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  Amazon is attempting to revolutionize the shipping and delivery industry. According to sources from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon formed a small team to focus on driverless-vehicle technology and develop the company’s plans to use self-driving cars to serve … Continue reading

  With so much new technology in the auto industry, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Just about every day, you’re hearing or reading about the best of the best or the latest update or technological advance. So, how then … Continue reading

Photo Credit: Bryan Thomas, Gettyimages   While any auto show is exciting, the 2016 New York Auto Show is an event at the right time in the right place this year. There’s so much buzz about new car technology lately, … Continue reading

From exotic cars to insane unveilings, there’s something special about the Geneva Auto Show. For a few days in the beginning of March, you can expect the best of the best in the auto industry and you certainly won’t be … Continue reading

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It seems that every day news about developments on the different modes of transportation we use are rapidly changing and expanding. The way we drive, fly, and commute is constantly being upgraded and explored. Not only will you find news … Continue reading

  What would you do if you had the kind of money celebrities and athletes had? Would your first purchase be the million-dollar mansion or the fabulous Ferrari? While it seems athletes and celebrities don’t have a shortage of cash, … Continue reading

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We currently find ourselves in an automotive age which places a major focus on how we drive, what we drive, and how that impacts the environment. Green car technology optimally provides the opportunity for a higher level of fuel efficiency … Continue reading

  The fall season for many is a time for new beginnings. A change of season, the start of a new job and going back to college are all ways of starting fresh. For car enthusiasts, it is a great … Continue reading

  When electric cars first came out, everyone thought they were kind of interesting. Some even had piqued curiosity as how long they would last and what kinks and bugs would be worked out. Although, now, electric cars are becoming … Continue reading

  Everyone loves a good road trip. The memories you make and the experiences you have are indescribable. Sometimes, however, getting there is half the battle. Road trips can be adventurous but they can also be time-consuming and lots of … Continue reading

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