Understanding Car Transport Services

The car transport industry has been increasingly booming. Whether customers are using car transport services for relocation, new purchases, traveling, or personal/ business reasons, the industry is growing. So what exactly do you need to know and understand before booking one of our car transport services such as door to door transport?


When shipping within the United States, the car transport service you want to consider is door to door transport. Door to door transport is the method used for car transport that is within the United States. If you are transporting your car from one state to another state, this option would be for you. The driver and carrier would meet you at your location in order to pick up your car. If you are unable to physically be there, it is best to leave your keys with your neighbor. However, in the event this isn’t possible, you would contact your car shipment company and inform them of a hidden location for where you would leave your keys. Of course, if you are unable to be there when you car is going to be picked up, you will want to document your car’s condition. The best way to document your car is through pictures. This will be important for when signing the Bill of Lading and when receiving your car at its new location. The Bill of Lading is a document that states your car is in the actual condition you say it is in. Once the carrier has picked up your car, your car transport begins. Your car, which is loaded onto a carrier, is driven to your new destination.


Booking us for your car transport services will provide you with a stress free experience. RoadRunner car transport services provides you with the opportunity to track your car. While you cannot track the exact city and state your car is in, you can track the major milestones of your transport such as when your car has been assigned to a carrier, when the driver is on its way, when your car is enroute to you, and when you car has been delivered. So, contact us today to get started on your car transport services!


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