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Jump to: Shipping your car for the first time Auto shipping from start to finish Tips to ship in 2019     Shipping your car for the first time Shipping your car for the first time can seem intimidating initially. … Continue reading

Jump to: What is a snowbird? Living in two places every year Plan in advanced Conclusion     What is a snowbird? Simply put, snowbirds are retired or semi-retired people who “migrate” from the north to the south each year … Continue reading

Jump to: Why auto transport costs what it does Distance Type of vehicle Fuel prices Shipping time Shipping method Season Beware of super low prices when shipping your vehicle Conclusion     Why auto transport costs what it does When … Continue reading

Table of Contents: Standard Auto Transport Luxury and Exotic Car Transport Inoperable Vehicle Transport     Standard Auto Transport For many people considering shipping their car, a common fear tends to be that their car could possibly fall off the … Continue reading

Shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle? Dealerships nation wide start gearing up for a new years worth of inventory beginning as early as October. These late in the year months have consistently proven that fall is the best time … Continue reading

During these upcoming Autumn months when the days appear to be shorter and the nights become cooler, car enthusiasts across the country are celebrating fall festivities in style. Ship your car with us and join car fans of all ages … Continue reading

  Moving to another state? With that comes a new town, new home, new job, new roads, and a new community. While many things may be unfamiliar to you, your smartphone can become your lifeline to learning your new town. … Continue reading

America has a top 5 list of “Best Selling Electric Cars” and 3 of Tesla’s electric cars are on the list. Tesla’s electric cars that make the list are the Model 3 with 12,055 vehicle shipments in the United States, … Continue reading

It’s that time of year again where summer starts to wind down for college students. Back to school shopping for clothes, supplies, and dormitory necessities. It is also a decision-making time for parents. Should you allow your child to bring … Continue reading

Distracted driving is unfortunately increasing as drivers are preoccupied while driving on the road. Distracted driving counts as any behavior where the driver is unable to dedicate his/her full attention to the road. While the use of cellphones is at … Continue reading

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