What Contributes to the Cost of Car Shipping?

Car Shipping

Determining car shipping costs can be difficult as there are many factors that contribute to the overall rate.This is why Road Runner Auto Transport has a convenient online rate calculator. Enter your vehicle information, origin/delivery destination and shipping dates to discover your cost instantly. Before you do so, make sure to read this article to better understand the factors contributing to your car shipping costs.

Car Shipping

Distance & Location

The distance your car will travel affects the cost to transport a vehicle. More miles mean more expensive shipping service in general. The location where your car will be picked and where it will be delivered also affects cost. For example, if you relocate to one of the major cities in the US like New York or Chicago; transporting your car to this location (urban cities) will be less expensive compared to rural areas, because they’re popular shipping routes. Quite often automobiles that need to be transported to a small rural town cost more to ship just because the vehicle is located at a remote area away from a major highway. Therefore, the distance is not always the decisive factor.

Car Shipping


Auto hauling seasons also affect shipping cost. Mainly, the cost of car shipping is high during summer and lower costs in the winter. Sometimes, the cost of shipping a car during winter can be more expensive due to weather conditions. For example if you are shipping to a mountainous area where the weather is harsh and difficulties are being encountered along the route. There won’t be a drastic price difference between summer and winter car shipping rates, but seasons do affect the price.

Car Shipping


Generally, one of the standards of estimating the price of car shipping is usually the more space the car covers on the carrier; the more expensive it is to transport it. If the car is smaller its takes up less space and the cost to transport it will be less compared to the large cars.

Car Shipping

Type of Transport

The main types of car shipping are open and enclosed shipping. Open auto transport the standard shipping method that most customers choose, but you can request an enclosed transportation service as well. Enclosed auto transport is the preferred method for sports, luxury and classic cars. The cost is usually higher for this type of transport since it holds less vehicles.

Car Shipping


The fluctuation of the fuel prices also affects the total cost of car shipping. This is a factor that should not be forgotten. Keep in mind that the quickly changing gas prices affect the transport prices.

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