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Just like many years past, this Memorial Day weekend stands to see millions of travelers. Some will travel by car and others by plane, and still others by rail. Some will stay home and enjoy parades, barbeques and pool openings.

If you’ve never traveled before on Memorial Day weekend, this calls for some helpful tips:

The Price of Gas

Gas prices are lower than ever, making car travel and road trips more popular and desirable than ever. Whether or not you’ve traveled before on Memorial Day weekend and are a seasoned pro at it or whether this is your first go at it, you need to be aware this year may be the highest in traffic flow to date.

Drive or Fly?

If you are still seeking last-minute airline flights on Memorial Day weekend, you may still be able to find a great deal. Airline flights are reasonable. If you’ve booked early, you’ve done a great job. However, there are plenty of ways to find great deals on airfare and pull off a last-minute boon.
• Travel Ticker – allows you to book your flights right from the point of origination
• – can help you save money on those last minute package deals
• Consider flying into one airport and home from another, smaller based locale in another city
• Consider flying somewhere close enough to your city of destination and having a car waiting for you for the duration of your trip driving the rest of the way. A few hour drive might mean a considered savings and a wide-open flight. Additionally, you stand to save a considerable amount of money as well.
• Sites like Hacker have even coined the term, “Hacker Deals” in order to provide a service for those savvy last-minute flight-seekers.
When you think of the time you might spend in congested traffic during this first big summer weekend, you might want to spend a little more time doing some research and a lot less time on the road.

Be a Day-Tripper

Of course, everyone is excited to take a road trip on Memorial Day weekend, especially on the way there. But the famous phrase, “Are we there yet?” can become less than exciting when it turns into, “Are we home yet?”
More and more travelers are taking a day trip close to their local communities. Your own town beach or park makes for an excellent way to kick off the summer without all the stress and hassle of traveling and planning.

When is the Best Day to Leave?

If you thought Friday afternoon right after work would be the best time to hit it, think again – hundreds of thousands of travelers are entitled to a long, extended weekend along with high school students having time off too. College students are done with their school year, making it one of the most congested times to travel.

If you want to get an even better idea of when is actually a good time to leave, check out this article HERE that breaks it down for you.



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With so much new technology in the auto industry, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Just about every day, you’re hearing or reading about the best of the best or the latest update or technological advance. So, how then do you discern which car is the best for you and which ones to steer clear of?

Car sales statistics will show which ones are the most popular and which ones are selling the fastest. When it comes to cars, of course, one of the top priorities is safety first. It can all get so confusing, that’s why it’s a good idea to have a well-rounded idea of what’s safe, what’s the best, which ones are the most popular, but also which ones fall into the worst car category too.

Here’s a round-up of a few of those categories:

Leasing is not the least
It seems as though 2016 may be a record-breaking year for leases about to expire. Having said that, there stands to be a significant amount of leased vehicles available for car buyers looking for a good deal on a pre-owned vehicle.
If you’re not interested in leasing, then buying a pre-owned leased vehicle may just be your best bet. There are still a small percentage of car shoppers veering away from leasing; if you’re one of them, and looking for a bargain, then buying a pre-owned lease might just get you in the driver’s seat a lot quicker and a lot more affordably.

The Best-Selling Cars of Spring
Topping the list for March 2016 for best-selling car was the Toyota Camry. With accolades such as being the best-selling car for 18 years in a row and its five-star safety rating, no wonder it’s a continued best-seller.


Coming in next is the Nissan Altima. With its aerodynamic design, master craftsmanship, efficiency and comfort, it’s no wonder it comes in at number two.

Third place belongs to Honda Civic. Whether you choose hatchback, coupe or sedan, the sleek design and latest in connectivity and its advanced compatibility Engineering (ACE) program make it a smart choice for many drivers.

The Not-so-hot
When it comes to top 10 lists or best-selling lists, it’s easy to find what you are looking for, but the top 5 worst or least-selling cars is another story. Some of the “worst” cars according to ‘Consumer Reports’ are the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the Mitsubishi Mirage, and the Dodge Journey.
Check out the link here to find out the top 20 worst selling cars according to ‘Consumer Reports.”


The 2016 Ford Taurus with its great crash test performance is a good choice for safety, as well as the Honda Civic with its optional front crash prevention.

Whether you’re looking for the best, the safest or at the very least to stay away from the worst, hopefully you’ll be a little bit ahead of the car shopping game.

2017 Camaro ZL1

Photo Credit: Bryan Thomas, Gettyimages


While any auto show is exciting, the 2016 New York Auto Show is an event at the right time in the right place this year. There’s so much buzz about new car technology lately, which moves rapidly from innovative ideas to soon-to-be reality. New concepts are emerging faster than ever, it seems, and technology continues to ramp up its own game. The New York Auto Show had plenty of reveals, concepts, and unveilings of its own. From the drawing table to the showrooms, this show had an attention-getting mix of cars to showcase.
The New York Auto Show is abuzz with live coverage from the press, sneak peaks and new unveils. Whether you’re looking to spend $16,000.00 on a Chevy Sonic or drop over $60,000.00 on a Porsche Boxer, you’ll find a little bit of everything.

Nissan GT-R
The new model for 2017 shows off more horsepower – 565 horsepower is nothing to sneeze at – and more torque with its 3.8 liter, twin-turbo V-6 with the potential of doing zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds. The exterior of the car sports a sharper image while the interior has an airier touch. The 2017 GT-R while offering more horsepower still maintains a quieter ride.
Nissan Mixes it up with both old and new
While everyone will be flocking over to the New York Auto Show to see what’s new, there are a handful of car enthusiasts who are just as happy to see something old. Nissan has offered an older collection of the Skyline line for viewing dating back to the late 1960s.
The GT-R 1969 C-10 Skyline might just be every car enthusiasts’ favorite. If you grew up in the 1970s era, then maybe the 1973 Skyline 2000 GT-R is your pick for favorite. If you’re an 1980s/early 1990s child, then you can reminisce as you peer into a 1989 R32 GT-R
Toyota Prius Prime
Toyota unveiled its Prius Prime. Toyota is introducing the Prius Prime as one of the best hybrids around with the best range. With a bigger battery pack, the Prius can go up to 22 miles with electric mode. Not only has it outdone its previous model, it also boasts being the best hybrid for MPG, range, and MPGe of all the plug-ins.
Chevy Camaro ZL1
Just like there are sports fans that will follow their team – win, lose or draw – there are also automotive fans who will follow their brand throughout the years. For Camaro fans, they will enjoy getting a peek at the Chevy Camaro ZL1. The ZL1 boasts a 6.2 liter V8, but also gets to boast its first 10-speed automatic transmission or standard six-speed manual. All that and possibly a lighter weight makes it a Camaro fans dream view.
Subaru Impreza
While some autos seek to improve and advance only in one or two areas, it seems that the Subaru Impreza might be seeking to advance in all areas. Supposedly, the new design will accommodate more redesign in both the interior and the exterior, as well as upgrading its technology and increasing its horsepower.

2016 Geneva Auto Show

From exotic cars to insane unveilings, there’s something special about the Geneva Auto Show. For a few days in the beginning of March, you can expect the best of the best in the auto industry and you certainly won’t be disappointed.
The Geneva Auto Show sets the bar for the top auto companies in the industry to shine here. Imagine walking amongst unveilings of the most high-speed and high-performance vehicles there are in one of the most advanced showings there is. From Pagani to Porsche and McLaren to Mercedes-Benz, the Geneva auto show doesn’t disappoint.

Bugatti Chiron
While Bugatti’s previous car, the Veyron may have seemed unbeatable and unstoppable, the Bugatti Chiron model has something to say about that. The Bugatti Chiron could easily tout the title of fastest and most powerful production vehicle of its kind.
The shapes and curves of the Bugatti are striking while the cockpit, which is customizable, is roomier. Inside, outside, and underneath the Bugatti is over the top.
This 1480bhp, 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 with 1180lb-ft torque with ultimate speed limit of 261 mph is the vehicle to beat all vehicles. With a price tag of a mere 2.4m Euros, the Bugatti Chiron leaves nothing to chance.

Aston Martin DB11
If the Bugatti Chiron is just a little out of your reach, then say hello to the Aston Martin DB11. The stunning Aston Martin DB11 could be the four-seater of your dreams. With a decent amount of trunk space and an interior that is equally spectacular, the DB11 is a gem. The DB11 showcases a turbocharged, 5.2-liter V12 engine with 600hp. Can you say zero to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds? With more space, lighter weight, but yet with still plenty of amenities and the latest technology features, the DB11 could be yours if you had a little over $200,000 to start with hanging around.

When you were a kid, did you dream of driving around in a little red fire truck only to grow up wishing for a red Lamborghini? If so, you are so not alone. The first thing you probably think of when you think Lamborghini is fire red. The Huracan has the capacity to fulfill every young boy’s dream.
The Centenario on the other hand, with its signature yellow touches, honored what would have been the founder of Lamborghini’s 100th birthday.
with its V12, 770hp and capability of zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 350 km/h speaks volumes about its capabilities. If you were hoping to grab yourself one, there were only 40 available making the Centenario exclusive as exclusive gets.

While these beauties may be considered tops amongst fans, there was much unveiling done at the Geneva auto show:
• Koenigsegg One of 1 Final Edition
• Spyker C8 Preliator
• McLaren 570 GT
• Ferrari GTC4Lusso
• Koenigsegg Regera Production Spec
• Jaguar F-Type SVR
• Pagani Huayra BC

And, these are only to mention a few. If you didn’t happen to be in Geneva, no worries, you can always check out more from the Geneva Auto Show here!

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Winding Road




Everyone enjoys a good road trip; the open air, the top down, and the feeling of driving on the open road. A typical road-trip for some adventurers, however, may seem a bit mundane. The need for speed is not advisable for many obvious reasons. If you want to feel the rush of adrenaline by driving at fast speeds, checking out some of the country’s racecar driving experiences available to you are an option. There are plenty of raceways to provide that for you.

However, if you’re a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, and if you’ve always dreamed of driving the most hair-raising roads, these roadways might make you wonder why anyone would dare to drive them. Some are dangerous, others are hair-raising while others still are undeniably dangerous and too close to the edge.
Picture yourself in remote destinations with roads that have steep inclines, narrow or almost non-existent roadways and drops that would make a horror movie look enjoyable, and you can imagine why these are the roads “less traveled.”
James Dalton Highway
James Dalton Highway in Alaska is one of the most desolate and isolated highways in America. The highway has the most remote location of any other highway and is considered often times dangerous due to the high winds that spew rocks. It is in the top tier of dangerous highways in the states.
Million Dollar Highway
The Million Dollar Highway located in Colorado is given its name maybe partly due to the million-dollar view and the million-dollar drive. Carved out of the side of a mountain, this is another roadway with not much in the way of safety features. No guard rails and a winding narrow road make it difficult to navigate. You’ll certainly want to keep your eyes on the road for this one.
Trollstigen Road, Norway
With almost a dozen hairpin turns and drops that look like they came off a movie set and next to no room for passing, Trollstigen Road in Norway looks more like a roller coaster ride than a roadway.
Tianmen Shan Big Gate winding mountain road
Located inside Tianmen Mountain National Park, in China this road looks like something out of a Sci-Fi Fantasy movie. It looks as though there should be a movie set castle atop it. Tianmen Mountain is known to have the most breathtaking mountain views in all the world and the park offers you a cable car ride straight up over steep climbs and sheer cliffs. There is also a glass skywalk if you’re daring enough.
Passage du Gois in France
While this road is not a road that has cliffs, overhangs and steep inclines, it is a dangerous road just the same. If you don’t pay attention to the tide, you and your car might end up going for a swim. This roadway is only a few miles long, but it is mostly kept hidden underwater. It only comes out to play twice per day and if you’re not careful you might end up submerged. Sounds dangerous indeed.
Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road
While most tourists in Greece are going to visit the Parthenon or the Acropolis, thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies take a ride on the wild side on this road. What makes this one of the most dangerous roads? The answer is the lack of guard rails, the large pot holes and the sparse roadway with no guard rails on either side and nothing but sheer drops. The fact that it has no lights for visibility at night make it fall into the “danger zone” as well.
And these are only a few of the “roads less traveled.” For more, check out this resource from the Huffington Post.

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Car Buying Tips
If you missed that great big President’s Day sale for buying a new car, you probably don’t have too much to worry about. This year just happens to be a leap year. We all get one extra day on February 29th to either get some things done, treat it as a regular day or even go out and buy a new car. There are sure to be plenty of marketing strategies and good deals waiting for you to “leap into savings” somewhere.
Car shopping these days is not what it used to be. Back in the day it was pretty straightforward and simple. You went to the dealer, drove around the block, kicked a few tires and off you went in your brand new car; but not without haggling a bit with the car dealer. Now, however, there are so many options, it can get confusing real fast.
Do Your Research
The reality of the internet, technology, and cars is that you have to do the research before you leave the house. When it comes to buying a new car these days, you have to do your homework.
That means you have to ask yourself the right questions and have some pretty solid answers before you even head out to the dealer. Online shopping for a car may sound unusual, but it really is something you would benefit from if you do.
Ask Yourself Some Questions and Make a List
When buying a new car, know your must-haves beforehand and know what you are willing to let go of.
For example, if you’re shopping for a new car for your teen, then you know automatically, safety is a major concern. What else do you want to have?
• Is all-wheel drive an essential? Will your son or daughter be driving around in inclement weather a lot of the time or will they only be driving a minimal distance?
• Do you feel that an infotainment system is more of a help or a hindrance? Think about all those bells and whistles – are they a must have or negotiable to you. Sometimes the more technology a new teen driver has to get used to and touch might be more of a distraction than a bonus.
• Would a certified pre-owned be in your best interest?
• What about a lease; would that suit your needs best?
Don’t go into a dealership not knowing what your must-haves are and where you are willing to be flexible. If you go in not knowing what your must-haves are, you are not a full buying power.
Be Aware of Your Deal-Breakers Beforehand
If you’re buying a new car, does the fact that it doesn’t have the latest and greatest infotainment system make it a deal breaker for you no matter how good the fuel economy and price are? For some drivers, a car that doesn’t have leather seats is their deal breaker while for others it’s a top of the line navigation system because they spend more time on the road than the average driver.
If the absence of keyless entry or heated seats is your deal breaker, know this ahead of time. If you live in a bitterly cold part of the states and having your seat warmed up for you is an absolute must-have, don’t feel you have to explain yourself at the dealer.
Is it the lack of sunroof, remote start or the power train that will make or break your deal? Know before you go into it what your must-haves are, where you are willing to be flexible and what your deal breakers are. This will give you more power when you’re standing face-to-face with the car salesperson in the showroom.
Buying and old car? There are plenty of deal breakers to be aware of when buying an older, used car.
• If you get into a used car and you put the key in the engine without starting it and don’t see the check engine light pop up, you might want to seriously consider this as a red flag and a deal breaker. The check engine light tells the owner/driver that there may be a number of possible issues.
• If there’s any kind of odor, event faint, be careful. This car may have been a flood vehicle. With so many issues of flooding over the past year, there are loads of cars out there that have been caught in these storms.
• If any of the panels are a shade off in color, you can assume there has been an accident. Inspect with a careful eye.
These are only a few deal breakers for buying a used car. For more tips on what to look for test driving a new or used car check out this article here:

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High Tech Car

It seems that every day news about developments on the different modes of transportation we use are rapidly changing and expanding. The way we drive, fly, and commute is constantly being upgraded and explored.
Not only will you find news about countries instituting car-free days and bans on driving, but the Norwegian capital of Oslo may have car-free zones for good in the near future for its center hub as well. This could benefit drivers in reducing traffic and also help the environment by keeping fuel emissions down. Recently The World Bank and Embarq hosted the Transforming Transportation 2016 initiative to promote ideas on sustainability both on the local and global scale.
Meanwhile, the concept of the open subway car may be coming to a city near you in the not-so-distant future. Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) will explore something new, subway trains with open pathways in between each car. This might prove beneficial to the New York passengers as they can then feel free to move about the cabins, making managing and maneuvering their commute that much better.
Over in California, the “powers that be” are working to determine the regulation of self-driving cars in order to keep drivers and pedestrians safe without halting the release of electric cars. There are a lot of rules and regulations as well as many different scenarios to examine when it comes to removing or keeping steering wheels inside electric cars. Imagine being one of the members overseeing this situation. All angles need to be viewed. Advocates for the blind offered input and stepped up to speak about the life changing benefits of self-driving cars. Imagine being on the committee that has to make these types of decisions where the future safety of the public and the advancing of cars and technology both have to be taken into consideration.
Airlines are getting in on the technology band wagon. One such example is JetBlue announcing its newest and latest technology design so the passenger can have the fully connected experience. The passengers will experience a high definition, internet connected, plugged in experience thanks to connected 10-inch screens, multiple channels, and even USB ports to charge their tech tools and toys. The Internet Enabled In-Flight Entertainment system is a step above the smaller screens and fewer channels offered onboard already.
The future is here already when it comes to robotics and airline travel. Robotics are no longer something considered as far away into the future. Robotics are here and now with technology like the customer-service robot launched by KLM. The Spencer robot provides more of a personal touch (as much as can be considered in the world of robotics) by aiding travelers with various tasks like guiding them to their correct gates. Before you know it, robotic technology may advance so much that human travelers may even be able to converse with these forms of artificial intelligence in order to make their travels run that much more smoothly.
Other forms of technology at play at the airport scene are self-service check-ins and electronic baggage tracking devices combining safety for travelers and ease of use for passengers. Biometric data that can keep pertinent information like flight information and passport information linked can create an environment of safety while making it easier for passengers to keep the flow of air travel moving at a steady pace.
While the DeLorean car took us through time travel “Back to the Future,” electronic travel and advances in technology for the auto, air, and train transportation industry are growing at rapid speeds every day. What’s next remains to be seen.


Winter Storm Jonas

For many, snow and inclement weather has not been an issue this winter season yet. The key word here is yet. There’s a winter storm, known as Winter Storm Jonas, heading and it may be one for the record books according to some weather reports. While, of course, no one – not even the experts – can be sure until it gets closer to hitting just how bad it will be. However, the potential for this to be one of the worst storms in history does exist. It’s always best to be prepared.

Weather predictions are preparing everyone for blizzard conditions from the mid-Atlantic to the East Coast. Washington, D.C. could get up to two feet of snow while New York can get anywhere from six inches to a foot and a half of snow. Right now, it’s anybody’s guess until the storm decides which way to go. A shift of a few miles may make the difference between six inches or up to two feet.

More importantly than the snow accumulation, though, might be the gusts of wind that may be hurricane worthy and the way this storm will hit. There may be risks of tornadoes in parts of the Country like Louisiana with ice storms in North Carolina. Coastal flooding looks to be a serious risk, as well.


Emergency Preparedness

If you’ve not gotten out yet and need at least the bare essentials, make sure you have enough water. Pipes can and will freeze during winter storms like these and you don’t know how long it will take till they thaw.

Bottled water and jugs of water are essential. Filling up pitchers and pots of water are a good idea too. If the power doesn’t go out, you can always boil the water.

Flashlights, batteries, matches, and battery operated candles and lights are a must-have, as well. Canned food is a good idea too. You can get chicken, tuna, soup, beans and so much more. Jarred foods like peanut butter, apple sauce, and snacks like nuts and raisins will sustain you and keep your energy up. If you’re heading out to shovel that snow, you want to make certain you have enough energy to do so.

Above all else, please make sure to have all your medications current and in full supply. If power does go out, you want to have all that you need in the house. Make sure to make a trip to the ATM to take out some cash in case there are serious, long-term outages where you will only be able to purchase important supplies with cash.

If you have a generator, make certain you have an open space to set it up. Check and find your extension cords now before lights and heat go out. Make certain you have oil and gas for using your generator if need be.

Very important to remember is to keep some sort of car charger handy in case you need to charge your cell phone. Make sure you know where it is before the storm hits. Check on your supply of shovels and rock salt and make sure your home is free of clutter. If power does go out, you don’t want to be tripping over everything in order to get your supplies.

If you have elders and pets in the house, make certain they are well prepared for. Food, hydration and medication are very important for them. If need be, you can always put your heat up high enough the day before the storm in order to ensure the house will stay warm enough if power does go out short term.

If you have a fireplace, make certain there is plenty of firewood. If you haven’t done so already, see if there is any availability to get those winter snow tires on, if it’s not too late. Make certain you have an updated oil change, plenty of supplies in your car, as well. Having extra blankets, flares and an emergency road kit in your car along with a case of water is a good idea.

However, if you can – and you should – please avoid going out on the roads. Just hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. If it’s not necessary to be out on the road, please for your safety and the safety of others – stay home.

Remember, it’s not only during the storm you need to be careful. Once all that snow hits, there will be plenty of ice to follow. Make sure to clear stoops and driveways and put down rock salt. Be especially careful after the storm. Stay home for as long as feasibly possible.

Don’t forget to cover outside pipes and insulate your home as best as possible. Of course, some of these things should have been done long before the storm, but if not, it’s time to get into action mode.

Last but not least, understand that everyone out there is in panic mode at the moment. Please remember that we are all in this together and we have all survived a snowstorm. It’s not the end of the world. Be calm, be reasonable and most of all, be safe.

happy new year 2016



Now that some of the biggest holidays are past, you get to look ahead into the future. New Year’s Eve is a day of significance for millions of people. They get to look back with fondness and wish an old year goodbye as they look forward to a brand new year ahead. It’s exciting to say the least. You get to change old habits, create new ones and break some New Year’s resolutions along the way.

However, while New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting and exhilarating holiday celebrations, it can be cause for concern. Millions of people take to the road to visit family and friends they didn’t see over the other holidays. Besides all the congestion and no matter the ads, warnings, and advice, people do continue to drink and drive on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.


Here are some top tips for having a safe and happy New Year:

1. Be Smart – The Obvious – Don’t Drink and Drive – No matter how many times you’ve heard it and seen it on the news, the words, “Don’t Drink and Drive” should be the first and last tip on your New Year’s safety list. Hundreds of thousands of people don’t believe that it could happen to them, but it can and it does. Not only do you risk your life, but the lives of others. Nobody wants that on their conscious for the rest of their lives.
2. Be Creative – Who says you have to go to an elaborate extravaganza and get drunk in order to celebrate the coming of a New Year? After all, you want to actually see a New Year, so why risk it. Get creative – Have an alternate date for a New Year gathering; you can opt for a small intimate gathering at your home for New Year’s Eve or skip it all together and have an alternate New Year’s Eve party the following weekend. Be smart, be creative, and be safe.
3. Share the Wealth – If you are a college student, chances are you need to find a buddy who needs some extra cash to put toward those accumulating college loans. Why not hire a designated driver. Someone who will be responsible, not drink for the evening, and make certain everyone will get home safely. Hire and pay a designated driver even if it’s a friend. Someone is always looking to make extra money. We all know that one friend who doesn’t drink at all whether it’s not their style or they just can’t afford it. Hire them and pay them NOT to drink. The driver can make some money and everyone else can get home safely.
4. Take Time to Maintain Your Car – Get your car checked before you get in it. The holidays are especially busy and it’s easy to forget to get an oil change or top off your windshield wiper fluid. Make sure you have your winter tires on, as well.
5. Change it up – Go out for dinner and get home long before the ball drops and continue the party there. You don’t have to stay where you’re at in order to have a good time on New Year’s Eve. Go out early and come home early – beat the rush, stay away from the crowds, and get home safely.
6. Leave the Cars Home – Accept an invitation to a neighborhood gathering for New Year’s Eve.
7. Host your own party – If you’ve never hosted a party for New Year’s why not try it out this year. Invite guests to sleep over for their safety too.
8. Take public transportation – Take a cab or car service or hire a driver. Get together with your friends and pay a professional service to drive you around and chip in for the cost.
9. Buckle your seat belt – You would be amazed how many people still don’t buckle up. This is one of the reasons it has become a law with fines for not adhering.
10. Stay hydrated even if only one drink – Some people are not heavy drinkers; one glass of wine is their limit. If so, make sure you stay plenty hydrated. The combination of drinking and being dehydrated could make a huge difference in your safety.
11. Morning after Tips: Have plenty of coffee, have a light meal, don’t forget to bring some driving sunglasses for glare if there’s snow on the ground. The glare can be painful after having one too many and it can also pose a safety hazard.

Last but not least, the next tip is the same as the first – Don’t drink and drive. Be safe, be smart, and be happy.


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New Car

Every family is different and every budget is unique. Your auto buying purchases should be a reflection of your needs, must-haves, deal-breakers and budget with a few just-because desires thrown into the mix. So which new car suits you best in 2016?


What is Your Car-Buyer Persona?

One of the items on your checklist you need to address before going out and buying a car is figuring out your car-buying persona. What are your needs and who are you as a person:

• Family
• Individual
• Super car buyer
• First time car owner/new driver
• Seasoned pro
• Senior

If you were single and unmarried not too long ago, but are now a married couple and expecting your first child, your choice of auto is something else that is changing too. While you may not be mini-van ready, you may need to garage the classic sports car and opt for a family sedan. Of course, you’re going to want the best crib and the safest car seat, but now you’ll need to look into the right car for your expanding family.

Look at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for their top safety picks and see which car is right for you. You might want to choose a Honda Civic for its pricing, fuel efficiency and safety rating not to mention high-style and advanced technology or maybe a nice Hyundai for style, safety and cost-effectiveness too.

Maybe you are a college student and looking for the best fit for 2016. The Honda Fit might be the best choice for you. While it may look small on the outside, there’s plenty of room for your stuff – especially when the semester ends and you and your stuff need to head home. The appealing quality with the Honda Fit is in its stylish looks, better safety rating, fuel-efficiency and, most importantly for young adults, is its advanced technology and connectivity.

Take some time to figure out what your needs are and what your wants are and keep those wants in reality check. You don’t get to buy a new car too often so make sure you have a little bit of both in the mix.

Feeling cramped because your family, their things and their needs are growing? It might be time to step up to minivan status in 2016. The Toyota Sienna with its all-wheel-drive, sporty look and roomy interior make the grade for family minivans, and the advanced connectivity for parents doesn’t hurt either. Of course, its high safety rating is of utmost importance to parents as well. What about the Honda Odyssey with plenty of room for the whole family and even Grandma too, enough car seat anchors and an onboard vacuum system that moms will love. Loads of entertainment and connectivity to keep the entire family amused and quiet are another bonus.


Gas or Electric

The big question a few years ago was “Paper or Plastic?” Nowadays it’s gas or electric when it comes to buying a car. If you opt to drive an electric vehicle you could save thousands of dollars over several years. There might even be some tax incentives for you to consider. If you are environmentally conscious, the electric vehicle might be the ride for you in 2016, especially if you’ve been considering making this change for a while now.

Some drivers, however, like the convenience of pulling into a gas station and filling up rather than plugging in so to speak. With a new year, comes new choices.


Lease or Buy

As you head to the dealer this year-end of 2015, take some time to weigh in the benefits and disadvantages of leasing versus buying to see which one is right for you and your family. Leasing affords you the opportunity to have a new car every few years, but you need to part with a down payment just as often.

When it comes time to trade in your lease, you may wind up paying for all those dings and pings you incurred throughout the years. Buying a car, however, you experience depreciation of the vehicle as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Again, with a New Year come new choices and choosing what is best for you in each scenario is key. 2016 may just be the year of a new you, a new year, and a brand new choice in what kind of auto you drive.