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Car Shipping Services Jacksonville, FL
Car Shipping Services Jacksonville, FL
The easiest way to ship a car to or from Jacksonville, FL
car shipping Jacksonville

Top-Rated Jacksonville Car Shipping Experts

For over 30 years, RoadRunner Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable Jacksonville car shipping services. We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in Jacksonville, FL - safely delivering thousands of vehicles on a monthly basis.

The Convenient Jacksonville Car Shipping Company

Through our advanced network of over 25,000 transporters nationwide, we offer the most convenient Jacksonville car shipping options.

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car shipping Jacksonville

Top-Rated Jacksonville Car Shipping Experts

For over 30 years, RoadRunner Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable Jacksonville car shipping services. We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in Jacksonville, FL - safely delivering thousands of vehicles on a monthly basis.

The Convenient Jacksonville Car Shipping Company

Through our advanced network of over 25,000 transporters nationwide, we offer the most convenient Jacksonville car shipping options.

"Save time looking and just call Roadrunner Auto Transport - they truly helped make my move easier!"

Trish A.

Miami, FL

5 stars
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"I was able to get a quote and book within a few minutes. Simple and convenient experience - thank you RoadRunner!"

John T.

Houston, TX

5 stars
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"The RoadRunner agent we spoke with answered all of our questions and kept us in the loop throughout the shipment."

Christopher G.

Cincinnati, OH

5 stars
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"I couldn't have been happier with the service provided by RoadRunner to transport my car from CA to NY"

Deborah B.

Long Beach, CA

5 stars
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Car Shipping Services Jacksonville, FL

Looking to ship your car to or from Jacksonville? Our comprehensive car shipping services are guaranteed to make the process smooth and hassle-free. At RoadRunner Auto Transport, we are a team of experienced, reliable, and dedicated professionals who understand the importance of safe, efficient, and timely car transportation. No matter your shipping needs, our broad range of services has you covered.

Auto Transport Service: The Easy Way To or From Jacksonville

Whether you are moving to the sunny shores of West Palm Beach or the beautiful landscape of North Carolina, a Jacksonville car shipping service could be your ticket to an easy move. With options like enclosed transport for your luxury or classic car or open transport carriers for a more budget-friendly move, these services offer something for everyone's needs.

Top-Rated Jacksonville Car Shipping Experts

Among the Jacksonville auto transport companies, RoadRunner Auto Transport stands out with our exceptional customer service and extensive industry knowledge. Our Florida car delivery service can provide direct service to a vast multitude of locations, from bustling North Miami Beach to peaceful Lake Mary.

Jacksonville Car Shipping Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Location Examples

The cost to ship a car to or from Jacksonville depends on the transport type, distance, and season. For example, open auto transport from Miami to Jacksonville in September averages $200-300 and takes 1 day. Enclosed transport for the same route may cost $300-500 and also takes 1 day. During winter, rates can increase 10-15% and shipping times may be longer. Cross-country transport from Los Angeles to Jacksonville runs $1000-1600 for open transport taking 5-7 days in September. Enclosed may cost $1500-2200 for the same timeframe. Carefully compare carrier rates and transit times to find the most affordable Jacksonville car shipping option. For an accurate estimate, use our car shipping calculator to find your rate.

How Does Jacksonville Auto Shipping Work?

Jacksonville auto shipping is simple when you work with RoadRunner:

  1. Get a Free Quote: Provide details like make/model to get an instant price quote for shipping.
  2. Book Your Order: Review carrier options and set a transport date that fits your schedule.
  3. Prepare Your Vehicle: Clean out car, disable alarms, check fluids. May need oil change for long distances.
  4. Drop Off and Pick Up: Meet driver at arranged times for smooth door-to-door auto transport.
  5. Track Your Shipment: Use the personal tracking link to follow your car's transit progress.

Jacksonville Car Transportation Companies Near Me

When choosing between car shipping companies in Jacksonville, make sure to check online reviews, compare quotes, and explore the range of services available. At RoadRunner Auto Transport, we are proud to have built a reputation as one of the top auto transport companies thanks to our customer service, expertise, and commitment to safe delivery.

Types of Car Shipping Services in Jacksonville

If you're moving or selling a vehicle out of state, proficient auto transport can ease your worries. When it comes to Jacksonville car shipping, choosing the right car shipping services can make all the difference. Here are the major types of services available:

Open Car Transport

Open car transport in Jacksonville is the most common and cost-effective method for shipping a car. This car delivery service allows you to transport your car in an open carrier, which means your vehicle will be exposed to the elements, but it's as safe as driving your car yourself. It's also the most affordable transportation method.

Enclosed Car Transport

For luxury, classic, or other high-value vehicles, enclosed transport is an ideal solution. Enclosed car transport services use covered car carriers to protect your vehicle from weather and road debris. It's a more expensive option, but worth it for the superior protection provided.

Expedited Car Transport

If you're in a rush, expedited car transport may be the right option. Car shipping companies in Jacksonville like Roadrunner Auto Transport can rush their services to meet tight deadlines. But be forewarned, expedited services often carry additional costs.

How to Save on Car Shipping in Jacksonville?

Shipping a car doesn't have to break the bank. Here are some ways to save on your car shipping service.

Tips For Jacksonville Car Shipping Services

Choose an open carrier over an enclosed carrier to save money. Additionally, be flexible with pick-up and drop-off dates and choose terminal-to-terminal transport to further lessen costs. Finally, always ask for a car shipping quote and compare multiple car transport Jacksonville services to get the best price.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Jacksonville Car Transportation

Properly preparing your vehicle for shipping can prevent delays and potential damage. Below are some steps to consider:

  1. Remove personal items: Auto transport services are not allowed to carry personal items in vehicles during transport due to safety regulations. Ensure your vehicle is cleared of all personal belongings.
  2. Perform a maintenance check: Check your vehicle's tire pressure, fluid levels, and battery charge. Document any existing damages for your records.
  3. Disable alarms: Ensure that any alarms in your vehicle are disabled to prevent them from causing disruptions during transit.
  4. Keep gas level low: Most auto shipping companies will ask you to keep the gas tank at least a quarter (1/4) full but not more than half (1/2) full. Less gasoline makes your vehicle lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient to transport.

Remember, good preparation can lead to a smoother car shipping process – allowing you to enjoy your new location, be it West Palm Beach, North Miami Beach, or anywhere else, faster and easier.

Receiving Your Vehicle in Jacksonville

One of the key aspects of proficient auto transport is making sure you receive your vehicle in perfect condition. Car shipping companies, whether using open carriers or enclosed transport solutions, should provide detailed protocols to ensure customer satisfaction. So, what should you expect from your Jacksonville auto transport service?

Inspection for New Damage

One of the first things to do after your vehicle is delivered by trusted car shipping services is to inspect your vehicle for new damage. Note any new damages immediately to resolve the issue.

Checking for Missing Accessories or Belongings

This is an essential part of the process because it allows you to make sure nothing is missing from your vehicle. This could be a GPS, spare tire, or any valuable personal belongings you left in the car. Car transport Jacksonville providers should ensure you have ample time for this step to provide direct service.

Signing Delivery Paperwork

After inspection, you'll need to sign off on the condition of the vehicle before finalizing the delivery with the car shipping services. It is always a great place to ask any questions you have before signing the documents.

The Convenient Jacksonville Car Shipping Company

Roadrunner Auto Transport is a nationwide door-to-door auto shipping service company that serves Jacksonville, North Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, and even extends to North Carolina. Our company strives to enhance customer experience by offering extended office hours and 24/7 online shipment tracking.

Instant Car Shipping Quote

Get an instant car shipping quote from Roadrunner Auto Transport. Our company uses several factors to determine quotes, including pickup and delivery locations, the type of vehicle, and carrier availability.

How Does Vehicle Transport to and From Jacksonville Work?

RoadRunner makes shipping cars simple:

  • Instant quotes & booking
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Guaranteed no damage
  • Available 7 days a week

Our experts handle everything - it's that easy.

What Factors Affect the Cost to Ship a Car?

The cost to ship a car can vary greatly based on several factors:

  • Distance: Longer distances have higher base rates
  • Vehicle size: Bigger vehicles cost more
  • Season: Peak times have higher demand
  • Transport type: Enclosed is more expensive
  • Schedule: Tight timeframes increase charges

Top Rated Jacksonville Car Shipping Company

RoadRunner Auto Transport is a top-rated Jacksonville car shipping company. Our reputation was built on our commitment to customer satisfaction and our extensive experience in auto shipping.

Jacksonville Auto Transport Resources

If you're looking for more information about Jacksonville, FL, and how to find quality businesses there, check out the Better Business Bureau website. In addition, for general information about the area, visit the city of Jacksonville's website.

Contact RoadRunner to Learn More and Get Started

Have any questions? Ready to ship your car with Jacksonville's premier auto transport service? Contact RoadRunner Auto Transport to learn more and get your car shipping journey started.

Jacksonville Florida Car Shipping Routes

Popular routes for shipping cars to and from Jacksonville include Atlanta to Jacksonville, Orlando to Jacksonville, Miami to Jacksonville, and Tampa to Jacksonville. These in-state Florida routes average $200-500 for open transport taking 1-2 days. Cross-country routes like Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Seattle to Jacksonville, and New York to Jacksonville range $1000-2200 for enclosed transport taking 5-7 days. Experienced auto transport companies regularly handle these common Jacksonville car shipping routes.

Jacksonville Car Transport Areas We Serve

Our Jacksonville car shipping company transports vehicles to and from Jacksonville neighborhoods including Downtown, Brooklyn, Riverside, Avondale, San Marco, Springfield, Mandarin, Arlington, and more. We also cover surrounding cities like Orange Park, Ponte Vedra Beach, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, and Fernandina Beach. We offer enclosed transport, open transport, door-to-door service, and terminal delivery. Let us handle the specifics of shipping your car to or from Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Zip Codes We Service

Some main Jacksonville zip codes we ship cars to and from include 32202, 32204, 32205, 32206, 32207, 32208, 32209, 32210, 32211, 32212, 32214, 32216, 32217, 32218, 32219, 32220, 32221, 32222, 32223, 32224, 32225, 32226, 32227, 32228, 32229, 32231, 32232, 32233, 32234, 32235, 32236, 32237, 32238, 32239, 32241, 32244, 32245, 32246, 32250, 32254, 32255, 32256, 32257, 32258, 32277. We provide coverage across Jacksonville metro zip codes.

The RoadRunner Advantage

Top-Rated Auto Shipping

We are considered one of the best vehicle transport companies with excellent customer reviews.

Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

We provide complete nationwide auto transport service including door-to-door service.

Complete Vehicle Coverage

Our coverage is comprehensive, and we transport many types of vehicles.

No Up-Front Deposit Required

Unlike many auto shippers, we do not require an up-front deposit. You don't pay a penny until the day your vehicle is scheduled for pickup.

Extended Office Hours

We have extended office hours for the convenience of our customers.

24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

We provide real-time tracking to keep you updated about your vehicle's transit.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us now to get a free quote and book your vehicle transport service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some commonly asked questions about vehicle shipping here.

Still Have Questions About Shipping a Car?

How It Works

Find out how RoadRunner makes vehicle shipping as easy as 1-2-3. Learn more about how it works

Our Advantage

View the benefits and advantages of shipping with RoadRunner.

Transport Services

Learn about RoadRunner Auto Transport's full list of services.

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Ready to Get Started?

Calculate your instant car shipping cost and view carrier availability in your area.

how does vehicle transport to and from Jacksonville work

How does vehicle transport to and from Jacksonville work?

1. Get Your Car Shipping Quote: Being one of the best car shipping companies, RoadRunner offers free, no-obligation car shipping quotes. You'll need to decide between open or enclosed auto transport carriers. Open-carrier shipping is the most popular and cost-effective choice. Auto transporter companies like RoadRunner Auto Transport also offer enclosed carriers for additional protection.
2. Vehicle Pickup: Once you get your quote, you can book online or speak with an auto transportation specialist to schedule a date for pickup. On the day of your pickup, your vehicle will be carefully loaded onto the carrier. With RoadRunner, you can track the status of your shipment online at any time.
3. Vehicle Delivery: On the day of your delivery, your vehicle will be safely offloaded from the auto transporters truck and a final inspection will be completed to confirm that your vehicle was delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up.

What factors affect the cost to ship a car?

Several factors can affect your car shipping cost to or from Jacksonville, FL including:
  • The distance of your move from origin to destination
  • The type and size of your vehicle
  • Your chosen transport type: open, enclosed, or top-loaded
  • The accessibility of your pickup and delivery locations
  • Depending on your route, the time of year can add a seasonality factor
  • Current fuel prices
  • The speed of delivery
Longer distances, larger vehicles, and enclosed transport typically result in higher costs. Rural or hard-to-reach locations can also increase prices.
Costs may fluctuate depending on the time of year and fuel prices. Expedited shipping services are available for faster delivery but come at a higher cost.
Our Jacksonville car shipping specialists are always available to discuss which factors matter most to you for your particular car transport with the goal of getting you the best value through the process.
Jacksonville car shipping factors
Jacksonville car shipping company

Reliable car shipping to and from Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, FL is a major transportation hub in the southeastern United States, making car shipping to and from Jacksonville simple and convenient. As the largest city in Florida by population, the area is serviced by multiple interstates, including I-10 and I-95, making it easy for auto transport carriers to reach the city. Additionally, Jacksonville has a number of reputable auto transport service providers such as RoadRunner Auto Transport, who have years of experience in Jacksonville car shipping, making the process simple for customers. The city's central location and access to major transportation routes also means that shipping a car to or from Jacksonville can be more affordable than other locations. With its strong infrastructure and numerous car shipping service providers, Jacksonville, FL is an ideal location for vehicle transport.
RoadRunner's carrier availability rating for Jacksonville is Excellent, with an average time from booking to pickup of 1-3 days.

Jacksonville auto transport resources

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles: The official government website that provides information on registering a vehicle in Florida. It includes a step-by-step guide and a list of required documents. Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Official Website
County Tax Collector's Office: The county tax collector's office is responsible for processing vehicle registrations in Florida. Information regarding the local office can be found on the county's website. Florida Department of Revenue Official Website
Florida Insurance Requirements: In Florida, it is mandatory to have insurance coverage for your vehicle. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides information regarding the minimum insurance requirements. Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Insurance Information
auto transport resources
Jacksonville car shipping

Information about Jacksonville, Florida

In 2017, Jacksonville, FL had a population of 892k people with a median age of 35.8 and a median household income of $51,497. Between 2016 and 2017 the population of Jacksonville, FL grew from 880,623 to 892,064, a 1.3% increase and its median household income grew from $51,298 to $51,497, a 0.388% increase.
The economy of Jacksonville, FL employs 427k people. The largest industries in Jacksonville, FL are Health Care & Social Assistance (58,144 people), Retail Trade (52,477 people), and Finance & Insurance (39,966 people), and the highest paying industries are Utilities ($64,829), Finance & Insurance ($51,569), and Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services ($50,937).

Contact RoadRunner to learn more and get started

If you need your vehicle shipped, count on a reliable auto transport company that gets cars where they need to be quickly and safely. As the leading American auto shipping service, RoadRunner has over 30 years of experience delivering cars cross country. Our team of highly trained transport professionals strives to provide the best level of service at every turn, from coordination and customer support to dispatch and delivery.
Whether you need a car transported in or out of the city, RoadRunner can set you up with convenient Jacksonville auto shipping services at an affordable price. We also offer full coverage insurance options for enhanced protection. Call (888) 777-2123 or use our car shipping calculator online to get an instant quote today.
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Carrier Availability

5 / 5

Jacksonville has a carrier availability score of 5/5.

Availability Rating


The availability rating to and from Jacksonville is Excellent.

Average Pickup Time

1-3 Days

The average time from booking to pickup is 1-3 days.

Florida Car Shipping Routes

Select a route below for more information about shipping along that route:

The RoadRunner Advantage

Below, you can find the benefits and advantages of shipping with Roadrunner Auto Transport.

Top rated auto shipping

Top-Rated Auto Shipping

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

Door-to-Door car shipping

Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in the US.

Complete vehicle coverage

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

No up front deposit required

No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

Extended office hours

Extended Office Hours

We're available past normal business hours in every timezone in the country.

Online shipment tracking

24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

ready to ship

Ready to Get Started?

Calculate your instant car shipping cost and view carrier availability in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

RoadRunner Auto Transport is the best shipping company for cars because of our commitment to providing excellent customer service, reliability, and affordability. Our team has decades of experience shipping vehicles across the country safely and efficiently.

The most affordable way to ship a car long distance is usually by using an open auto transport truck. These large trucks can fit 8-10 vehicles at once and travel preset routes across the country.

To get a quote for shipping your vehicle, you can either use our instant online car shipping quote calculator or you can call (888) 422-7584 to receive a quote from one of our car transport pricing specialists. In order for us to calculate your quote we will need to know the location you are shipping from and to, the type of vehicle you would like to ship, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

The transit time for your shipment is based mostly on the mileage between the pickup and delivery location. Generally, every five hundred miles will add one day to the transit time - so for a 1,000 mile transport, the transit time would be 2-3 days. Check out our estimated transit times for a detailed view of approximate delivery times.

Yes, online tracking is available to you 24 hours a day and is updated in real time. Upon scheduling your shipment, you will receive a unique booking number that will allow you to track the status of your shipment online. Your tracking portal will also give you the ability to live chat with a shipping agent that can answer any questions you may have regarding the status of your shipment.

All shipments include basic liability coverage during transit. Comprehensive insurance options are available for an elevated level of shipment coverage during transit. You will be able to select a level of coverage during the booking process. If you have further questions regarding insurance options give us a call.

We accept all major credit cards, electronic transfer, postal money order, and bank/certified check for the deposit or full pre-payment of your shipment. If a balance is due upon delivery, it can be paid directly to the driver and can be paid in either cash, bank/certified check, or postal money order.

Yes, there must be someone present to release and accept the vehicle, provide keys to the driver and sign the initial and final inspection reports. This person can be anyone over the age of 18 that you trust with releasing or accepting your vehicle.

You may transport personal belongings in your car, as long as their total weight does not exceed 100 pounds and they are stored in the trunk or back seat (below the window line). Please keep in mind that personal belongings are not covered by insurance if they are reported as damaged or missing.

To get a quote for shipping your vehicle, you can either use our instant online car shipping quote calculator above or you can call (888) 422-7584 to receive a quote from one of our car transport pricing specialists. In order for us to calculate your quote we will need to know the location you are shipping from and to, the type of vehicle you would like to ship, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

The further in advance you schedule your shipment, the more likely we will be able to meet the time requirements you desire. For best results, we suggest scheduling your transport at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Expedited shipping options are available in order to accomodate shipments that require . You can always give us a call and ask one of our car shipping experts what your options are in terms of the schedule for your car transport.

The driver will get the car transporter as close to your door as he can legally and safely get. In most cases, the driver will be able to pickup and deliver directly at your door. Some cities may have restrictions on large trucks that prohibit them from driving into residential areas. Auto transport trucks are large and need lots of room to maneuver and turn around, so if access to the pickup or delivery location is restricted by narrow streets, low-hanging trees or tight turns, the driver may ask that you meet at a location nearby with a large parking lot, such as a grocery store.