Toyota Contemplates Heated Seat Recall

After discovering the dangers behind heated seats Toyota has stopped selling certain Camry and Corolla models, some of its most prominent cars.

Materials used in the seats didn’t meet regulatory standards for flammability which hindered sales.

About 13% of Toyota cars at U.S. dealerships are affected by this sales ban.

A recall was not issued since any injuries or fires did not occur, although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was notified to inquire about the issue.

The company discovered that the material in the seats did not “retard flame” at the proper rate necessary required by U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

In hopes to avoid a recall, Toyota responded arguing that it was not a motor vehicle safety issue.

All of the vehicles will be captured, all of them will be fitted with the new seat-heater assembly so they will then be able to be sold,” responded Toyota spokesman John Hanson to the matter. “We’re actually building the new units right now. Basically it’s the seat heater with a different cloth pad that does meet regulations for burn rate.”

As of now it is uncertain when sales will resume.


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