Top Most Stolen Cars: Not What You Think

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Whether you just bought a new car or are looking for a new car this summer or already own one, there’s plenty you need to know. Of course, you need to check into fuel efficiency, safety, and your wallet to see just how much car you can afford. However, what if there was something else you needed to take into consideration? What if you needed to be aware of which cars were the hottest around – for car thieves, that is.

When you buy a car, the last thing on your mind probably is which car is the most appealing for car thieves to break into. Here’s a list of some of the more popular cars on car thieves bucket lists.

The Honda Accord
For some reason, the Honda Accord was most popular on the list of hot wheels, according to the reports. Oddly enough, the year 1996 seemed to be a hot year most sought after by car crooks.

The Honda Civic

Coming in alongside the Honda Accord was the Honda Civic. The year was 1998. While it might stand to reason that technology and anti-theft devices are not up to speed on the older vehicles, there were a few thousand newer makes and models that made the list, as well.

There seems to be a battle of wits between technology manufacturers keeping up with the latest and greatest in technology and car thieves who are intent on cracking the code. Hackers apparently have time on their hands and are intent on finding new and innovative ways to break in to security systems while technology manufacturers seek to improve security features.

Thieves are getting more and more creative in their efforts to steal your vehicle. Two men recently used technology to nab more than 100 vehicles. Using a laptop to reconfigure security systems, the pair were able to steal the vehicles.

In a day and age where kids are basically born with a cell phone in one hand and an IPad in the other, it’s no wonder that cracking security codes and hacking computer systems in cars is an easy feat. With a little bit of knowledge and too much time on their hands, youths like these can get into an awful lot of trouble with the law and with your vehicle.

When it gets to the point where auto manufacturers need to bring their own set of hackers on board to detect potential problems, it leaves a lot to be said about the state of technology in our autos. It makes one wonder if older cars without technology may even be the least possible to steal.


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