Fall Is The Best Time To Buy A Car

Shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle? Dealerships nation wide start gearing up for a new years worth of inventory beginning as early as October. These late in the year months have consistently proven that fall is the best time to buy a car. Better deals and cooler temperatures while shopping make a world of difference when shopping for your next big purchase or lease. Finding a vehicle from 2018, when there are only a few weeks left in the year and 2019 models have hit the floor can make a huge difference in your wallet. Aside from some major re designs, such as Chevrolet’s body overhaul of the Equinox in 2018,  most models are identical year to year apart from minor details. When buying the current years model after next years inventory has already arrived could translate into a huge savings and a lower lease rate. We like what Kelly Blue Book has to say about these model changeovers, that ” Cars and old bread have one thing in common: Prices are discounted when the new, fresh stuff appears.” This applies to used cars as well during these upcoming months, which are historically better than the spring and summer months.
Fall is the best time to buy a car
New models are typically released over the summer during annual events, surrounding the 4th of July holiday.  The timing of these new car roll outs prove that fall is the best time to buy a car,  simply because shopping for this years model while new inventory floods frantic dealers lots can help you get into a new vehicle at a much lower rate than summer shoppers. Winter time and year end sales are highly discounted as well but be warned that when inventory runs low during this time, if you wait too long stock will eventually run out and these deals will be missed. Or you may end up with a vehicle outside of your preferred model color or trim.
     Getting your first choice of vehicle with the best deals of the year is ideal so some inventory research is highly suggested at the very beginning of fall, we suggest as early as mid October. Also keep in mind that the radius of your search for the perfect car is no longer limited to vehicles in your immediate area when you can ship your car.  Most recent car sales actually start online in the from of research about specs different models and available options. According to Edmunds.com “Many people are perfectly happy with cars they have purchased virtually sight unseen. The key is to use an array of Internet tools and buying, inspecting and shipping services. By using them, you can shop from a much larger pool of vehicles and can often find a better bargain.”
     When Black Friday sales after Thanksgiving come around it will officially signify the scramble of the approaching holiday season, and for many the opportunity to get into a new vehicle or give an impressive gift to a well deserving loved one. Gifting a vehicle to a new driver, spouse or anyone for that matter, wherever in the country they may be is surely a present they will be overjoyed with. Luckily this is made possible when you ship your car with Road Runner Auto Transport. Private sellers who maybe also looking to trade in or buy a car in a newer model during this time make up a large portion of newly available inventory. These private sellers take advantage of year end sales themselves, and as a result can be that much more eager to compromise on prices in order to close the deal in time to finance their next big purchase. Its just as important to be informed of these buying trends in order to get the best deal you possibly can, as well as taking the time to know your credit score or get a pre approved financing deal in place prior to shopping for your next dream vehicle. When you are ready to buy a car keep Road Runner Auto Transport in mind!
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