Car Shipment Time

car shipment time

There are many factors that impact your car shipment time. It is important to be proactive and realistic when making the decision to ship your car. If you are looking to book an open carrier transport, you are looking at a quicker car shipment time than if you were looking to book a closed carrier transport. Why? Closed carrier transports aren’t as in demand, which means they could take longer to find a carrier truck. The time frame that includes dropping your car off for shipment and picking your car up at your new location is dependent on numerous factors.

The first factor that impacts your car shipment time is location. Where are you shipping to? If your route is a commonly traveled route and includes major cities, then it is will take a shorter time to receive your car. However, if you are shipping to small town or a remote location, it will more than likely take a longer time to receive your car. Next up is what season you are considering to ship in. Season is important for two reasons. The first reason being if you are shipping to a location that is known for blizzards and snowfall, this may slow down your car shipment time. Weather plays a huge role on the roads, speeds, and driving conditions; therefore, winter months may impede your car shipment time. Secondly, some months are more in demand than others. For example, the spring is a very busy month for car shipment companies due to snowbirds and vacationers. This can work in your favor or against you. High demand seasons means more carrier trucks on the road, so if you are proactive in booking your car shipment, you may have no problem. However, if you aren’t proactive in booking your car shipment, you may have trouble finding a company that isn’t completely booked up. Therefore, as soon as you know, call us so we can get the process started. Lastly, there is transit time. Transit time means the timing your car will be on the road with a driver. This is all dependent on distance, season, and the types of road. To help with this, our company offers an update to tracker that will show you the path of your car and expected travel times.


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