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Winter Driving Tips

We suggest you follow these winter driving tips to ensure your safety as the temperature drops.

Driving in the winter can be dangerous if you are not properly prepared and unaware of how your vehicle handles the snow. Follow these tips to ensure your safety on the road this winter.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Always ensure your vehicle is fully prepared for the sudden drop in temperatures. Always keep a winter survival kit in your car. This includes an ice scraper and a shovel.  Make sure to check your tires and ensure they can handle the snow.  Always keep your gas tank half full this will avoid a gas-line freeze. It will also ensure you can keep your engine running and stay warm if you ever get stuck in the snow.  Also make sure your windshield wipers are functioning and you have windshield fluid. This is necessary to ensure you can see clearly during a snow storm.

Cautious Driving

Always be cautious when driving in the snow, the conditions heighten the risks for accidents if you are not careful. Remember to always accelerate and decelerate slowly. Make sure you hit the gas slowly to accelerate to avoid skids.  Don’t speed its dangerous on icy roads. Make sure to give yourself ample time to slow down for stops. Never hit the breaks to fast, this can also cause you to skid and may cause an accident.  If you can avoid stopping, try to do so. If your nearing a red light, try to deaccelerate slowly and roll until the light changes.

If you can avoid driving in a snow storm it’s best to do so, especially if you are an inexperienced driver. If it’s a necessity make sure to prepare your vehicle ahead of time and practice cautious driving.

Holiday Car Shipping

The Holiday Season is Here!

We’ve noticed a significant demand for car shipping nearing Christmas time.  Although most companies take time off, we offer full availability. If you need to ship your car around the holiday, we can help. Whether your shipping a car for a Christmas gift, returning home for the holiday month, or are a parent shipping a college student’s car home- we’ve got you covered. Here are some factors to keep in mind if you plan on shipping your car during this busy holiday season.

Although we do offer full shipping services around the holiday time, depending on your shipping destinations there could be less driver availability then there is normally. Since truck drivers want to be home with their families just like you do. Another factor to consider is traffic, roads are filled with people heading home for the holiday. Lastly keep in mind it is December- winter road conditions may cause slight delays. Keep calm and happy during the holiday craze by planning your car shipment ahead of time.

We can certainly ship your car during this season, just try to stay flexible with your schedule and desired shipping dates around the holiday. Remember to anticipate potential delays, and avoid planning your pick up or delivery around a scheduled flight.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a shipment give us a call at (888) 777-2123. For your convenience we have an online rate calculator so you can discover your shipping cost instantly and even complete your booking online.

Best Black Friday Car Deals

Ready, Set, Shop!

With Thanksgiving nearing and Black Friday just around the corner, there has been a slew of nationwide hype. This season it’s all about exclusive car deals and one-time-only unbeatable promotions. Black Friday usually offers up the best discounts, if you’re brave enough to weather the busiest retail storm of the year. Make sure to do your homework, know as much as you can about the car you’re interested in. Consider taking a test drive in advance. The dealership will be packed with like-minded shoppers so arrive prepared.  Research will save you time, so you can get in and out of the horde swiftly.

Shopping for a car is usually best done around the months of November and December. Especially on Black Friday with exclusive offers and promotions already in place. The arise of the new year pressures dealers to prepare space for the influx of new vehicles. This along with persistent salesmen in need of reaching both month-end and year-end sales quota will allow for great deals.

Make sure to check out prices across the board before you decide on one specific dealership. Dealers are aware of the swarm of promotions being offered on Black Friday. This prompts competition to gain the most shoppers and will usually result in extra incentives along with already discounted prices.


Here’s our list:  Top 5 Best Black Friday Car Deals

2018 Chevrolet Malibu

2017 Ford Fusion

2017-18 Mazda3

2017-18 Chevrolet Cruze

2017 Volkswagen Jetta


Final Thoughts

Remember to shop for deals online as well, see something you like but is too far away? We can help by shipping it over for you! Click here for more information on shipping your new vehicle. We can pick up directly from the dealership and deliver straight to your doorstep.  Buying out of state can save you a lot of money. Especially combined with Black Friday and year-end promotions.  So why wait? It’s the perfect time to car shop, all signs point to a total bargain!

Car Shipping Rates

Considering Shipping Your Vehicle?

We’ve determined the main factors that directly impact car shipping rates. Keep this in mind when requesting a transport quote.

Car Type

The size, model and weight of a vehicle directly affect its cost to transport.  Larger vehicles take up more space on a car carrier and in return cost more to ship. In some cases, larger vehicles take up more than one spot on a carrier which drives up the cost. Car carriers also have weight limits to abide by.  To ship a heavy vehicle, the car carrier would have to carry less vehicles then it could normally. This in return directly raises car shipping rates.

Type of Transport

A main factor that contributes to car shipping rates is the type of carrier used.  The two forms of transport are open and closed. The type chosen depends on a customer’s specific needs.  The more common and affordable option is open carrier transport.  Open transport means a vehicle is exposed to the open air and weather elements. This type of transport is safe and meets the needs of most individuals with an average vehicle type.  The second option would be enclosed transport.  This means the vehicle is completely enclosed during shipping. Enclosed transport provides the ultimate protection of a vehicle. This method is usually chosen for luxury/ high value vehicles and classic cars.  Shipping rates are higher for enclosed transport because of the truck needed.


The season in which you chose to ship your vehicle directly impacts the cost. Usually high season starts in the summer and low season begins by the end of the fall. However sometimes car shipping rates could be higher in the winter due to the dangers of snow and Ice on roads.  This makes the drive more difficult for truckers, especially if they are heading to mountainous regions. Specific routes have high and low seasons as well.  Southbound shipments usually have slightly higher rates. This is due to the high volume of transport needed, mostly by snowbirds heading south for the winter.  The same goes for snowbirds heading back north for the spring. The volume of transport drives up rates shipping northbound in the late spring/early summer.

Transport Distance

Distance directly impacts car shipping rates. Transport rates correlate with the amount of fuel required for shipping. Farther shipments require more fuel and longer hours for the trucker which in return raises costs for transport.  When considering shipping rates, one must always factor in the distance.


The popularity of a route directly impacts the cost of transport.  Car shipping rates are higher to rural locations as opposed to major cities. Car carriers frequent larger cities regularly which have major highways that are easier for them to access. The availability of carriers is higher for routes in popular urban areas that are more often traveled to like New York or Los Angeles.  In return smaller rural locations are often ‘off route’ which slightly raises shipping rates.

What to Expect When Shipping a Car

Shipping a car with us here at Road Runner Auto Transport is a breeze!

We’ve simplified vehicle transportation into 5 easy steps and we listed them below for you to get an idea of what to expect when shipping a car.

1.Get An Instant Auto Shipping Quote

Use our quote calculator by clicking here and review the price of your transportation instantly. If you prefer to receive a quote by phone, you can speak with a pricing specialist by calling (888) 777-2123.  We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about shipping a car.

2. Book Your Shipment

For your convenience, you can schedule a shipment online anytime via our secure online booking page. If you prefer to schedule your shipment over the phone, you can contact your assigned transport coordinator by calling (888) 777-2123 and dialing their extension. Upon scheduling your shipment, you will receive a booking number that will enable you to track the status of your shipment online 24 hours a day. Your shipment status will be updated in real time and serves as a helpful way for us to keep you informed every step of the way during transit.

3. Carrier Assigned

Our dispatch department assigns your shipment to a carrier that matches your desired route and timeframe. We send an automatic update of the projected pickup and delivery dates once a pickup has been scheduled.

4. Vehicle Pick Up

The driver will make arrangements with the contact person at the pickup location prior to arriving. A thorough inspection of the vehicle will be completed and both the driver and the pickup contact person will sign to verify accuracy. The vehicle is loaded onto the carrier and begins heading to the delivery location.

5. Vehicle Delivered

The driver will make arrangements with the contact person at the delivery location prior to arriving. The vehicle is offloaded and a final inspection is completed to ensure that the vehicle was delivered in the same condition it was picked up in. If a remaining balance is due, it is paid to the driver at this time.

At Road Runner Auto Transport we prove that shipping a car is truly a hassle free experience.

Our goal is to make your vehicle transportation as easy, safe and cost effective as possible. If you have any questions or concerns during your shipment feel free to give us a call. For your convenience our customer service department has extended office hours. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. You can also track your vehicle in real-time on our website.  Now that you have a better idea of what to expect when shipping a car, let us know when your ready to get moving!

3 reasons you should ship your car

At Road Runner Auto Transport our goal is to make shipping as easy as possible for our customers.We know there is a lot of stress involved with moving to another state, let us make things easier on you. Shipping your car is a lot more convenient and cost efficient then driving it. Here are some reasons we believe shipping your car is the right move.

You Save a Ton of Time

One of the main reasons that shipping a vehicle makes your life easier is how much time you save. It can take hours or even days to drive your vehicle from state to state. Instead ship your vehicle give us a date that works for you and meet us at your end destination. We’ll handle the hard part.

 Less Wear and Tear on Your Car

Mileage plays an important role in the resale value of any vehicle, and the more miles you put on a car, the less value it’s going to have once you want to sell it. If you drive a vehicle for any length of time (say from New York to Miami) this not only puts on a lot of mileage but also wear and tear on the engine, body and wheels. Keep your vehicle in better condition and ship it with us.

Save Money

You will save a lot of time and money when shipping your vehicle instead of driving it. Consider the expenses of driving across country. The cost of gas alone is pricey then factor in food and hotel expenses. We urge you to save your energy and money. Get a free instant quote so you can see how much you’ll save when shipping with us!

Automobiles and technology

As soon as something new relating to technology and automobiles trends, does something new come down the road to immediately replace it? Are you one of those folks who feels the rush of adrenaline when you get the latest and greatest in auto technology? Or do you find yourself buying a new toy only to have it replaced or upgraded soon afterwards?

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to automobile trends and technology. Here are a few more you may want to consider before spending your next hard-earned dollar:

Should you keep up to speed or sit back and wait for the dust to settle?

Which gadgets and gizmos are evergreen and which become outdated as soon as the next big thing comes along?

How cost effective are these new technologies?

Are you trending just to keep up with the Jones’ or are you reaping the rewards of these new technologies?

Do you have a penchant for technology and must have anything and everything that’s new; or do you feel like countless others who simply can’t catch their breath when it comes to the automotive industry and technology?

For the most part, many or all of these questions ring true and are easily answered with a resounding yes. However, keeping up to speed with the latest in auto technology does not have to present itself as such a daunting encounter. There are three important factors to consider when looking toward new trends in technology within the auto industry.

3 of the most important factors to consider when looking toward technology that’s trending:

Innovation – is this simply a new must-have toy or will it offer real value for you? If you go old-school on this one, you will never fail. Is this something that is offering you a “status upgrade” or is this new gadget offering you real value for your dollar? Of course, if you are in a position to frivolously purchase new goods on a whim, then perhaps this category does not apply. However, for most everyday folks, this is one of the most important questions. Is this something that can wait until the next big thing comes along or does this provide real value dollar for dollar?

Timeless – will it be evergreen? Some technology purchases are timeless. Of course, there will be newer versions and some upgrades. Think of it this way, is that bluetooth technology and integrated GPS something you would want in your car as you pass it on to your newly licensed teen driver? Sure, why not, while they may be outdated for you, for your new teen driver, they are timeless.

Safety – does it distract or provide safety features. Once again, this is an important factor to consider. Some technology featured in automobiles such as touch screen car controls may provide an unwanted distraction. Taking your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel could turn out to be too much of a good thing. On the other hand, if new car technology helps to prevent an accident such as forward collision mitigation or a backup camera, then these new technologies have you covered from front to back.

There are plenty of questions to ask yourself and three important factors to consider when it comes to technology and automobiles. If having the technology makes sense financially and will benefit you in both the long term and the short term, we see no reason not to have it!

shipping a car

You Save a Ton of Time

One of the main reasons that shipping a vehicle makes your life easier is how much time you save. It can take hours or even days to drive your vehicle from state to state. Instead ship your vehicle give us a date that works for you and meet us at your end destination. We’ll handle the hard part.

 Less Wear and Tear on Your Car

Mileage plays an important role in the resale value of any vehicle, and the more miles you put on a car, the less value it’s going to have once you want to sell it. If you drive a vehicle for any length of time (say from New York to Miami) this not only puts on a lot of mileage but also wear and tear on the engine, body and wheels. Keep your vehicle in better condition and ship it with us.

Save Money

You will save a lot of time and money when shipping your vehicle instead of driving it. Consider the expenses of driving across country. The cost of gas alone is pricey then factor in food and hotel expenses. We urge you to save your energy and money. Get a free instant quote so you can see how much you’ll save when shipping with us!

4th of July

It’s that time of year again; to celebrate the red, white and blue that makes America great. 4th of July is the perfect time of year to hit the road and take a road trip. Your kids have graduated high school or college or are just out for the summer, the weather is grand, and summer will be long gone before you know it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get up and go without much planning or doing? Sometimes it is a great idea to be spontaneous, glance at your best friend and say “Road trip?” Other times, you need to plan and plan well. Fourth of July is one of those times. Hundreds of thousands of travelers will hit the road wanting to enjoy the scenic side of America. There are some great places to visit this Fourth of July and then there are some you just need to stay away from, at least until fall that is.

1. America’s National Parks are celebrating 100 years this August and what patriotic list of trips would be complete without mentioning the Grand Canyon – the granddaddy of them all or Yellowstone – one of the first and most loved. If you really want a sight for sore eyes, though, you might want to consider Acadia National Park. If you’re looking for the blue in your red, white and blue road trip, then you’ll find what you’re looking for on the drive through to Acadia National Park with its blue lupines blanketing the road. Whether you’re pedaling through Park Loop Road or picking blueberries and taking a hike up Cadillac Mountain – not to mention glorious sunrises – you and every member of your family will find ample activities to celebrate America this Fourth of July.

2. Mount Desert Island is like a world of its own with plenty more activities. Visit the Sieur de Monts Springs where the Wild Gardens of Acadia come to life or dive into the brisk and refreshing waters of Sand Beach. This National Park is not only breathtaking but is also refreshing.

3. If you’re in Hawaii for the Fourth of July, first of all – lucky you – secondly, if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, then why not take a drive on the most hair-raising and exhilarating road trip there is. The road to Hana trip from Kahului will take you a couple of hours to traverse the more than 50 miles of treacherous slope, but the views are oh-so-worth it. Visit the seven sacred pools and breath in the view.

4. Make a key decision and take a road trip down to the Florida Keys. Make your way across 7-mile bridge and meander through more than 100 miles of paradise as you take in the view of aqua blue waters, sights and scenery. It’s hard to remember the stresses of life when you’re traveling through the more than 100-mile chain of islands that make paradise come to life for you.


Everyone enjoys a good road trip; the open air, the top down, and the feeling of driving on the open road. A typical road-trip for some adventurers, however, may seem a bit mundane. The need for speed is not advisable for many obvious reasons. If you want to feel the rush of adrenaline by driving at fast speeds, checking out some of the country’s racecar driving experiences available to you are an option. There are plenty of raceways to provide that for you.However, if you’re a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, and if you’ve always dreamed of driving the most hair-raising roads, these roadways might make you wonder why anyone would dare to drive them. Some are dangerous,  while others still are undeniably dangerous and too close to the edge.Picture yourself in remote destinations with roads that have steep inclines, narrow or almost non-existent roadways and drops that would make a horror movie look enjoyable, and you can imagine why these are the roads “less traveled.”

James Dalton Highway
James Dalton Highway in Alaska is one of the most desolate and isolated highways in America. The highway has the most remote location of any other highway and is considered often times dangerous due to the high winds that spew rocks. It is in the top tier of dangerous highways in the states.

Million Dollar Highway
The Million Dollar Highway located in Colorado is given its name maybe partly due to the million-dollar view and the million-dollar drive. Carved out of the side of a mountain, this is another roadway with not much in the way of safety features. No guard rails and a winding narrow road make it difficult to navigate. You’ll certainly want to keep your eyes on the road for this one.
Trollstigen Road, Norway
With almost a dozen hairpin turns and drops that look like they came off a movie set and next to no room for passing, Trollstigen Road in Norway looks more like a roller coaster ride than a roadway.
Tianmen Shan Big Gate winding mountain road
Located inside Tianmen Mountain National Park, in China this road looks like something out of a Sci-Fi Fantasy movie. It looks as though there should be a movie set castle atop it. Tianmen Mountain is known to have the most breathtaking mountain views in all the world and the park offers you a cable car ride straight up over steep climbs and sheer cliffs. There is also a glass skywalk if you’re daring enough.

Passage du Gois in France
While this road is not a road that has cliffs, overhangs and steep inclines, it is a dangerous road just the same. If you don’t pay attention to the tide, you and your car might end up going for a swim. This roadway is only a few miles long, but it is mostly kept hidden underwater. It only comes out to play twice per day and if you’re not careful you might end up submerged. Sounds dangerous indeed.

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road
While most tourists in Greece are going to visit the Parthenon or the Acropolis, thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies take a ride on the wild side on this road. What makes this one of the most dangerous roads? The answer is the lack of guard rails, the large pot holes and the sparse roadway with no guard rails on either side and nothing but sheer drops. The fact that it has no lights for visibility at night make it fall into the “danger zone” as well.

And these are only a few of the “roads less traveled.” For more, check out this resource from the Huffington Post.


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