Tech Company Develops Autonomous Trucking



A new technology company Embark, has joined in on the development of autonomous trucking. Embark is a startup company based out of St. Mateo, California. The company is working to build self-driving technology that could allow trucks to run with no human input at all. Although there is a lot of competition in this field, one of which being Uber’s Otto, Embark seems to have a head start.

The technology created by Embark is meant more to assist current drivers, not to entirely replace them.  The system software is made of sensors, cameras and onboard radar to monitor the trucks movements. This will be used to steer clear of obstacles like a slow car occupying the lane in front, and a pass on undivided highways. The software is meant to assist drivers with long straightforward roads and would pass control to human drivers when it enters complex driving scenarios. It would essentially decrease time spent actively driving and assist with long routes.

Embark has funding from Maven Ventures to help their vehicle development efforts. The company’s trucks have recently been approved for testing on Nevada roads.  Although Embark is ahead, there is still a lot of work that remains to refine the technology to ensure its safety for the roads. No definite deployment has been made for the trucks yet but we can hope to see them on the road soon.

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