

For an optimized car shipping experience in a city famous for cars and car culture, choose the transport method that best fits your timeline, vehicle type, and budget

How to Save on Car Shipping in Los Angeles

The dazzling sights and endless sunshine come at a cost when shipping your vehicle to or from Los Angeles. From steep parking fees to pricey premium fuel, LA taxes your wallet in ways other cities don't. Fortunately, you can avoid overspending and find affordable LA car transport with these savvy tips:

Book During Off-Peak Seasons

Avoid booking LA-based car shipping in the summer or holidays when demand surges. Late spring and fall see lower rates and quicker pickup times. If relocating cross-country, avoid winter weather risks by transporting May-October.

Secure Discounts

Ask brokers and carriers about current discounts like first-time customer specials or seasonal promotions. Payment plans or paying in full upfront can equal 5-10% off instantly. Membership programs offer loyalty discounts for return customers.

Research Route Factors

Pricing fluctuates based on mileage between pickup/drop-off locations and fuel costs across different routes. Cross-state transport from Portland to LA costs less than Miami to Los Angeles shipping routes.

Inspect Condition Thoroughly

Note all existing exterior flaws before pickup so you don’t get charged for pre-existing damages. Perform a thorough final inspection at drop-off before signing the receipt.

Utilize Terminal Shipping

If dates are flexible, use terminal shipping and pick up/drop off from the company’s LA-area terminal. It's cheaper since drivers transport multiple cars on each trip.

With savvy planning, flexible timing, and smart comparisons, you can save hundreds on Los Angeles auto transport. Don't haul around a heavy price tag – use these tips to find an affordable 5-star car shipping experience.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Los Angeles Car Transportation

Preparing your car correctly before using Los Angeles auto transport services ensures a smooth pickup, shipping, and delivery. Follow these top tips recommended by LA car shipping experts:

Exterior Cleaning and Inspection

Thoroughly wash and detail your car's exterior before pickup. This allows the driver to clearly inspect for any existing flaws like scratches, scrapes or dents during pre-transport examination. Note any exterior damage you spot and point it out to the driver and take photos. That way you have documentation in case of any disputes about when damage occurred.

Remove Exterior Attachments

Detach any non-permanent exterior parts like antennas, luggage racks, bike racks or surfboard carriers. Leaving these on during shipping risks damage. Also take off any decals or stickers you want preserved.

Document Condition

Do a careful visual inspection of your car’s entire exterior: front, back, both sides, roof, hood and trunk. Look for any chips, scrapes or flaws and photograph each side. Having time-stamped before photos is crucial to document the original condition if any damage disputes arise later.

Clean Interior and Remove Belongings

Remove all personal items and valuables like registration paperwork, garage door openers, spare change, electronics and sunglasses. Also take out any aftermarket audio equipment you added. The car shipping company is not liable for personal belongings left inside. Vacuum all interior carpeting and wash floor mats to remove dirt.

Check Fluids

Pop the hood and make sure all fluid levels including oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid and coolant are filled. Top off if any are low to prevent leaks or issues during transport.

Inspect Tires and Brakes

Use a tire pressure gauge to check your tires have proper inflation levels. Look for tire tread wear and replace any balding tires before shipping. Make sure lug nuts are properly tightened. Test that parking brakes are in good working order so the car stays safely in place en route.

Disconnect Car Alarm and Battery

Disable any alarm system so it doesn't accidentally activate and drain your battery during shipping. Or provide the driver with alarm codes. Some also recommend disconnecting the battery cables to prevent battery drain, especially for cross-country trips.

Fill Up the Gas Tank

Keep your gas tank about a quarter of the way full before pickup so the vehicle's weight remains consistent. Running low or empty could alter the weight balance and handling during transport.

Following these pre-shipping guidelines helps your LA car transport go smoothly from start to finish!

Receiving Your Vehicle in Los Angeles

After your car, truck, or SUV is shipped to the Los Angeles area, you'll meet the auto transport driver at the destination address you provided to complete the delivery. Have your driver's license handy to show the driver. Perform a thorough walk-around inspection of your vehicle, looking for any new dents, scratches, or damage that may have occurred during shipping. Carefully check the exterior, undercarriage, interior, and trunk. Make sure to test all electrical components like headlights, blinkers, and stereo to ensure proper functioning. If you notice any new damage or issues, politely point them out to the driver and document with timestamps photos.

Once you're satisfied with the condition, sign the delivery receipt to officially complete the shipping process. The delivery paperwork is important for your records. With a meticulous inspection, you can feel confident releasing your vehicle and wrapping up a smooth, damage-free auto shipping experience in LA.

The Convenient Los Angeles Car Shipping Company

At RoadRunner Auto Transport, we prioritize convenience in our car shipping process. After all, shipping a car should be hassle-free, right? Right from receiving the initial car shipping quotes to the final delivery, we make the process smooth and easy for you.

Instant Car Shipping Quote

With our user-friendly online system, get your auto shipping quote instantly! Just feed in some basic details like delivery location, vehicle type, and get your shipping quote right away. Voila!

Los Angeles Car Transport Areas We Serve

We provide reliable service to the entire Los Angeles area, making us one of the fittest car shipping companies for your needs. Our network covers Hollywood, Downtown LA, Malibu, Santa Monica, South LA, and beyond. With us, your vehicle is in safe hands.

Los Angeles Zip Codes We Service

As one of the leading auto transport companies in the Los Angeles area, we service a multitude of zip codes including but not limited to 9001, 90012, 90028, 90210, and 90404. This allows us to provide efficient and quick car shipping all around the city.

The RoadRunner Advantage

With over 30 years of reliable nationwide vehicle shipping services, RoadRunner Auto Transport has earned our reputation as one of the most trusted car transport companies in the US. Our experienced team of shipping experts strives to exceed the expectations of our customers and deliver outstanding service at every part of the vehicle delivery process.

From complete vehicle coverage to 24/7 online shipment tracking, we give you professional auto shipping services that you can depend on.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose us as your trusted auto shipping company for a smooth and stress-free vehicle shipping experience. If you're ready to get started, call or visit our website today.

ready to ship

Ready to Get Started?

Calculate your instant car shipping cost and view carrier availability in your area.

how does vehicle transport to and from Los Angeles work

How does vehicle transport to and from Los Angeles work?

1. Get Your Car Shipping Quote: Being one of the best car shipping companies, RoadRunner offers free, no-obligation car shipping quotes. You'll need to decide between open or enclosed auto transport carriers. Open-carrier shipping is the most popular and cost-effective choice. Auto transporter companies like RoadRunner Auto Transport also offer enclosed carriers for additional protection.
2. Vehicle Pickup: Once you get your quote, you can book online or speak with an auto transportation specialist to schedule a date for pickup. On the day of your pickup, your vehicle will be carefully loaded onto the carrier. With RoadRunner, you can track the status of your shipment online at any time.
3. Vehicle Delivery: On the day of your delivery, your vehicle will be safely offloaded from the auto transporters truck and a final inspection will be completed to confirm that your vehicle was delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up.

What factors affect the cost to ship a car?

Several factors can affect your car shipping cost to or from Los Angeles, CA including:
  • The distance of your move from origin to destination
  • The type and size of your vehicle
  • Your chosen transport type: open, enclosed, or top-loaded
  • The accessibility of your pickup and delivery locations
  • Depending on your route, the time of year can add a seasonality factor
  • Current fuel prices
  • The speed of delivery
Longer distances, larger vehicles, and enclosed transport typically result in higher costs. Rural or hard-to-reach locations can also increase prices.
Costs may fluctuate depending on the time of year and fuel prices. Expedited shipping services are available for faster delivery but come at a higher cost.
Our Los Angeles car shipping specialists are always available to discuss which factors matter most to you for your particular car transport with the goal of getting you the best value through the process.
Los Angeles car shipping factors
Los Angeles car shipping company

Reliable car shipping to and from Los Angeles, California

Shipping a car to or from Los Angeles, CA is easy due to various factors. To begin with, Los Angeles is a bustling city with numerous highways and interstates, including the 5, 10, 101, and 405, making it easy for carriers to access most areas in the city. Additionally, Los Angeles is a major shipping hub with two of the busiest ports in the United States: the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, which allows for easy and efficient transportation of vehicles. Los Angeles car shipping is also easy due to the availability of various transportation options, including open and enclosed carriers. Another factor that makes car shipping to and from Los Angeles a breeze is the availability of experienced and reliable auto transportation companies like RoadRunner Auto Transport that ensure your car gets to its destination safely and in record time.
RoadRunner's carrier availability rating for Los Angeles is Excellent, with an average time from booking to pickup of 1-3 days.

Los Angeles auto transport resources

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website is the most helpful resource for registering a car in California. It provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the registration process, required documents, fees, and eligibility criteria. It also offers online services, such as renewing vehicle registration, scheduling appointments, and completing forms. Visit California DMV Vehicle Registration for more information.
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) website provides information on smog and emissions testing requirements for vehicles in California. This is essential for ensuring that the vehicle meets California's strict emissions standards. It also provides important details about the Smog Check Program, which outlines testing procedures, exemptions, and requirements. Visit California Air Resources Board for more information.
The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) website provides valuable information on the need for clean air vehicles. It details the Clean Air Vehicle program, which provides incentives for purchasers of zero-emission vehicles, such as a carpool lane sticker. It also offers details on other related programs and projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. Visit Clean California Initiative by Department of Transportation for more information.
auto transport resources
Los Angeles car shipping

Information about Los Angeles, California

In 2017, Los Angeles, CA had a population of 4M people with a median age of 35.8 and a median household income of $60,197. Between 2016 and 2017 the population of Los Angeles, CA grew from 3.98M to 4M, a 0.589% increase and its median household income grew from $54,432 to $60,197, a 10.6% increase.
The economy of Los Angeles, CA employs 2.05M people. The largest industries in Los Angeles, CA are Health Care & Social Assistance (239,388 people), Retail Trade (199,522 people), and Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (187,871 people), and the highest paying industries are Utilities ($74,400), Management of Companies & Enterprises ($67,275), and Information ($66,678).

Contact RoadRunner to learn more and get started

If you need your vehicle shipped, count on a reliable auto transport company that gets cars where they need to be quickly and safely. As the leading American auto shipping service, RoadRunner has over 30 years of experience delivering cars cross country. Our team of highly trained transport professionals strives to provide the best level of service at every turn, from coordination and customer support to dispatch and delivery.
Whether you need a car transported in or out of the city, RoadRunner can set you up with convenient Los Angeles auto shipping services at an affordable price. We also offer full coverage insurance options for enhanced protection. Call (888) 777-2123 or use our car shipping calculator online to get an instant quote today.
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Carrier Availability

5 / 5

Los Angeles has a carrier availability score of 5/5.

Availability Rating


The availability rating to and from Los Angeles is Excellent.

Average Pickup Time

1-3 Days

The average time from booking to pickup is 1-3 days.

California Car Shipping Routes

Select a route below for more information about shipping along that route:

The RoadRunner Advantage

Below, you can find the benefits and advantages of shipping with Roadrunner Auto Transport.

Top rated auto shipping

Top-Rated Auto Shipping

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

Door-to-Door car shipping

Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in the US.

Complete vehicle coverage

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

No up front deposit required

No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

Extended office hours

Extended Office Hours

We're available past normal business hours in every timezone in the country.

Online shipment tracking

24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

ready to ship

Ready to Get Started?

Calculate your instant car shipping cost and view carrier availability in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

Vehicle transport to and from Los Angeles generally involves hiring a reputable auto transport company to handle the logistics. The process typically starts with requesting a quote from the company, where they will need information about the vehicle, pick-up and delivery locations, and desired timeframe. Once the quote is accepted, the company will arrange for a carrier to transport the vehicle. The carrier will typically pick up the vehicle at the agreed-upon location, secure it onto a trailer, and transport it to Los Angeles. Upon arrival, the vehicle will be delivered to the specified destination. Throughout the process, the auto transport company will provide updates and ensure the vehicle's safety and security.

There are several factors that can affect the cost to ship a car. The distance of the shipment is one of the main factors, as longer distances will naturally cost more. The size and weight of the car can also impact the cost, as larger and heavier vehicles may require more specialized equipment or carriers. The type of transport method chosen, such as open or enclosed carrier, can also affect the cost. Additionally, the time of year and current market conditions can impact the price, as high demand or inclement weather may result in higher costs.

The cost of shipping a car from Los Angeles can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the distance of the destination, the type of vehicle being shipped, and the method of transportation chosen. On average, it can cost between $500 to $1,500 to ship a car from Los Angeles to locations within the continental United States. However, international shipping or expedited transportation options can increase the cost significantly. It is recommended to request quotes from different shipping companies to get an accurate estimate for your specific needs.

To get a quote for shipping your vehicle, you can either use our instant online car shipping quote calculator or you can call (888) 422-7584 to receive a quote from one of our car transport pricing specialists. In order for us to calculate your quote we will need to know the location you are shipping from and to, the type of vehicle you would like to ship, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

The transit time for your shipment is based mostly on the mileage between the pickup and delivery location. Generally, every five hundred miles will add one day to the transit time - so for a 1,000 mile transport, the transit time would be 2-3 days. Check out our estimated transit times for a detailed view of approximate delivery times.

Yes, online tracking is available to you 24 hours a day and is updated in real time. Upon scheduling your shipment, you will receive a unique booking number that will allow you to track the status of your shipment online. Your tracking portal will also give you the ability to live chat with a shipping agent that can answer any questions you may have regarding the status of your shipment.

All shipments include basic liability coverage during transit. Comprehensive insurance options are available for an elevated level of shipment coverage during transit. You will be able to select a level of coverage during the booking process. If you have further questions regarding insurance options give us a call.

We accept all major credit cards, electronic transfer, postal money order, and bank/certified check for the deposit or full pre-payment of your shipment. If a balance is due upon delivery, it can be paid directly to the driver and can be paid in either cash, bank/certified check, or postal money order.

Yes, there must be someone present to release and accept the vehicle, provide keys to the driver and sign the initial and final inspection reports. This person can be anyone over the age of 18 that you trust with releasing or accepting your vehicle.

You may transport personal belongings in your car, as long as their total weight does not exceed 100 pounds and they are stored in the trunk or back seat (below the window line). Please keep in mind that personal belongings are not covered by insurance if they are reported as damaged or missing.

To get a quote for shipping your vehicle, you can either use our instant online car shipping quote calculator above or you can call (888) 422-7584 to receive a quote from one of our car transport pricing specialists. In order for us to calculate your quote we will need to know the location you are shipping from and to, the type of vehicle you would like to ship, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

The further in advance you schedule your shipment, the more likely we will be able to meet the time requirements you desire. For best results, we suggest scheduling your transport at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Expedited shipping options are available in order to accomodate shipments that require . You can always give us a call and ask one of our car shipping experts what your options are in terms of the schedule for your car transport.

The driver will get the car transporter as close to your door as he can legally and safely get. In most cases, the driver will be able to pickup and deliver directly at your door. Some cities may have restrictions on large trucks that prohibit them from driving into residential areas. Auto transport trucks are large and need lots of room to maneuver and turn around, so if access to the pickup or delivery location is restricted by narrow streets, low-hanging trees or tight turns, the driver may ask that you meet at a location nearby with a large parking lot, such as a grocery store.