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Distracted driving is unfortunately increasing as drivers are preoccupied while driving on the road. Distracted driving counts as any behavior where the driver is unable to dedicate his/her full attention to the road. While the use of cellphones is at … Continue reading

Having a backup camera included in your new car’s package use to be a choice. However, the United States has now made backup cameras required for all new cars being sold. The push and mandate for backup cameras comes from … Continue reading

We suggest you follow these winter driving tips to ensure your safety as the temperature drops. Driving in the winter can be dangerous if you are not properly prepared and unaware of how your vehicle handles the snow. Follow these … Continue reading

      Everyone enjoys a good road trip; the open air, the top down, and the feeling of driving on the open road. A typical road-trip for some adventurers, however, may seem a bit mundane. The need for speed … Continue reading

For many, snow and inclement weather has not been an issue this winter season yet. The key word here is yet. There’s a winter storm, known as Winter Storm Jonas, heading and it may be one for the record books … Continue reading

    Now that some of the biggest holidays are past, you get to look ahead into the future. New Year’s Eve is a day of significance for millions of people. They get to look back with fondness and wish … Continue reading

  Chances are, you get into your car and go without giving much thought to your car insurance policy, except maybe when it’s renewal time. You continue to pay your auto insurance bills and pay them on time. However, there … Continue reading

When it comes to the safety of your children, no precaution is too small. With back-to-school in full swing, drivers need to be extra careful and even more cautious than ever. Not only do drivers need to be careful and … Continue reading

  When you think of hot cars, do you think of the need for speed or the latest and greatest in technology?  While there are many connotations to hot cars, unfortunately, there are some that are not positive. Many individuals … Continue reading

  People are spending more and more time in their vehicles than ever before, and they are also doing more in their cars than ever. Anyone in the market for a new vehicle wants all the bells and whistles to … Continue reading

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