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Window labels were leaked from Ford’s new 2015 redesigned Mustang announcing the fall in fuel economy.

The stickers indicate that the 2015 Mustang V-6 automatic’s fuel economy falls from 31 on the highway for the 2014 model to 28, meaning it’s up three miles per gallon for the redesigned 2015.

Ford officials would not confirm the accuracy of the labels but stated “We have not discussed fuel economy at all, and we’d like to wait until the EPA officially releases the Mustang’s fuel economy ratings,” said Ford spokesman Brian Cotter.

The new model is expected to be heavier since it has added equipment such as the independent rear suspension, various electronic safety features and other items that raised the weight and would lower the fuel economy of the new models.

According to the stickers, the 2.3-liter four-cylinder Mustang, new model for 2015 has a manual transmission which appears to be the most fuel-efficient model.

In Comparison Chevy’s Camaro, its rival will now take the lead in highway rating. Its 2015 V-6 automatic is EPA-rated 19 city, 30 highway, 22 combined.

January of 2015 Ford car owners will get RTR package upgrades after the release of the new 2015 Ford Mustang. The package includes upgrades in performance and appearance, and will be available worldwide.

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Ferrari seems to have a monopoly on the world’s most expensive cars. A 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO held the title last year with a price of $52 million.

A seller in Germany recently placed an ad on the website Mobile for a 1962 250 GTO, with an asking price of 47.6 million euros at the current exchange rate it converts to $62.7 million. That includes Germany’s 19 percent Value Added Tax, If sold this GTO would hold the title for most expensive car ever sold.

This is one of the first 39 250 GTOs to have left Ferrari’s factory.  Each hand crafted car is a bit different to enhance uniqueness which explain the multimillion 250 GTO dollar sales.

Before the 1963 250 GTO was sold for $52 million, another GTO sold for $35 million a year earlier. This on-going trend doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. On Aug. 14, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO will cross the block at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, and a Bonhams auction in California. Experts believe the vehicle will set a new record as the world’s most expensive car.

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Federal safety regulators are working on technology that can be used in cars to detect alcohol by touch and breath, in order to reduce alcohol related accidents.

Nat Beuse an associate administrator for vehicle safety research at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said the alcohol detection technology is one of several systems his agency is studying.

Little is known on how it would work or which suppliers are involved, but Beuse believes an alcohol detection system integrated into vehicles would reduce the number of accidents and fatalities caused by drivers under the influence.

Throughout the last couple of years NHTSA has been making efforts to advocate technology solutions in response to the numerous accidents caused by drinking and driving. The agency states they were awarded a $2.2 million contract from safety products supplier Takata Corp. to develop a device that can measure a driver’s sobriety.

The technology is still being developed and hopes to be available for implementation by 2018. Federal officials are unaware as to how the device will work. If Alcohol is detected, the vehicle could possibly be disabled or an alert will be issued, the decision is still undetermined.

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Google Conference

Recently automakers have been integrating touchscreens into vehicles for safety reasons. Tech companies have been designing safer ways for customers to stay connected to their favorite apps behind the wheel. Google’s Android is working on a platform called Android Auto that allows maps, music, and personal phone functions to be accessed through a larger screen in the car which is their response to safety precautions.

Patrick Brady, Google’s director for engineering of Android, says, “You get the best of both worlds. You get the connected apps and services on your smartphone, with the physical controls that were optimized for driving in your car.”

Many drivers struggle with their phones while driving since the screens are too small and the interface and menus are complicated. “We had to take an experience that was designed for a smartphone and break it down to its bare essentials,” Brady says.

Android Auto will encourage a more convenient driving experience. The system allows quick voice based access to Google maps, text messaging, and apps like Google Play Music. It will be fully compatible with the dials, knobs, and buttons on your dashboard and steering wheel. Since everything you see on screen is actually directed from your smartphone, Google says the in car experience will be even better.


Nissan has debuted a new kind of paint that repels dirt, dust, and even mud, keeping cars bright and shiny.

Nissan is looking to offer this paint as an aftermarket application so that practically any car can have the capability.

The paint is called Ultra-Ever Dry, it was created by UltraTech International Inc. According to Nissan, the paint is both hydrophobic and oleophobic meaning resistant to water and oils. This is achieved by creating a protective layer of air between the paint and the environment.

So Far Nissan Europe is the only company to explore Ultra-Ever Dry’s automotive applications. There’s no word on if or when it will be offered elsewhere.

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Ford is recalling 100,610 vehicles in North America for safety defects.The company announced the six different recalls today.

  • Their largest recall of 92,022 vehicles, involves the Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS and Police Interceptor sedans. The improper seating of the right-hand halfshaft could disengage over time, making the vehicle inoperable. The vehicles also have potential to roll unexpectedly if they are parked without the parking brake on.
  • 2,124 2014 Ford Escape SUVs. Their glass roofs have an improperly cured bond that could cause the roofs to leak or separate.
  • 5,264 commercial stripped chassis. Corrosion in the electrical junction block could cause the vehicles to short circuit, and start a fire.
  • 197 2014 Ford Fiesta subcompacts. Their fuel tanks could be missing an adhesive layer, which could cause a fuel leakage and can lead to a fire.
  • 635 2014 F53 motor home stripped chassis. The brake calipers may be made incorrectly which could hinder braking performance.

Ford will begin notifying owners affected by these recalls this month.

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Porsche launched their limited edition ‘Martini Racing Edition’ 911 Carrera S.  This limited edition 911 evokes similar styles from the 1970’s and marks the return of Porsche.

The special edition is limited to 80 units to be sold exclusively in markets in Europe, China, Japan and Latin America.  This edition will only be available in monochromatic colors of black and white body. The ‘Martini Racing Design’ with the pattern of the blue-red Martini  is highlighted In the trunk lid, roof, rear spoiler and side of the vehicle. The front Aero kit Cup has an optimized aerodynamic profile which gives the vehicle a distinctive look.

The interior package includes some details on the board color body with logo ‘Martini Racing Edition’. The Porsche also includes as standard a sporty steering wheel design and the Sport Chrono package. The extensive standard equipment also features the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with navigation module, Bose sound system, tachometer with black needle and black leather seats with electronic adjustment completely.

This edition has a six-cylinder boxer 3.8 liter engine that yields 400 horsepower engine. This 911 reaches the same level of dynamic performance of the 911 Carrera S it accelerates from 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds with the gearbox double-clutch PDK and the Sport Plus button activated.

The limited edition Porsche will be available October 2014 in Latin America.


This week the federal government will start delaying payments for projects that are currently underway to fix the nation’s roads and bridges.

The federal Highway Trust Fund that finances transportation projects are running low on funds.If Congress doesn’t act soon the Department of Transportation may postpone payments to states. According to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, this could cause interruptions on highway construction this summer.

The delay on highway projects will cause traffic and conditions of roads throughout the U.S. The highway fund receives its revenue mainly from federal gas tax, however the fund spends more then it gains. Congress has contributed money from general U.S. tax revenue to the fund which is about $54 billion.

The federal agency will have less than $4 billion in its trust fund and will postpone same day reimbursements to states that have ongoing construction on highways. Instead states will now be receiving money in two installments one in early August and then again two weeks later when gas tax revenue comes in, according to the letters.

By the end of August the fund will diminish immensely and could be empty by early September if there is no bill.This will halt many projects and improvements of roads and highways. State governors and local transportation agencies must decide on the bill.

If projects and construction are postponed traffic and congestion will occur along major highways along with United States.


Oil And U.S. Gas Prices Reach All-Time High

This 4th of July weekend marks the highest gas prices since 2008.

Prices are $3.68 a gallon for regular grade gas that’s 17 cents up from last year and is expected to near the $4.11 record high prices in July of 2008. The rise in prices is due to “market fear about Iraq,” according to AAA.

According to Gasbuddy, the most popular states have the highest gas prices. Over 25% of Americans pay over $3.80. New York prices are $3.94 and $4.12 in California.

The states with the highest average gasoline prices today are Hawaii at $4.34, Alaska at $4.22 and California at $4.13.

The states with the lowest prices are South Carolina $3.39, Alabama at $3.42, and Mississippi at $3.45.
AAA predicts that nearly 35 million Americans will take a road trip of 50 miles or more this 4th of July, a costly weekend for drivers.

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Audi AG plans to introduce 17 new models in 2014. CEO Rupert Stadler expects this year’s revenue to rise slightly and expects increase in sales in China, Audi’s biggest market.

For nine years BMW took the lead in global luxury-car sales.  Audi is second best leaving Mercedes-Benz in third place in sales. They are competing for the lead against BMW. These are the world’s three biggest luxury-car makers and expect demand to rise further in China and North America in this year.

Audi has focused on enhancements in technology, innovative design that will improve performance. They will announce numerous additions and enhancements to its 2014 Model Year lineup.

Some new models include:

TDI clean diesel variants of the A6, A7, A8 and Q5 in the U.S.

3/S3: A new A3 sedan built on a platform. A two-door convertible A3/S3 is unconfirmed but is possibility.

A4: Horsepower rises from 211 to 220 on Audi’s 2.0-liter turbo engine.

A5: Coupes and cabriolets get the same uprated 220-hp version of Audi’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo.

A6: The A6 2.0T is upgraded to 220 horses and a new diesel-powered A6 3.0 TDI

RS5 cabriolet: A convertible version of the 450-hp RS5

Expect to see new models including A7/RS7/S7, Q5/SQ5 as well.