Memorial Day Weekend 2016 Trips and Tips

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Just like many years past, this Memorial Day weekend stands to see millions of travelers. Some will travel by car and others by plane, and still others by rail. Some will stay home and enjoy parades, barbeques and pool openings.

If you’ve never traveled before on Memorial Day weekend, this calls for some helpful tips:

The Price of Gas

Gas prices are lower than ever, making car travel and road trips more popular and desirable than ever. Whether or not you’ve traveled before on Memorial Day weekend and are a seasoned pro at it or whether this is your first go at it, you need to be aware this year may be the highest in traffic flow to date.

Drive or Fly?

If you are still seeking last-minute airline flights on Memorial Day weekend, you may still be able to find a great deal. Airline flights are reasonable. If you’ve booked early, you’ve done a great job. However, there are plenty of ways to find great deals on airfare and pull off a last-minute boon.
• Travel Ticker – allows you to book your flights right from the point of origination
• – can help you save money on those last minute package deals
• Consider flying into one airport and home from another, smaller based locale in another city
• Consider flying somewhere close enough to your city of destination and having a car waiting for you for the duration of your trip driving the rest of the way. A few hour drive might mean a considered savings and a wide-open flight. Additionally, you stand to save a considerable amount of money as well.
• Sites like Hacker have even coined the term, “Hacker Deals” in order to provide a service for those savvy last-minute flight-seekers.
When you think of the time you might spend in congested traffic during this first big summer weekend, you might want to spend a little more time doing some research and a lot less time on the road.

Be a Day-Tripper

Of course, everyone is excited to take a road trip on Memorial Day weekend, especially on the way there. But the famous phrase, “Are we there yet?” can become less than exciting when it turns into, “Are we home yet?”
More and more travelers are taking a day trip close to their local communities. Your own town beach or park makes for an excellent way to kick off the summer without all the stress and hassle of traveling and planning.

When is the Best Day to Leave?

If you thought Friday afternoon right after work would be the best time to hit it, think again – hundreds of thousands of travelers are entitled to a long, extended weekend along with high school students having time off too. College students are done with their school year, making it one of the most congested times to travel.

If you want to get an even better idea of when is actually a good time to leave, check out this article HERE that breaks it down for you.



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