Car Shipping Rates Determined

Car Shipping Rates

Considering Shipping Your Vehicle?

We’ve determined the main factors that directly impact car shipping rates. Keep this in mind when requesting a transport quote.

Car Type

The size, model and weight of a vehicle directly affect its cost to transport.  Larger vehicles take up more space on a car carrier and in return cost more to ship. In some cases, larger vehicles take up more than one spot on a carrier which drives up the cost. Car carriers also have weight limits to abide by.  To ship a heavy vehicle, the car carrier would have to carry less vehicles then it could normally. This in return directly raises car shipping rates.

Type of Transport

A main factor that contributes to car shipping rates is the type of carrier used.  The two forms of transport are open and closed. The type chosen depends on a customer’s specific needs.  The more common and affordable option is open carrier transport.  Open transport means a vehicle is exposed to the open air and weather elements. This type of transport is safe and meets the needs of most individuals with an average vehicle type.  The second option would be enclosed transport.  This means the vehicle is completely enclosed during shipping. Enclosed transport provides the ultimate protection of a vehicle. This method is usually chosen for luxury/ high value vehicles and classic cars.  Shipping rates are higher for enclosed transport because of the truck needed.


The season in which you chose to ship your vehicle directly impacts the cost. Usually high season starts in the summer and low season begins by the end of the fall. However sometimes car shipping rates could be higher in the winter due to the dangers of snow and Ice on roads.  This makes the drive more difficult for truckers, especially if they are heading to mountainous regions. Specific routes have high and low seasons as well.  Southbound shipments usually have slightly higher rates. This is due to the high volume of transport needed, mostly by snowbirds heading south for the winter.  The same goes for snowbirds heading back north for the spring. The volume of transport drives up rates shipping northbound in the late spring/early summer.

Transport Distance

Distance directly impacts car shipping rates. Transport rates correlate with the amount of fuel required for shipping. Farther shipments require more fuel and longer hours for the trucker which in return raises costs for transport.  When considering shipping rates, one must always factor in the distance.


The popularity of a route directly impacts the cost of transport.  Car shipping rates are higher to rural locations as opposed to major cities. Car carriers frequent larger cities regularly which have major highways that are easier for them to access. The availability of carriers is higher for routes in popular urban areas that are more often traveled to like New York or Los Angeles.  In return smaller rural locations are often ‘off route’ which slightly raises shipping rates.

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