Vehicle Registration In Your New Location

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You’ve made the decision to relocate. You’ve packed up your house and shipped your car to your new location. Now, you need to take the appropriate steps for vehicle registration at the DMV office. Vehicle registration for new vehicles in new states needs to be done in person, unless there is an extenuating circumstance. In these cases, you can file for vehicle registration by mail, which results in a longer process. If you are sending in your paperwork and payment by mail, you must allow two weeks for the documents to be delivered. There is also an additional 90 day processing time. Fortunately, if you are able to register in person you can download vehicle registration forms online and then bring them to your local DMV office in order to save a bit of time .  In order to register your car in your new state, you will need to show proof of identity, car insurance, and ownership. There will also be a title fee, license plate fee, and tax, which all differ depending on which state you are registering in. Car registration in your new state must be completed within 30 days of establishing new residency. Also, you need to have an up to date insurance policy in your new state prior to registration. Many states do not accept out- of- state insurance policies, so it is important to take this step prior to visiting the DMV office.


If you imported a car from another country, you will need slightly different vehicle registration paperwork. Your imported car will need to pass United States Customs and Border Protection as well as all state emissions standards. Emission standards vary from state to state. There are more documents for imported vehicle registration. Paperwork forms include: Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles, Entry Summary, Entry and Manifest of Merchandize Free of Duty, Carrier’s Certificate of Release, Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products, and Customs Declaration. All of these forms can be downloaded and brought to your local DMV office. Then, you will need to follow the process for regular vehicle registration.


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