Changes in Car Shipping for 2018

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With the increase of car shipping demand and popularity, there have been some changes in the car shipping industry. Prior to the high demands, drivers logged their route and hours by paper. If they took a rest break, no one would know or be notified. What did this mean for you the customer? You were left in the dark about where your car was, when it would be arriving, and if there were any delays.  However, legislation has made it so car shipping companies and drivers must digitally log their information. This change in car shipping is known as Electronic Logging Device Mandate or ELD. What does this mean for you the customer? You can now get an up to date tracking on your car shipment.


Prior to mandating ELDs in cars, car shipping companies had the choice on whether or not they wanted to use this device and technology. Many did not install this system, which left room for errors and inaccurate information for when recording information, times, and locations because information was put in manually. It also didn’t provide car shipping companies and consumers with “in the know” information and left room for many questions and “the unknown”.  The requirement to now install ELDs have greatly changed the car shipping experience as we know it. ELD is more effective on car shipping because you can access first- hand knowledge and data on your car. The ELD will track your car’s movement which will provide you with accurate information on your car’s whereabouts.


How does it work? The ELD is installed in the car that is being shipped. From there, the ELD is registered and can transmit data and information. The driver and car shipping company can even make “edit” notes (annotations) if any information is incorrect. Since every moment of the driver’s journey is logged and monitored, it will ensure that your car is on the right track and in transit to you. If drivers want to take a rest period, they would simply use the edit section to log a rest period. Mandating ELDs have made your car shipping experience easy and non- stressful.


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