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Having auto insurance on your car is just as important as having home insurance on your house. When we take out a protection plan, we need auto insurance that protects us against accidents, thefts, and other possible damages. Similarly, when car shipping, you need to have an all inclusive auto insurance policy. There are many things you should know about acquiring auto insurance prior to car shipping.


Proof of Auto Insurance

It is required by law that car shipping companies have a valid auto insurance certificate. You are permitted to ask to see the insurance upfront when booking. At this time, it is a good idea to ask any questions related to the company’s auto insurance. An important related question to ask is if the entire car is covered or just any damage that may occur during transporting.


Writing is Proof

You will more than likely be booking your car shipping details over the phone. Chances are, you are probably writing down information that the car company is sharing with you, but those are your words. It is important to ask the company to write down anything discussed and agreed upon that is not in their regular contract.


Double Check With Your Auto Insurance Company

The more protection the better! Depending on the personal policy you took out on your car, some insurance companies cover your car when it is being transported. It is a good idea to give your auto insurance company a call prior to car shipping. An important question to ask is whether your policy still covers your car while it is being shipped and/or in other states and countries.


Remove All Personal Items

While your car may be insured by your personal auto insurance company, and definitely by your car shipping company, your personal items will not be insured. It is important to completely empty your car of any personal belongings. This includes any electronics, loose change, CDs or cassettes, toll passes, important paperwork, etc. When in doubt, remove it.


So give us a call  or click here to find out more about what our company offers as far as auto insurance, and let’s get you on the road to shipping your car!


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