College Car Shipment

college car shipment

It’s that time of year again where summer starts to wind down for college students. Back to school shopping for clothes, supplies, and dormitory necessities. It is also a decision-making time for parents. Should you allow your child to bring his/her car on campus? Allowing your child the responsibility of having his/her car at college is a big decision, and we can help if your decision is yes. Booking your college car shipment starts now!

College car shipment can save you time, money, and your sanity. Going back to college is a stress time for many, especially if it is a first. There are so many things you need to remember, and with it still being summer, you may be time crunched because of a busy schedule. That is where we come in. We can ship your child’s car to his/her college hassle free. How does it work? To begin your process, you would contact our representatives or visit our website for the online quote calculator. Your will be required to inform us of some important car information such as your starting and ending destination, car year, model, and make. Once we have an agreed upon car shipment pick up date, your reservation will be sent to dispatch. When your car is picked up by a carrier, you will receive a phone call from the carrier driver about three hours prior to pick up. At pick up you would meet the carrier, hand over your keys, and inspect your car for any dings or dents. You will complete a Bill of Lading prior to your car being loaded on to the carrier. The rest is in our hands until your car is ready for pick up at its new destination, a college or university. This leaves you and your child time to get other errands done, and if the college is across the United States or thousands of miles away, you can book a flight and not deal with long hours of driving, traffic, filling up your gas tank, or putting miles on the car. When your car reaches the college or university, the carrier driver will contact you to arrange drop off. Once again, you will inspect your car’s condition, and sign a Bill of Lading.

So, contact us today to book your college car shipment.


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