Understanding the Bill of Lading

bill of lading

The Bill of Lading, or BL/ BoL for short, is a legal receipt document provided by the carrier company that acknowledges the cargo for shipment. It directly states what is being shipped, where it is coming, and where it is going. The Bill of Lading serves as contract and must be presented at delivery. It is the most important document needed for the car shipment process. The Bill of Lading legally shows that the carrier has received the correct vehicle and it is in the appropriate condition. The Bill of Lading contains other important information necessary for car shipment. Other information included in the Bill of Lading are the names of the sender/ shipper company and customer, the names of the ports of departure and destination, dates of departure and arrival, a breakdown of what is in the car, and vehicles details such as model, year, markings, etc. The Bill of Lading also serves as proof of ownership for the customer. It was created to provide a receipt to the shipping company in case the owner couldn’t be at departure or delivery. Besides the Bill of Lading, there are two other crucial documents needed for your car shipment. The other two documents needed for car shipment are a policy of insurance and an invoice/ statement of a bill.


There are multiple ways to obtain a Bill of Lading. You can receive it from your shipping company, download it online and print a company, or complete it online and electronically submit. The company you decide to use will inform you on what method they prefer. There are many different types of Bill of Ladings and the one you complete for your car shipment is dependent on the type of vehicle you are shipping.


So, contact us today to started with your car shipment, and we’ll ensure you have the appropriate documents completed, especially your Bill of Lading.


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